The unhealthy, sad and unfit looking photo was taken the first day I changed what I ATE. 😖Many many times I have thought of deleting that pic, I cannot stand to look at it.

BUT when you put it next to the pic I took today...the stronger, fitter and proud looking photo it helps to see the progress I've made on the OUTSIDE 👊💪 On the INSIDE I guess you can't really see. I feel amazing, I have energy, I sleep properly, I feel healthy inside, I feel clear headed, I feel confident, I have stamina and I feel proud of what I've done so far.
I don't feel sluggish or bloated or fat or unfit or uncomfortable or ashamed or cranky or moody or toxic anymore. I don't cringe when I look in the mirror now and I'm not kept awake at night with 10,000 thought running through my head at once.
That's all just GONE 🤔

I've chosen the easy way to lose weight, get energy, tone up and feel good again. It's all done for me, delivered in a 📦 box once a month. All I have to do is eat the food 👍
Seriously, it's that simple.

I've tried and tested it for 10 months losing all the weight I wanted in the first 4 months. Maintaining and toning up for the last 6 months.
80% is the result of food,
20% exercising 1-2hrs a week. (My abs are coming!! If I had stopped eating Maccas, KFC, Pizza and Hamburgers 6 months ago I think they'd be here by now 😳) Life is sweet and I'm happy with ME!

I didn't think I'd ever put my BEFORE pic on here, but I'm sharing this in case it's someone else's time to make a change.
My friend posted on FB right when I needed it and I'll be forever grateful to her for helping me get my life back and sharing this gift with me.

So if you're reading this and you are at the same point I was, private message me, text me or call me.
I have a solution and I'm here to help share it with you when you're ready 😊


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