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I uploaded my raw DNA info from @23andme to GEDMatch and this is what it came up with. #23andme #mixedgirl #ancestrydna

It's time. Never knew my biological father. He didn't care to stick around past my first few months of life. I know things of him. Small things. Not anything meaningful. I was blessed to have another man step up and step in and become an amazing father to me and husband to my incredible mother. I know who I am, and I'm proud of what my parents molded me into, but it's time to find out what I'm really made of. #23AndMe

V interesting 🤔 thanks for the bday gift @armon_y!! #23andme

So excited!!! It's gonna take 6-8 weeks to see my ancestry but stay tuned for the video! #23andme

“Got my @23andme kit out in the mail! So excited to get the results!… Who else has done it?!? What are your thoughts?” Thanks for sharing a part of your #DNAstory, @ariel_lisk! Anyone have any answers to her questions?

About to find out what kind of mutt I am #23andme

It's always exciting to find new photos of ancestors for my @ancestry family tree 🍃🇨🇱. Thank you @yruiz.1988 and @jai_rb for this photo of my 3rd Great Aunt (circa 1900).

if you are looking for a best friend, you should try using twitter.
It is hard to believe that starting a blog and using twitter would lead me to find one of the best friends. It's been a good 7 year run (figuratively and literally), @mbsthinks. Have fun in LA and I will see you in approximately 8 weeks (DUH) because you will never get rid of me. #dualstarproduction #cerealwithmilk #23andme

I'm finally doing 23 and Me DNA test to find out my global ancestry...anybody want to place a bet?
#23andme #dna #country #ancestry


#23andme Guess I'm Jewish ✡

Finally getting my #23andme genetic testing done. I have been wanting to this forever!⠀

I am just doing the ancestry report and I will run the raw data through Strategene to get some clinically relevant information. ⠀

When it comes to genetics and health, it is important to understand that we really don't know what our genetic information means. Research has demonstrated some clinically significant findings about certain genes and their sequences. But genetics is highly complex. The expression of genes is not as straightforward as reading words on a page.⠀

In this word analogy, genetic expression is more like you only read some of the words some of the time and which words you read is constantly changing based on hundreds of different factors. ⠀

What I'm trying to say, that it important to learn about your genetic information from someone who understands the complexity of genetics. ⠀

#genetics #naturalhealth #functionalmedicine #folsom

of all the things that could concern me about my #23andme #dna test - my family seems to find humour in the fact that I'm 'more Neanderthal' than most. #heavyeyebrows #funforthewholefamily #partcaveman #unfrozencavemanlawyer #iguessimarriedup

Happy Birthday dad! U R A ⭐️ & my hero & role model #dadstache #dadchamp #23andme

One of my son's birthday requests. That's my boy. #23andme #geneologynerds

So, we did a DNA test for my great grandmother through my maternal line. I can't say this is what we expected. We knew about the British & Irish and the French, but nobody thought either of these percentages would be so high. We expected there to be some Native American on her side, but were sorely disappointed. We had no idea about the Scandinavian, Southern European, and especially the Japanese. They may not be significant amounts, but they are significant to us since we had no prior knowledge of any of it.
#23andme #ancestrytest #greatgrandmother #ethnicity

About to find out what kind of mutt I am #23andme

Weird, @philbardowell is 21% Italian....so my kids are more Italian than anything. #23andme

Understanding our own genes is now an important part of taking better care of ourselves. #inheritance #drsharonmoalem #draxe #23andme #healthyfood #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #books #bookstagram #realfood #foodismedicine

Yes, I am going to do this...not because I want to know my #ethnicity (who cares about that), but because I need to know what is on the #healthreports. #23andme @23andme

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