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Last of the American Battlewagons
USS Iowa (BB-61) being prepared for her launching from the New York Shipyards, Brooklyn, August 27, 1942.
Representing the first of the last line of American battleships ever built, and one of the last of the final battleship class globally to ever see action (but not the last to be commissioned), USS Iowa was ordered (along with USS New Jersey) on July 1, 1939; two months before the outbreak of WW2, and over two years before hostilities erupted with the Empire of Japan. A time when the battleship was, too many, still very much relevant, and a key instrument in terms of sea power.
At the time of the launching of USS Iowa, the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy and other Allied warships were fighting hard for supremacy at sea in the Solomons around the little known Island of Guadalcanal. Engagements that occurred mainly at night were often classic gun battles between duelling armoured warships reflecting a type of sea warfare that had prevailed for centuries. In fact one of the last battleship vs. battleship engagements in history occurred during the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on the night of November 14/15, 1942, when USS South Dakota (BB-57) and USS Washington (BB-56) clashed at relatively close range with the Imperial Japanese Kongō-class battleship Kirishima.
By the mid-Spring of 1944, USS Iowa (BB-61) and all three of her IOWA-class sister ships built were in service, however none of them would ever get the chance to test the capability of their 16" guns, armour, and speed against another battleship; the very thing they were designed to tackle.
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Operation Catapult: Mers-el-Kébir - Dunkerque (Part 2/2)
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Early in the morning of July 6, 1940, Dunkerque was still beached in the harbour. While some of her crewmembers were sleeping on her deck (due to the destruction of their living places), the sound of approaching aircraft woke them up. Six Fairey Swordfish armed with torpedoes caught the French completely by surprise and started their torpedo run. Two torpedoes hit Dunkerque but failed to detonate due to faulty fuzes. A third one hit the Terre-Neuve, a lighter moored on the starboard side of Dunkerque that was used to offload ammunitions from her magazines. This torpedo failed to detonate as well but damaged the lighter which started to sink. Not a single anti-aircraft shell was fired against the six attackers.
Minutes later, a second wave of three Swordfish attacked the French ship. This time, they were met by a heavy anti-aircraft fire but none were hit. A second torpedo struck the sinking Terre-Neuve and exploded, cutting her in half. Depth charges loaded on her deck started to sink but for some reasons, they were armed. One of these exploded, triggering 13 of the 44 depth charges. The massive explosion tore Dunkerque's hull apart below the Nr.II turret, distorting the armour belt and opening a huge hole. Had the magazines not be flooded after the first wave, it is likely that Dunkerque would have been completely destroyed by a magazine explosion. 20'000 tons (57% of her full load displacement!) of water entered the ship and she developed a 5 degrees list despite counterflooding and being beached. The explosion equaled the combined effect of 8 British torpedoes (!!) and even moved the main rangefinder off-axis. Water invaded all boiler rooms and other important compartments, putting Dunkerque out of action for good.
The third and final wave of three Swordfish attacked from her port side but failed to hit her. One torpedo however struck and sunk the lighter Esterel which was sailing between the aircraft and Dunkerque. In total, 225 sailors died aboard Dunkerque during the combined attack of July 3 and 6.

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Perfect dangly earrings made at the dawn of the 20th century with sparkling diamonds set in leafy white gold settings. The square cushion cuts are prettttty spectacular.  Link in bio! 💎💎

Beatrice Hahn Troy, portrait by Polish painter Tadeusz Styka.
Born in Chicago, daughter of Baron Nicholas Hahn, an exile from Poland. Beatrice married Leon Joseph Troy.

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The Great Gatsby. #20thCentury #CollegeHouseRulez


Prachtwerk. De rest van het museum was ellendig.

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Operation Catapult: Mers-el-Kébir - Dunkerque
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The usual set of pictures, this time for Dunkerque and adapted to the new IG feature. Swipe right to see them all. Check my previous post first if you haven't already!
(1) A pretty great picture showing the massive damage done to her hull. Notice how distorted and cracked is the armour belt; 225mm (8.9-inch) thick in this area. The explosion was so violent that it destroyed many compartments inside the ship. Only one bulkhead was separating the Nr.II turret magazine from the water. Fortunately for Dunkerque, her magazines had been flooded after the first wave of Fairey Swordfish had performed their attack.
(2) Dunkerque seen from another angle; notice the huge hole in her hull (red arrow) and the mast of the sunken lighter Terre-Neuve (orange arrow). You can also see the wreck of Terre-Neuve' stern on the left of the red arrow. A British torpedo cut the lighter in half and it is likely that the explosion of the depth charges is responsible for the two half of the ship being so far from each other.
(3) Top picture was taken from the anti-aircraft batteries on the shores in front of Dunkerque and shows the massive explosion of the Terre-Neuve. 14 armed depth charges that were stored on the lighter went off when they sank, the resulting explosion was the equivalent of eight British torpedoes.
Bottom picture is an aerial view of Dunkerque just after the attack. The red arrow marks the hole in her hull; A and B are the emerging masts of the lighters Terre-Neuve and Esterel respectively; the only two ships effectively hit by British torpedoes on July 6.

《Mentire per vivere, ecco cos'è la recitazione. Non ho fatto altro che imparare a esserne consapevole. Tutti voi siete attori, perché siete tutti bugiardi. Quando dici qualcosa che non intendi o quando eviti di dirla, questo è recitare. Recitiamo tutti, alcuni vengono pagati per farlo. Devi essere qualcuno, se non lo sei è un peccato, e resti solo. Recitare significa inventarsi le cose, ma va bene così. La vita è una prova, la vita è un'improvvisazione.》 [MARLON BRANDO - Listen to Me Marlon]

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Sold to Milano: a chair by Gastone Rinaldi for Thema
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I was only six years old when I realised that the way you recognised those shops that I later learned were pawnbrokers were by the three gold balls. I always wanted a set of these, especially when I heard the story...Pawnbrokers were easily identified by their signs of three golden balls, a symbol of St Nicholas who, according to legend, had saved three young girls from destitution by loaning them each a bag of gold so they could get married. Today the symbol of three gold balls is one of the most recognised symbols.......... Globally. This piece is c1920 and is a testament to the great ironwork of its time #advertising #symbol #pawnshop #pawn #pawnbroker #iconic #ironwork #1920s #london #poole #milfordonsea #nofilter #bold #antique #antiquedealersofinstagram #rare #original #interiordesigner #style #20thcentury #golden #balls #design #mancavedecor #coolsuff #homedecors #periodpiece

Marie Prevost is seducingly pouting her darkened lips towards her Pekinese pup. Her dress has fallen down to reveal her shoulders and is only held up by her hands and belt. In (pin-up) photography, female models often direct their flirting at dogs in the absence of their real object of desire, namely the spectator.