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Tonight might be the end of VBS. But a new start for some of these kids. This week has been amazing teaching with Macy and getting to know tha kids. Over half my class turned there hearts and minds over to God this week. Every kid in my class learned there bible verse (we were saying in the video.) This coming up week is camp and it's going to be another opportunity to get everyone's mind and heart in it with God! So excited for the new challenges I will be facing and the new friendships I will be making. #2017VBS

Let the Carnival of Praise Begin!! #2017vbs #praisegod #childrenareagiftfromgod

Pastor David came by Shero/Hero Central today! He is our Superhero - showing God's love to all those around him (and he even has a cape)! #sheroherocentral #2017VBS

July 24-28/2017
#연잉의log #연잉의시선
미션 성공!!!!!
#2017vbs #houli #takch

Hello world!! Meet my friend Omar and one of his daughter's Rylee - He is truly one of the coolest guys ever and his kids are pretty awesome too 😎😬👍🏼🙌🏼 Check in is just about ready to begin over here for @crossroadsca 2017 VBS!!! #xrdisabilities #2017vbs #nodivision #unity #letlovelead

Move it to the left now!! Stomp your feet louder! 🎤🎬🎧🎼🎹🎻🎸🎺🎷 #volunteer #makerfunfactory #2017vbs #youthgroup #cdpcyg

2017 Galactic Starveyors VBS. 53 professions of faith just with grades 3-6 today!! We still have middle school VBS next week with more to come! #galacticstarveyors #2017vbs #boomchickaboom

Be still, knowing that God is over the moon.
And we are Galactic Starveyors, searching the visible, discovering the invisible.
#pc: @chinghueidu


Ahhh this 2017 VBS was so wonderful I can't even explain how grateful I am for being part of this. This VBS was truly the most memorable and the happiest time of my life. Teachers would say that they're tired, but I think that's because they had so much fun teaching kids😄 kids would find enjoyment out of the smallest things they do, and I learned a lot from the kids. When this kid named Nova said that she remembers me from last VBS, I was so proud and happyyyy omg and I realized that kids will remember you when you treat them very special and Poor effort in teaching them with a smile on your face. I love kids. #2017vbs #vbsstaffmembersIrespectyallwithallmyheartandthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

VBS decoration, done!
Set design directed by @soohyun_art
Thanks a lot for all the helping hands to prepare for this!
#vbs #2017vbs #makerfunfactory #gnkumc #kumcofny #decoration #setdesign #artdirector #art #artteacher #designteacher

2017 VBS came to a close this week yet the greatest image is of our beloved Treasurer poses as Cooper #2017vbs #godsbigbackyard

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid -Psalm 118:6 #FearLess #ACCGreenAcolytes #2017VBS

#2017vbs #여름성경학교 #5일간의 여름성경학교, 하나님을 더욱 힘써 알아가는 우리 딸이 되길-🙏🏻

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