Super bummed to have not been able to start my fitness challenge as scheduled (Jan 9th) due to illness-
BUTT-that just gives me a few more days to welcome YOU to join us!
10 people with a team goal of 100 pounds down (10 pounds per person) by Feb 6th-
I'm coaching totally FREE but I'm looking for 10 super serious individuals-Top prize is the entire 21 Day Fix Base Kit!
We begin THIS weekend!!!! ✔️I'm training for my Kickboxing certification in just over a month-I aint messing around y'all-Hit me up if you aren't either! What's your "WHY"

Super excited to be starting my very First Challenge group!! And with the Help of some Amazing Friends!!! I'm looking for 10 people with a team goal of 100 pounds down (10 pounds per person) by Feb 6th-
I'm coaching totally FREE but I'm looking for 10 super serious individuals-Top prize is the entire 21 Day Fix Base Kit!
One of my favs!!!
Let's do this together-ZERO EXCUSES ONLY RESULTS👌🏼 We begin this Weekend!!!!!!
#35lbsAgo #NeverAgain #MyWhy #JoinMe #ZiaFit #MamaOfTwo

Don't forget I'm having a very special #giveaway on my FB page. Go check it out ... It's the very first video post. Good luck!.
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When it tastes like a Frappucino but has the power of a superfood salad (and serves to increase my energy, lower my anxiety, and keeps me full), chocolate for breakfast isn't a problem! #Shakeology

One of the reasons I took this thing to the next level to actually go beyond myself and start coaching was to help people find freedom in food....we live in a society where things are super-sized and the idea of food can overwhelm...too much or too little. It can be a scary place to be in because we have to eat to survive. It's not like alcohol where we can avoid the bar (and I'm not minimizing this struggle, just explaining that it's different). I'm reading a book right now and it's SO eye opening. For those close to me that have been consumed by being overwhelmed with foods, I want you to know there's hope. Portions matter....too much food is a problem...too little of food is a problem...but that's where tools and support come in. I'm here to help...and to start you on your journey, I'm giving away a cookbook today to make things simpler. Let me know if I can show you what has helped me and my challengers.
Great food & cute atmosphere today in Monroe, NC!

My first #vendorshow for a great cause, 5K for Austism & Fun Run! 💪🏻 #kansascityfitmom #LizCooperFitness #kansascityevents #21dayfix

It was a FANTASTIC mail day at my house today! The company I work for rewarded me with some swag just for helping others get started on their own health & fitness journeys! I want to pay the gift forward to YOU!
Do you have 30 MINUTES a day to workout? Don't you dare tell me "NO!" COMMENT below & we'll get you started with my 21-day Bootcamp that begins next Monday, May 9th.
You will get:
>Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology -- the superfood shake that helps give ya energy, reduce cravings & accelerates your fitness results! >Unlimited 90-day access to Beachbody on Demand -- so you can choose a world-class fitness program & stream hundreds of workouts on-the-go! Stream from your laptop, phone, tablet or tv!
>A 90-day Premium membership to the Team Beachbody Club where you'll find all the support you'll need!
>Full access to my exclusive online private accountability & support group!
>LIMITED TIME ONLY< Portion Fix, the easy-to-follow system with 7 color-coded containers, Shakeology shaker cup & nutrition guide that tells you how much to eat to lose weight!
>FOR NEXT 2 PEOPLE ONLY< A copy of the Fixate Cookbook!! 101 recipes from Autumn herself! It's her own collection of delicious, portion-controlled recipes designed to work with the Portion Fix containers!
>Guaranteed results -- or your money back!!
So really, what excuses ya got? If my big @$$ can do this, ANYONE can do this!
But you better hurry...offer only good for a few more days (thru April 30).

Wahooo!!!! Thank you everyone for the entries to our 21 day fix giveaway contest!!!! We had 15 entries and I'm excited to announce the winner!! Congratulations Carrie @carrie_anns_ Really looking forward to getting to know you and working with you!!!! #21dayfixgiveaway #happyholidays21dayfixstyle #seasonofgivinghealth

::: C O N T E S T T I M E ::: I promised that I had one more trick up my sleeve for my 1 year anniversary as a Beachbody Coach --> Who would like to have the at home fitness and nutrition program, The 21 Day Fix, plus ME as your coach??? I have been hooked on this program since day 1, last November, and want to be able to share it with everyone I know, but I only have one extra copy that I purchased just for this reason!

Here's the deal though... I don't want to give it to you have it sitting on your shelf, never used.

SO... In order to have your name in the drawing:

1) In the comments below ((Or by emailing me at abach0708@gmail.com -- Subject: 21 Day Fix Raffle)), tell me WHY you want this program and WHAT you plan on doing with it once you win it!

2) You MUST have a FREE profile with me assigned as your coach, by going to www.beachbodycoach.com/amandaguld --> selecting "join" and completing your FREE enrollment.

3) You cannot be working with another Beachbody Coach --> Sorry, I don't want to step on anyone's toes... I will announce the contest winner TOMORROW (Monday, November 9) NIGHT!! This is only for you if you are SERIOUS about getting HEALTHY!! If you are the WINNER, prepare to WORK!!! PS - Don't forget to SHARE this with a FRIEND by clicking "Share" post or by TAGGING a friend in the COMMENTS below!!! Thanks!

***2 Day Sale!*** I am stoked to be GIVING AWAY a copy of my favorite program, The 21 Day Fix!! I have absolutely loved these workouts and the portion-control nutrition system it comes with. 30 minute at-home cardio and resistance training combo + nutrition guide that shows you how to use real food in the proper portion sizes to meet your goals.

From now until Wednesday, 9/30 at 3:00 PM, anyone who purchases a challenge pack (Beachbody workout program + Shakeology) will be automatically entered to win the 21 Day Fix. That's an amazing deal!! And... PiYo is on sale for 2 more days!
2 programs for the price of 1! Plus earn entry into my health and wellness group, Ivey League Fit!

Message me or comment below for more details!!! If you've been thinking about jumping in, NOW is the time!

TODAY is the last day to enter my #21dayfixgiveaway over on my health & fitness page (link in bio) !!! Don't miss the chance to enter 😊! #fleurdefitgiveaway #21dayfixgiveaway #21dayfix #giveawaytime #healthandfitnesscoach

Don't forget about the 21 Day Fix giveaway going on over on my Facebook Health & Fitness page (link in bio) !!! Last day to enter is Thursday Sept 3rd!!! So be sure you go register , don't want you to miss out on this life changing program!
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Have you been hearing about this awesome program and haven't taken the leap to try it?! Well I've got good news for you.... I am doing a GIVEAWAY over on my Facebook fitness page ---> Jessie Burr- Health & Fitness Coach (link is in bio) ☝🏼️ In honor of going full time with my Beachbody Health & Fitness coaching business I wanted to thank YOU for all of the support you all have given me!

Be sure to follow the instructions on my give-away post for your chance to win the program that changed my life! 😄

#21dayfixgiveaway #fleurdefit #healthandfitnesscoach #weightloss #cleaneating #21dayfix

Hey Everyone!! I would really appreciate it if you could like and share my Fitness & Nutrition page on Facebook. I would love to get up to 500 likes this month and once I do I am going to have a 21 day fix + Shakeology giveaway!!! 💙


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Striving for progress not perfection!

Going to make myself vulnerable and tell you all a bit more of my story because if it inspires just one person then it served it's purpose. I battled obesity and an eating disorder for years. I spent my college years trying every diet pill and fad diet I could get my hands on and even went through a short phase of Bulimia...only to end up having doctors remove a strawberry-sized polyp from my colon as a result of my poor decisions. This made me quit the junk but not lose the weight. I've never been comfortable in my skin and after having Isabella in December I found that I was at my heaviest weight ever. I decided it was time to make a change so in July I decided to try the 21 day fix and since then have seen some amazing results not only physically but in energy and mood as well.
21 day fix is simple program based on portion control, healthy eating and a simple 30 minute workout a day. No pills, no wraps, no complicated counting.
This was the end of round 2 so it was time to take some new progress photos. I wasn't as strict on myself during this round but there was still progress and I'm hitting my 3rd round much stronger. So far I've lost 15lbs and I'm still breastfeeding :) I will be starting a new challenge group on Sept 7! In this group we will make and reach goals, make progress and help you feel good about yourself! This is not a fad or a quick fix, it's a healthy plan to help you make this a lifestyle.
If you're interested in making a change then this is your chance to take your next step! Leave a comment below, send me an email or find me on FB so we can chat!

As a bonus, the first 5 individuals to sign up with ANY challenge pack will be entered to win the new Fixate cookbook ($20 value) and a $20 Visa gift card. There will also be prizes at the end of the challenge :)

In case you hadn't caught on, I'm in love with the 21 day fix program. It's fool proof! Color coded containers, 30 minute workouts and my favorite meal of the day (Shakeology)... doesn't get any better! So I'm sharing the love!

I'll be starting a new challenge group on Sept 7 and the first 5 people to purchase either a 21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme challenge pack will be entered to win a copy of Fixate, the new cookbook by trainer Autumn Calabrese and a $20 Visa gift card!

So if you've been back and forth on starting, this is your chance!! If you're interested, leave a comment below or send me an email diannachie@gmail.com

Last day last day last day!! 7 day clean eating and Shakeology challenge group starting August 17th!! You will get 7 days of shakeology, a clean eating menu, exercises and accountability group!! If you ever wanted to try shakeo but didn't want to put out the money first it's the perfect opportunity. $36.00 total. The winner of the challenge group wins 21 day fix program!! Leave your email below to get in!! #21dayfixgiveaway #giveaway #free #diet #challenge #shakeo #shakeology #21dayfix #beachbody #exercise #cleaneating #healthy #weightloss #weightwatchers #herbalife #isagenix #shakes #lose #scale #freestuff

So I have a 21 day fix program I will be giving away to ONE lucky person!!! Have you been wanting to get back into shape and don't know where or how to begin?? Join me for accountability, motivation, and support...aka the keys to your success!
Here's how to win:
💥 Join my Facebook challenge group (begins August 10th)
💥 Let me be your Coach & support buddy
💥 Never give up - be active & reach your goals!

Simple enough, right?! If you want to join, comment below with your email or personally message me on Facebook (link in bio) and let's do this!

#21dayfixgiveaway #workout #challenge #fitness #motivation #inspire #goals #reachforgoals

Pancakes for lunch? Yes please! Banana oat pancakes w blueberry jam... Toddler & 12 year old approved. (I subbed flax for egg to make it #vegan)
I've never used oats for pancakes but I really like how they turned out! 1 💛, 1 💜 This is from the FIXATE cookbook, message me or comment to get yours... (And I'm giving one away with every 21 day fix challenge pack through tomorrow!!!)

***IMPORTANT: READ RULES FIRST*** I was so excited to get my hands on the brand-new book #Fixate by Autumn Calabrese that can accompany her #21DayFix and #21DFX programs and simplify meal planning even more.
I bought an extra copy of Fixate at the Summit 2015 launch and am including this copy in my Summer Giveaway!
I'm a huge fan of both the 21 DF and 21 DFX because they have been serious game changers in my personal fitness journey and have helped me build an entirely new relationship with food.
This Summer Giveaway includes:
- Fixate Cookbook
- 1 Vanilla Shakeology single serve packet - 1 Strawberry Shakeology single serve packet
- 1 Shaker cup ➡️Please be aware that to participate and earn entry points you CANNOT currently be a Team Beachbody coach or be actively working with/be the customer of another Team Beachbody coach!⬅️ GIVEAWAY RULES:

1) Must follow me on IG @fitnewu -  1 ENTRY
2) Must Regram (take screenshot & upload to your IG) and tag me @fitnewu PLUS use #fitnewusummergiveaway -  1 ENTRY 
You can Regram as often as you like for 1 additional ENTRY each time
3) Must create a FREE Team Beachbody account and name me your coach (Diana Valdivia Rivera or dtvrivera, when prompted) ➡️ link in Bio (this is so I can officially track your entries) -  1 ENTRY 🎉BONUS ENTRIES:🎉 4) Like me on FB at FitNewU - 1 ENTRY
5) Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Then rock it out with me in my upcoming Cize It Up Summer Dance group for an additional 10 ENTRIES! 
You'll need to purchase a challenge pack during this giveaway period (July 29 - Aug 10)➡️ Only if you're doing this bonus option!
Comment with your email and I will contact you with more details on this hot summer group!
Kick your fitness into gear in my mixed fitness group with the challenge pack of your choice! -  10 ENTRIES

6) Join my new BeastFit Forum on FB (no commitments, just support & accountability) to connect with other fitness enthusiasts like you! -  1 ENTRY
The winner will be announced Wednesday, Aug 12.
Good luck! 💪🏼 #giveaway #21dayfixgiveaway #fitnessgiveaway #21dayfix #giveawaycontest #entries #win #free #freefixate #freeshakeology

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