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Pernikahan itu bukan hanya sekedar.. Tentang memilih kuade dan fitting baju,
bukan hanya tentang menyebar undangan, juga.. Bukan hanya tentang menggelar resepsi, dan upload foto di instagram.
Karena menikah, adalah langkah baru menuju hidup yang lebih mulia.
Lebih dekat kepadaNya.. apa apa serba pahala.
InsyaAllah. Semoga langkah kita, hari yang semakin dekat ini.
Menuju ridhoNYA.
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One year ago at this time I was handed the most beautiful child I'd ever seen. It made almost 18 hours of labor & pain disappear. Happy Birthday you perfect child. ❤️ #22716

A year has gone by and I'm still missing you as much as I did after you took your last breath. Whoever said it gets easier with time didn't have the privilege of knowing you.
What breaks me most is that you'll never get to meet my daughter, hold her, and she'll never get the opportunity to love you like I did. But I promise she'll know all about you. I'll bring her to visit you and tell her about how I use to hide under the covers when you were getting ready for bed to try and scare you, all the Fathers Day Cards I made you, and all the times you'd say "if you ever need anything you come to grandpa okay?" She'll know what a hard working man you were, how much you loved her great grandma, and how you were always the life of the party.
I love you grandpa. I miss you with every bit of me. Until I see you again with open arms and a "hi mouse" ❤👼🏻
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3 weeks ago I was blessed with this amazing little guy. It's crazy how much love you think you can have for a person until you have a child. #babylincoln #22716


yeeee babang Hisyam genap 1 tahun 'doa ayah bunda_sht slu, shaleh, slu diberkahi' doa yg terbaik untuk anak bujang kesayangan #22716

#22716 ❤️

Ignore the terrible carrer stats, i'm nearly lvl 200!!! But still in Bronze. PLS carry me out of bronze Kaneki#22716 #overwatch #genji #200 #:(

Suamiku :* #22716

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