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Missing so many things about this picture 😩 Jamaica, all that melanin, my sexy summer beach bod 😻
But it's okay! Because sexy summer beach bods are made in the winter, and I'm about to start chiseling mine back into shape along with @angelasantoro and this time, we want YOU ALL to join us!

We have developed a #20DayChallenge to help combat that holiday fluff we all face around this time of year. It doesn't have to be fall off season!
Stay tuned for details on how you can join us, starting Monday Dec 5th, for our #20DayChallenge
Let's build those bods!! #HumpDay #Motivation #SummerBodiesAreBuiltInWinter

14 days and my gradual transformation! Still going strong!!! #djpoommenu #20daychallenge #noyoyo #mindovermatter

I have no idea why this mug exists, but I'm so glad it does!! 🍩 It's like they know me somehow... 😂🚫⛽️

Meal Preppin' 🥒🔪 Gettin' back on the wagon w my girl @shallyfox5 tomorrow! #20daychallenge #theplan @lyngenetplan #wegotthis 💪🏻

Today @ms__limueco @baby.mahusay and I killed the gym 💪🏽 felt so good to get back in there after this long weekend! #20daychallenge starts today! Cabo here I come 💯 #gaininggainsthenaturalway #allsquatsnoshots❌

Day 6: Goth/Punk
#art #drawing #20daychallenge

Start a 20 days no makeup challenge... I wear make up every day and never get out of the house without makeup, zero self confidence 😂 ....So 20 days without makeup is going to be really challenging ! 🙈 #20daychallenge #nomakeup #nomakeupchallenge #bareskin

День 13☆☆☆☆Эко-челлендж Понедельник без мяса.
Попробуй прожить один день без мяса. Не забудь опубликовать фото своей еды за весь день, в котором нет ни грамма мяса. Done!
За один день столько булочек 😓😓мдаа, я умею удивлять 😶😶просто напишу так, для студента еда без мяса не проблема😅😆#20DaysOfGreen #20daychallenge @usinkz


Absolutely !!!! I'm excited to be on this constant lifestyle change journey, I'm finally getting my implant out in the next two weeks( it gave me 60 extra pounds 😥😥) !!! My BFF is getting hitched in September, I mean MC&MOH all at once ,that body better be banging !!! #iambibimc #instafitness #bringingsexybackout#20daychallenge #smoothielife#healthyliving#eventhostess #miclife🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

Today I woke up craving a leg workout and weights. Mission accomplished!! ✔️
I was listening to a podcast earlier that was talking about businesses that sell product versus businesses on a mission. 🙌🏻 In this world, we are SO connected and there are SO many options. It would be super easy to jump ship every time a new shiny object appeared. 💎
But the reality is that I'm on a MISSION. 👊🏻
The mission was never to "make a bunch of money." The mission was always to "help people prevent disease through healthy, happy lifestyle." 👯 And not only do I feel I'm truly fulfilling that purpose, but I'm happy to represent a company that does as well. 😍 One whose products are clean. Who promotes health by using whole-food nutrition, movement, variety, fun and support. 🍎 One who believes in bringing HEALTH into the HOME. 🏡
As an entrepreneur + fitness lover, it's easy to get burnt out 🔥 and bail when I'm having to push. And on the contrary, it's easy to go hard for-freaking-EVER when I'm being pulled.
So anytime I burn out... anytime I find myself struggling with the negativity of others... it's just about plugging back into my WHY and reminding myself why I started this to begin with. 💫
WHY do you do the things that YOU do? Are you being PUSHED or are you being PULLED? I'll choose inspiration over motivation any damn day of the week! 💕

• Day 3!!
• Tracer And ?....?
• Tags: #20daychallenge #day1 #tracer #relationshipgoals

DAY ELEVEN: Sexy man. Kit 👏🏻 fucking 👏🏻 Harington. He's not only a great actor (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) he is so goddamn beautiful. Like, ideal hubby goals ya'll. JUST LOOK AT HIM FOR GODS SAKE. 🤤😍 #got #20daychallenge #100followers #instagramchallenge #gameofthrones #gotactor #kitharington #hubbygoals #sexyactor #sexyman

20 Day Challenge (/●A●/)
#20daychallenge #day1 #myoc

I have no idea why this mug exists, but I'm so glad it does!! 🍩 It's like they know me somehow... 😂🚫⛽️

DAY TEN: Memory. A fond yet hard memory of mine is when I was pregnant. It was hard yet so wonderful at the same time. I honestly never felt more happy than when I was pregnant. I'm hoping within the next 2-3 years I'll get to have another baby... But we'll see. 😭 #100followers #20daychallenge #memories #pregnantbelly #pregnancymemories #instagramchallenge #iwantanotherbaby

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