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Just because you have a medical problem DOES NOT mean there's no hope for good health. I'm still suffering from food intolerances and Gall Bladder Disease (except no gall bladder now, just the disease! Yay!) but I'm learning to manage it with healthy eating and exercise.
I'm more than happy to recommend the @autumncalabrese 21 Day Fix container system for nutrition and the @kayla_itsines #BBGStronger program for exercise (I love the app!!!). This is not an ad - I just love both. With those two programs and yoga I am actually building muscle and feeling damn good. Sure a medical condition makes everything harder but that's even MORE of a reason to get healthy. I promise the anxiety of starting is worse than doing it. You WILL NOT regret making the changes. (You WILL regret that reddish hair though 🙈)
97 weeks of #BBG #weightlifting #yoga | #21dayfix eating program

Check out this delicious set up by @misslyssfitness. Here's everything she's cooked up. ⠀

Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Asparagus⠀
Ground Turkey, Pico, Black Beans and Avocado ⠀
Chicken, rise and roasted cauliflower ⠀
Greek Yogurt and berries⠀
Cottage Cheese ⠀
and, of course, @Shakeology 😊 ⠀

Double tap if you meal prepped this week, Fix fam 💪. #21dayfix #mealprep #mealprepMonday #fixapproved⠀

🎵Oh, give me the meat, boys, and feed my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock and {lobster}roll, and drift away🎵

Does anyone else have that one food that you could eat endless amounts of in one sitting? Mine is lobster 🦀(where's the lob emoji at?) I swear to you, I could eat at least 4 large lobsters at one meal and be like "yo where's my fifth?" 🤷🏻‍♀️🌊 Thoroughly enjoying my relaxing time at the Cape ☀️

Full disclosure: I posted this picture earlier with a rushed caption that I hated so I deleted it. It was lazy af and not my thing. So if you're seeing this twice, welcome back!

Hello people! If you eat clean, workout at least 20min a day and train your main, you can do it too! 🚨Please read more about it🚨

Amazing transformation!😱👊
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New Week. New Mindset. New Goals. Double Tap if you're prepping for the upcoming week like @_megdrizzy! // #Fixate #21DayFix #BOD

That moment you realize you're legitimately sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you will. Making a change is not easy, but neither is living in a body or lifestyle that is making you feel miserable. Trust me I know from experience. 🌟I have 8 spots left for ladies who are serious about wanting to lose 5-15lbs in 3 weeks that I will work closely with in my private online group. Meal plan/grocery list, meal prep tools, online at-home workouts, and daily support are all included. 💖The next 8 ladies who join my All-Access Challenge will ALSO earn a video call with me to gameplan for your goals!! 🎉😍💖 ⠀

This decision is so far beyond just losing weight -- it's about LOVING YOURSELF. It's about taking control of how you feel within your body and mind.

Comment INFO to be considered for my one year All-Access Challenge group for JUNE. Or fill out the form in my IG Bio and I'll be in touch. 😘

(USA & Canada only. Group is open to ladies who do not have a Coach).


✌🏼 WEEKEND VIBES ✌🏼 Been in a swim suit ninety percent of the weekend + haven't given any fucks which is new even for this health coach 👍🏼 I'm human, a mom of two + I definitely still have my fair share of weird feelings when it comes to how I want to look + feel! But I work through that shit + I choose to see things differently now. I know I'm still a baby in this life game at 31, but I do feel like I've entered a new level of acceptance + love for myself + my body. I worked really freaking hard the last six weeks in the #shiftshoptestgroup and it showed me once again that it's about pushing through hard shit and crushing your own boundaries that builds confidence, not a number on the scale or the size of your waist 💁🏻 The biggest gift is the power you gain - in your mind, in your muscles, in your confidence and in your spirit! I've taken the last few days off between my second and third round of this program and I've got to say, I'm really proud I listened to my body. It responds well to pushing hard + also to rest! I haven't missed a day of my superfoods, indulged for my husbands 30th, got good fucking rest with no alarm clock (well except for my two human ones 😭👯), and I'm ready to hit it hard again tomorrow! That's the beauty of finding tools you legit love and can fit in to your busy life. It's about a LIFESTYLE - no destination - constant growth and learning what works best for you mind/body/soul 🔥 That's freedom ✌🏼I think we are going to start #IF and we tend to follow a pretty #LCHFdiet as is, but stoked to share more with you the next few weeks! I can't do anything to the extreme or it can trigger some old unhealthy patterns but we'll be finding that balance and that 80/20 life and sharing it with you guys!! No food is off limits, no peeing on strips, pills or magic man made potions that promise to melt fat (guys you have to remember that EVERYTHING has side effects and the best thing to do for LONGTERM change is to stick to whole foods + a balanced lifestyle WITH exercise) we willl focus on how we FEEL +other rad side effects like clear skin + increased energy (and libido😜)! Anyone out there do intermittent fasting or low carb high fat?!

#MotivationMonday Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I was up and down all the time trying different diets left and right until this past year. I am really watching what I put into my body, even though I have my cheat meals every once in awhile... but I do work out EVERY SINGLE DAY. I was tired of being tired and hated how I looked so I made a change. I'm now more confident and will keep pushing myself to be better and stronger. It's not so much about what's on the scale for me anymore, it's about how I look and how I feel. There has been a lot of sweat, a lot of "I can'ts", and a lot of prepping, but I'm finally where I want to be. I have more muscle now than I have ever had, my body is toning up, and jean shopping isn't so bad anymore. Pushing myself to the extreme has really paid off and I'm going to continue to strive for better! #KetoDiet #21DayFix #Cardio #Lifting #Abs #Workout


Intermittent fasting day 1 success!! Big delicious salad for lunch and my superfoods shake for a snack at work with these pretty roses #summer #intermittentfasting #breakingthefast #salad #21dayfix

I need need need this shirt!!! 😎💃🏼💪 My Birthday is coming if anyone wanted to know...😊 #musclesandmascara #momswholift #strengthisbeauty #strongontheinside

May vs today! :)
Shirt and pants are baggy!!! Ahhh :D
#autumnnation #bodytransformation #BOD #shaunt #autumncalabrese #21dayfix

Have you done your workout today? Here's a squat to wood chop. #totalbodyworkout #exercise #21dayfix #beachbody #ILikeBikinis #TeamFitThick #mondaymotivation

So excited to get my @jaxxfitness lunchbox! All about that meal prep! #jaxxfitness #beachbody #21dayfix #mealprep

Time to get serious... just finished a 21 day fix workout. Dripping in sweat and feeling great! #getfit #sweatyselfie #21dayfix #totalbodycardiofix #mykneeshurt

Today I did not want to do my workout... my legs are still sore from my workout on Saturday and from cutting the grass yesterday, and today's workout was 21 day lower fix! I skipped it this morning and said that if I had time I'd do it later today. Then i looked back at my quiet time from a few days ago about filling my cup with things that will bring me joy! While leg workouts for 30 minutes are not my idea of fun, a healthier me will lead to more opportunities and a greater future! Thankful that The Lord is reminding me daily that joy comes from making hard choices at times... the workout was just a small piece of the big picture of joy! Thankful that I did it! #21dayfix

#21dayfix learning portion control!

• can't begin to explain how much I love getting these kind of texts from my friends. 💕 I'm a teacher.. so I'm used to inspiring little minds 💁🏼 BUT I love how beachbody has given me the opportunity to give back to others & help them reach their fitness goals. .
💥If you are SERIOUS about starting a program that truly works then DM me and let's chat! I'll be your biggest cheerleader🎉
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