Cole really out here at Target looking for his CD 😂

1985... sheesh

When you meet J. Cole on Target on Prom night 😂

Jaden Smith via Twitter. Agree or disagree?

Count it up,count it up,count it up,count it..

Classic on vinyl
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“Life is a movie, pick your own role, Climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole. J. Cole #2014foresthillsdrive #jcole #jcolequotes #airjordan #airjordanshoes #airjordan11 #truereligion

Can’t take it when you die but you can’t live without it

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i don't know freedom, i want my dreams to rescue me⛄

Who else here gets hella heated when someone says Lil Pump is better than Cole 🤮🤮🤮 lil bitch got flamed by Cole on 1985 and whines about it the next day like nigga what tf you expect?? YOU COME AT THE KING YOU BEST NOT MISS

Sunday’s Vibes: #jcole - Intro 🙏🏽 top 10 intros of all time for me! This is art 🙌🏽
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SUNDAY SQUEEZE 🍊: Who is “kiLL edward”? J Coles new album “KOD” has only one feature and it is from this never-before-seen new artist. J Cole has infamously been known for having no features within his music, stemming from his last two projects “2014 Forest Hills Drive” and “4 Your Eyez Only”. However, we believe that kiLL edward is actually J Cole’s alter ego in the form of music. J Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive” featured a similar sound on songs like “GOMD” and “A Tale of 2 Citiez”, similarly with “4 Your Eyez Only” tracks “Ville Mentality” and “Neighbors” , yet there are no features on the albums. Kendrick Lamar is one of the few other popular hip-hop artists that use different voice techniques and styles to relay a specific feeling or emotion through his music. In Kendrick songs like “Swimming Pools” and “ADHD”, Kendrick uses this style to convey the effects of alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances, with both of these songs having no features. Kendrick has previously said that he uses voice switch ups to give off a different feeling or vibe with the record, though the interpretion is solely on the listener. With the premise of “KOD” focusing on additive substances, whether it be drugs, alcohol, fame, love or money, we believe that there is a strong connection. What are your thoughts? Is this theory valid? Do you have another view? Let us know! 📀💭 // #sundaysqueeze #jcole #kod #killedward #dreamville #2014foresthillsdrive #4youreyezonly #kendricklamar #swimmingpools #adhd #goodkidmaadcity #section80 #foodforthought

Please don’t hit my phone if it ain’t bout no commas

They met J. Cole on Prom night 😂

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