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Tanpa kalian aku hanya butiran debu yang apabila terjatuh tak bisa bangkit lagi (nek jarene rumor 😂) #22716 #sellabaokawin
Terima kasih untuk vendor segala-gala atas semuaa dekor , tenda, makeup, dan wardrobe 😂😘 @yaniiwedding
Terima kasih juga untuk WO yang super hits banget nggak pakek nawar hitsnyaaaa yang mau aku suruh buang sampah dan nyapu sekalipun @maharagung.organizer @septyandanang

I know im late but i'm a little sick and mommy wasnt able to take my pictures on the exact day! #monthlypic #22716

3 weeks ago I was blessed with this amazing little guy. It's crazy how much love you think you can have for a person until you have a child. #babylincoln #22716

Me an babe 😘 #22716

David James Roberts mommy misses you so much already. At a gestational age of 6months old you were taken from me. You will always be in my heart and on my mind. Rest easy my little handsome son.#resteasy #stillborn #mylove #22716 #DavidJamesRoberts

A year has gone by and I'm still missing you as much as I did after you took your last breath. Whoever said it gets easier with time didn't have the privilege of knowing you.
What breaks me most is that you'll never get to meet my daughter, hold her, and she'll never get the opportunity to love you like I did. But I promise she'll know all about you. I'll bring her to visit you and tell her about how I use to hide under the covers when you were getting ready for bed to try and scare you, all the Fathers Day Cards I made you, and all the times you'd say "if you ever need anything you come to grandpa okay?" She'll know what a hard working man you were, how much you loved her great grandma, and how you were always the life of the party.
I love you grandpa. I miss you with every bit of me. Until I see you again with open arms and a "hi mouse" ❤👼🏻
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Ignore the terrible carrer stats, i'm nearly lvl 200!!! But still in Bronze. PLS carry me out of bronze Kaneki#22716 #overwatch #genji #200 #:(

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I've had a pit in my stomach from realizing that I've officially run out of pictures of my dad, then I find this one of panda cheering me up two days after the fact. These girls can't talk with me but they still let me know I'm ok. .

Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah di 1 Ramadhan

Fisik memang berjauhan, tapi dalam doa kita bersatu.
Jika iman kepada Tuhan bisa dijalani, mengapa menyakinimu sebagai Imamku harus meragu?
Jarak tak jadi penentu keyakinanku akan tanggung jawabmu terhadapku.
Semoga, Allah mempermudah dan melancarkan segalanya agar kita segera bertemu.
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#waybackwednesday to our first picture together on our first date 😍 #22016 👫 #22716 👩‍❤‍👨 #42417 💍 #102117 💒

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