And just like that my mini is a high school graduate, you are destined for great things, reach for the Stars and don't forget to stop and experience life, never forget there is so much more to college than just homework and class, find yourself and be authentic, good luck at KU, you will do great! @villa_kam #ku #walkthehill #2022

Worked hard for that!💯 Team effort We aint done yet. When you work hard you play hard That's a fact.#2022

Solo acompañame a caminar por el parque bustamante, compramos después una caja de vino por esta vez la pagas tu 🎶

En esos tiempos cuando no tenía responsabilidades :(
#fothermuckers #2022 #tantascosasqueagradecer #photo #instagram #instamusic


معتز هوساوي يجدد للأهلي حتى#2022

This boy (young man) right here is about to embark on his journey to HighSchool & we couldn’t be more proud of him!
Has held a 3.6 GPA- honor roll kid!! Basketball star!! Teachers pet 😜!! Everyone’s best friend!! Seriously this kid amazes me everyday & deserves to be recognized for all his hard work & dedication. When he could of sunk he decided to rise, and boy did he rise! I can’t wait to watch him grow these next 4 years and see where life takes him. I know he’ll do amazing things. We love you DJ and you make us SO proud!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 class of #2022!!!! #killinit!!!!

"Tudo tem o seu tempo determinado, e há tempo para todo o propósito debaixo do céu; há tempo de plantar e tempo de colher o que se plantou" 🙏🏼😍🏥💉📚#obrigadoDeus #feraMED #MED08 #2017.1 #2022.1

“I can't avoid my dreams.” - @siviesuemori 〽️💎⛏🏴 📸: @q._r______
#1318 #2022

Had such a good time at Formal💗 #formal #2022

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