Rampage [Page 2/2]. Rampage seems to be in on the joke that it's a Hollywoodized basterization of a comedic game series with every cheesy line deliveries, over-the-top characterizations, cliches, ludicrous death defying action and plot contrivances put on display but doesn't bother for anything remotely clever or subtle, such as the name of the genetic experiments called "Project: Rampage" and the appearance of the original coin operated game in background of the main villain's building. Speaking of which, Malin Akerman was just cartoonish as evil corporate head responsible for the mutagen infections as is Jake Lacy as her overreacting, dim-witted brother who supplies some of the cringey humor in the film and their plan to get the monsters into the Chicago was as lazy as you can imagine, but hey, it worked and the chaos we came to see is big, noisy and entertaining sans the lack of anthropomorphic features and muted textures of the creatures. One of the biggest highlights of the movie comes from Jason Liles' mo-cap performance as George, whose strong bond and playful banter added both crude humor and some semblance of heart to the movie as does the pure rage he displays when Johnson's Davis is threaten by other foes. The other comes from Jeffery Dean Morgan as the cowboy-esque government agent Harvey Russell who has a ball with the written material and plays up the eccentric, cool action film character to the movie's strength. In conclusion, Rampage is a chaotic and campy monster mash with the makings of a B movie that will give the average viewers what they want and please those with a propensity to make a drinking game out of the laughable material but might leave fans of the original game groan considerably at how much it deviates from the source. If you love Dwayne, giant monsters, one liners and non stop action, this is for you but I suggest catching a matinee showing. I personally thought it was ok at best. Rating: 5.9 out of 10. #rampagemovie #bradpeyton #moviereviews #risesreviews #monstermovies #actionfilms #scifiaction #dwaynejohnson #naomieharris #malinakerman #jefferydeanmorgan #joemanganiello #2018movies #2010smovies #newlinecinema #warnerbros

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: Rampage [Page 1/2]. What happens and you mix action hero Dwayne Johnson with a giant monster brawl? Exactly what you expect in Rampage, the loud, big budget adaptation of the popular 80s/90s arcade and video game series about human beings mutated into three giant monsters (a gorilla named George, a werewolf named Ralph and a lizard named Lizzie) that go around smashing cities, eat people and avoid/attack the military all in pure comedic fashion. Here, the film deviates far away from the source material as we follow Johnson's Davis Okoye, a former anti-proaching special operative-turned-primatologist who must protect his long-time friend George (played by Jason Liles via motion capture) a rare albino gorilla whose been exposed to a pathogen from a destroyed space station that causes him to grow in size and aggression and ends up escaping. Even worst, the same applies to a wolf and a crocodile and the corrupt organization responsible for the cross genetics pathogens want to exploit this situation while the military and Davis with the help of a discredited scientist (Noamie Harris) and a enigmatic government agent must save the day as the enormous beasts make their way to the city. While the games play the monsters and the destruction they cause for humor, the film puts that standard, semi-serious and Johnson-headlined Hollywood action blockbuster spin on the loosely adapted material and elevate it with a tongue-in-cheek vibe with very mixed results. The movie plays up the expectations of Johnson (always playing the same type of character) facing monsters to deliver a dumb fun creature feature that gets by on his usual charisma and impressive visual effects by Weta Digital. But before we get to the city smashing spectacles, we are saddled with some of the most generic and laughable writing and acting imaginable. #rampagemovie #bradpeyton #moviereviews #risesreviews #monstermovies #actionfilms #scifiaction #dwaynejohnson #naomieharris #malinakerman #jakelacy #jefferydeanmorgan #joemanganiello #2018movies #2010smovies #newlinecinema #warnerbros

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: A Quiet Place. Would you expect Jim from The Office to turn out a horror film-cum-family drama this effective and gripping? Neither did I and I was extremely surprised with what I saw in A Quiet Place, the third directorial effort by John Krasinski set in a post-apocalyptic world where large, predatory monsters that are attracted to sound roam around while a family of four known as the Abbotts (Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmons and Noah Jupe) try to live their lives only in silence before things get worse for them. Not since last year's Get Out that I've seen a horror film this original and chilling to be helmed by a actor usually associated with comedy with the forocity and skills of a experienced filmmaker. John Krasinski crafts a close quarter creature feature that rattles the nerves and relies heavily on tension spun from the dire situation the Abbots are place in and builds up to effective jump scares and the nightmarish appearance of said monsters upon reveal. In their in addition to the scares and foreboding atmosphere is the family dynamic we see from the Abbots as they all try make the best of their situation as they communicate through sign language, carefully watch their surroundings and struggle to maintain both their bond and sanity through it all, and that's where the true heart of soul of the film. I loved every moment of seeing them convey thoughts and emotions more powerfully than words, which further added a refreshing element to the movie along with real dramatic depth and urgency and the cast all delivered on their mostly silent performances, with deaf actress Milicent Simmonds being the true stand out as the deaf daughter Regan, whose condition has played significant roles here. A Quiet Place is a unnerving, terrifying and high concept thriller that should put people on the edge of their seats and bring recognition to Krasinski's hidden talents. Rating: 9.5 out of 10.
#aquietplace #johnkrasinski #moviereviews #risesreviews #thrillerfilms #horrordrama #monstermovies #emilyblunt #millicentsimmonds #noahjupe #2018movies #2010smovies #paramountpictures

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: Blockers. For years, we have seen a lot of raucous teen sex comedies about a bunch of male friends vowing to lose their virginity as a rite of passage and that has been the driving force of films like Porky's, American Pie and Superbad, but have we ever seen one where it's the female characters having agency and tackling the double standards it raises? Well, look no further as we take a look at Blockers, the newest laugh a minute comedy from first-time director Kay Cannon (the writer of the Pitch Perfect movies) that is a gender-flipped response to said films as we follow parents Lisa (Leslie Mann), Mitchell (John Cena) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz), and their respective teen daughters Julie, Kayla, and Sam who have been friends since kindergarten and the girls are now on the verge of graduation. On the day of prom, the girls make a pact to have sex on prom night and after they take off with their dates, the parents discover their plan and venture to stop them. This movie is all around raunchy and hilarious with the elder actors delivery high energy comedic performances and being able to play off of each other through their verbal sparring over puritanical, old fashioned mindsets about the issue, the outrageous lengths they go through and the disconnection with modern culture and progress in contrast to the girls (who all have great chemistry) who are very aware what they're getting into and dont want to be perceived as damsels in distress as their overprotective, overly attached parents view them as. The film makes the argument between putting your foot down and having a open mind and learning to let go and in the end, even with it's anarchic spirit and R rated laughs, presents a very progressive and heartfelt edge that we dont often find in this films while maintaining the outrageous humor. Blockers is a riotous, unexpectedly smart and enjoyable good time at the movies. Rating: 8 out of 10.
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Happy 5th anniversary to 2013's Evil Dead, the remake/reboot/continuation of Sam Raimi's cult, genre-bending horror film franchise produced by the filmmaker and original series' star Bruce Campbell and directed by Fede Alvarez (Don't Breathe). The film follows the set up of the original 1981 film: five teens meet up in a remote cabin in the woods where one of them stumbles upon the dreaded book of the dead and unwittingly read incantations that results in the awakening of demonic spirits, possession, and lost of limbs. Here it centers around Mia (Jane Levy), a young woman trying to overcome her heroin addiction as she meets with her older brother and friends in said woods where she ends up being possessed and the gang tries to bring her back. This is where I'm going to be in the minority, but remember that this is very subjective and nothing against your enjoyment of this movie. While I liked Levy's performance as the tortured Mia, the chilling atmosphere, and the copious amounts of gory effects, I felt the movie felt more like a predictable and standard horror film they grew more and more irritating with these dumb ass characters decisions, mainly Lou Taylor Pucci's fucking with the book when it is covered up and littered with messages that say "dont fucking read it", which compounds the overall situation. This is the kind of shit every Black comedian would joke about in their routines about horror movies. I understand that it's trying to do it's own thing and I know this has a strong following with horror fans, but what made the older movies special was the fun and creativity Raimi had with the low budget as well as the charismatic Campbell's Ash, which this film lacks in my opinion as it drags on in it's last act and left no real impact for me. It would interesting to see how this would possibly crossover with the original series given that it's still going on with the Ash vs Evil Dead series.
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Ready Player One [Page 2/2]. I had no prior knowledge of the book when I first heard the announcement of it's film adaptation, but when I saw the first trailer set to a orchestral version of "Pure Imagination" and visual splendor featuring recognizable characters and items from films, books, animation, and video games like the Iron Giant and the Delorean, I was immediately hooked. Speaking of Pure Imagination, the plot is very much like that of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and some might also say The Matrix or any form of media this film and the source material drew inspiration from and playing up those familiar tropes like the naive youthful hero (played well by Sheridan) that destined for something far greater, the adventurous, budding love interest who is down for a rebellion, and the typical dick-head corporate villain in the form of Ben Mendelsohn's Nolan Sorrento with some degrees of success. It was mind blowing seeing many of these figures I've grew up watching collide on the big screen amidst a visually striking landscape and play out like a more anarchic Who Framed Roger Rabbit in a sense that it pulled all the copyright induced stops to include these genre elements and let them loose in the virtual world (one of the highlights is a cool ass sequence set in a classic horror flick) while maintaining that Spielbergian magic the director himself implements. It isn't without it's flaws but as a commentary on the public's obsession with technology as means of escaping their humdrum reality and living vicariously through fictional characters, it's well played and as a OASIS set, nostalgia trip filled with literal overt or covert Easter eggs, it's spectacular and game chasing on a visual level. Ready Player One is a slick, fun sci-fi adventure with a fine cast and irresistible soundtrack that's worth the price of admission. Rating: 8.5 out of 10. #readyplayerone #stevenspielberg #moviereviews #risesreviews #scifiadventure #gamefilms #scifiaction #basedonthenovel #ernestcline #readyplayeronemovie #tyesheridan #oliviacooke #benmendelsohn #lenawaithe #tjmiller #simonpegg #markrylance #2018movies #2010smovies #amblinentertainment #warnerbros

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: Ready Player One [Page 1/2]. For the past three years, I've made my affinity for 80s and 90s nostalgia, music and pop culture known and built a whole Instagram page around them, but to see a movie that embodies just that and helmed by the iconic Hollywood filmmaker whose films were responsible for the birth of geek culture is something of a dream come true. Enter Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg's visionary adaptation of Ernest Cline's 2011 novel that honored film and geek culture of the past and present in one sprawling adventurous tale set in a dystopian future where people regularly in a virtual reality software called the OASIS where they choose avatars and engage in various activities (whether work, education or just entertainment) as means of escape from their lives. From there we follow Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), a young man living in a slum like city known as The Stacks who regularly participates in the OASIS game Anorak's Quest as a "Gunter", a term for egg hunter, under the alias Parzival who must uncover a series of clues left by the deceased, pop culture obsessed creator of the game James Halliday (Mark Rylance) in a race with other players including his virtual mechanic pal Aech and newfound friend Art3mis (Olivia Cooke) to find the golden egg and have full ownership of the OASIS before the sinister corporation IOI and their debt indentured players can do so.
#readyplayerone #stevenspielberg #moviereviews #risesreviews #scifiadventure #gamefilms #scifiaction #basedonthenovel #ernestcline #readyplayeronemovie #tyesheridan #oliviacooke #benmendelsohn #lenawaithe #tjmiller #simonpegg #markrylance #2018movies #2010smovies #amblinentertainment #warnerbros

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Forgotten Milestone, no. 35. Movie: Shame. Release date: October 5, 2011 (US limited release); January 13, 2012 (UK release; 5 years old). It's not too often that you'll see a studio release a film with an NC-17 rating as it's often considered to be the kiss of death and could comprise the financial returns of a film that doesn't want to sacrifice the artistic integrity of it's director, even if it's nasty shit on display, but Fox took a chance and release the way it's meant to be. The film wearing that NC-17 badge of honor is director Steve R McQueen's (12 Years A Slave) Shame, a moving character study staring Michael Fassbender as successful executive and bachelor Brandon who harbors a compulsive sexual addiction. His life outside work consists of days and nights viewing online pornography, masturbating everywhere from home to the bathroom at work, and regularly sleeping with prostitutes, which are further complicated by the arrival of his twentysometing sister who has her own troubles. In short, Brandon is a freak and I'm not one to judge; most of us got some freak in us too but not like this guy. His kinks are more self-destructive and affects all attempts to strike up healthy social interactions or have a close and stable relationship with his sibling. The movie doesn't demonize sex like some after-school special, nor does it glamorize it with its full frontal nudity and graphic imagery going on; it's sex being used to fill a void in a life that lacks love, intimacy and meaning, with the unchecked Brandon seeing that as a way to get by and feel content in a city as fast and socially disconnected as New York and losing all control of it when he thought he had a hold on it. Shame is a careful examination of addiction in it's raw and unflinching form that showcasses Fassbender in one of the finest performances of his career and paid off Fox's brave decision to release this film unaltered and uncompromised, the way McQueen wanted. #shamemovie #stevermcqueen #forgottenmilestones #drama #eroticfilms #indiedramas #werenotbadpeoplewejustcomefromabadplace #michaelfassbender #careymulligan #jamesbadgedale #2011 #2010smovies #film4 #foxsearchl

Happy 5th anniversary to G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel to 2009's G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra which adapted the popular Hasbro toyline and cartoon series to the big screen ala Transformers and follows the title heroes as they battle the evil forces of Cobra. Now we follow a small number of Joes led by Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson) as they must avenge the deaths of their fellow men after their base was ambushed in a attack move by a Cobra member disguised as the president. First the team join forces with Joe Colton, the man who founded the organization, in order to overthrow the terrorist organization before they threaten the planet. After seeing the bloated, moronic crapfest that was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I had no desire of seeing another butchered Hasbro property so I skipped the first one and on doing the same with this....until I saw the admittedly awesome first trailer. From the look of it, it looked like it corrected the mistakes of the first by making Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander's suit faithful to the shows, comics and toys, reduced Channing Tatum's Duke presence (this was back when I used to hate the guy) and putting the always charismatic Dwayne Johnson in center stage. Oh, and the surprise appearance of a gun blazing Bruce Willis as the original G.I. Joe. It felt like they were making a real course correction with the right elements, however the end result was a cheesy, bland flick that lacked the appeal of it's extravagant source material with mediocre performances, a generic plot and wasted opportunities. It is also notable for being delayed from its intended June 2012 release, and the reason for that was that it would face competition with Magic Mike another Channing Tatum film which solidified his A list status following The Vow and 21 Jump Street that year.
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Love, Simon [Page 2/2]. Nick Robinson gives a great performance as the title character and made every but of his screen time investing, whether if he's repnding to the anonymous users repies, lighting up whenever he recieves a reply back, fantasy "Blue" identity or enjoying the company of friends and family who love him dearly and I legitimately felt for him as he gradually finds way to come forward with himself whenever he thinks he found him and fear of being ostracized by society once his secret is spilled out, but he himself must come to terms that none of that really matters and what really matters that he will always being a confidant, son or big brother regardless, and this is what I think people should see and realize themselves before making blind judgements. Love, Simon is a very solid coming of age tale comprised of laughs and life afirming messages that left me hooked. Rating: 9 out of 10. #lovesimon #gregberlanti #moviereviews #risesreviews #comedydrama #teenfilms #comingofagefilms #basedonthebook #simonvsthehomosapiensagenda #nickrobinson #joshduhamel #jennifergarner #katherinelangford #alexandrashipp #jorgelendeborgjr #loganmiller #2018movies #2010smovies #20thcenturyfox

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: Love, Simon [Page 1/2]. Today, I finally saw Love, Simon, the highly praised comedy drama directed by Greg Berlanti (the producer of Dawson's Creek and CW's Arrowverse) and based on the 2015 young adult novel Simon vs the Homo Sapians Agenda and I was completely engaged with what I just saw. The film, like the novel tells the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a closted gay high schooler with a close relationship with his family and friends and feels he's living in a perfectly normal life apart from, as he quotes, his "huge ass secret". One day he responds to a e-mail from another closted teen whose posting anonymously and forms a bond with "Blue". However another student finds out and blackmails him and Simon must the maintain his balance with loved ones as he tries to find out who Blue is. This is Hollywood's first major film to tackle Gay teen romance and it treats it's subject with sincerity, the warm, humorous sensibilities of John Hughes' coming of age films and a dose of real world pathos when it comes to the subject of coming out and fearing the stigmas that might result in. This movie runs on those thoughts and explores it with humanity and a lot of understanding of those felt the pressure to be outed and need to confide with others on the basis of trust and acceptance and how such things can be betrayed in one way or another or send a strong wake up call to close minded behaviors from others. (Continued in next post)
#lovesimon #gregberlanti #moviereviews #risesreviews #comedydrama #teenfilms #comingofagefilms #basedonthebook #simonvsthehomosapiensagenda #nickrobinson #joshduhamel #jennifergarner #katherinelangford #alexandrashipp #jorgelendeborgjr #loganmiller #2018movies #2010smovies #20thcenturyfox

Rises Reviews 🎥. Movie: Pacific Rim: Uprising. Five years ago, Guillermo Del Toro released Pacific Rim, a wildly fun homage to giant robots and giant monsters movies that tapped into our inner geek and found a strong fan following despite it's low box office returns in the States. Now Steven S DeKnight takes the reigns as director of the long awaited sequel and amplifies the loud, explosive and proudly exaggerated genre aesthetic of the original but lacks sorely in consistency and real depth. 10 years after the humanity saved the planet from Kaijus, former Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), the reckless son of war hero Stacker Pentecost, is brought back into the Pan Pacific Defense Corps after committing a offense to train young recruits for the next battle against Kaiju, which have managed to a another demensional breach into the Earth and prepare for another all out battle. If you grew up watching Power Rangers or another form of media involving massive machines going up against large monsters within a city, this movie is definitely for you and the Jeager-Kaiju battles are as fluid, exciting and vibrant as ever and the outstanding effects succeeded in making something that would play out in cardboard settings and rubber suits work convincingly, even though this is a largely throwaway plot riddled with gringe inducing lines/humor and cliches such as the wash out hero plot looking to make a difference template that we've seem before. While Boyega is mostly charismatic and shines with newcomer Cailee Spaney as youthful Jaegar builder, it wasn't enough to save the film from it's lazy writing (there's a twist involving a returning character I didn't liked) and formulaic set up for supporting characters who just kill time before we get to the battles we all craved to see. Uprising is sure to satisfy the audiences' needs, but I was more letdown by the jumbled and generic execution. Rating: 5.9 out of 10. #pacificrimuprising #stevensdeknight #moviereviews #risesreviews #scifiaction #monstermovies #robotmovies #johnboyega #scotteastwood #jingtian #charlieday #caileespaeny #burngorman #rinkokikuchi #2018movies #2010smovies #legendarypictures #universalpictures

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