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Blac Chyna's on the attack against Tyga because she thinks baby daddy #1 is teaming up with #2 -- Rob Kardashian -- to spread lies about her.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Chyna went off after she heard Tyga's telling people she wants to kiss, make up and get back together with him -- a news flash that came from Rob.

We're told Chyna got pissed because she hardly talks to Tyga, and had only reached out to him recently to demand he pay King's nannies -- even though they'd normally do that on their own.

Other sources tell us Tyga misinterpreted the call from Chyna, and thought she wanted to talk about more than co-parenting ... something he shared with his new bff, Rob. We're told the guys have gotten tight ever since BC and Rob broke up.

The problem's obvious -- Rob and Tyga talk ABOUT Chyna, but Rob's also talking TO Chyna about all of it ... according to our sources.

Y'know the saying: Loose lips sink relationships with baby mamas.

Thoughts ?

| What's your approach at the plate? #prospectdugout |

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Got #2 on video and theres more to come

Selamat utk para pemenang #kuisinul yg ke #2
Tunggu #kuisinul sesion #3 di hari sabtu nanti yaa 😘

Here are three possible scenarios for Goldberg vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania:
#1 Goldberg wins in another squash match: Goldberg dominating Lesnar has happened twice in five months, but the reason people generally aren’t expecting this to happen is because the act may get stale if booked this way for a third time. Goldberg squashing Lesnar again can’t be ruled out, but it would definitely qualify as a surprise.

#2 Finn Balor invokes his rematch clause: It’s unclear if a rematch clause would actually still be valid this long after the fact, but it could be. And if it is, WrestleMania could certainly end with some fireworks. Having a fan-favourite like Balor walk out of Orlando with the Universal title after previously not being announced for the show would be an incredible moment and a shocking one for sure.

#3 Lesnar squashes Goldberg: Neither of these men is the most technically talented wrestlers, which probably explains the short nature of their matches. Lesnar defeating Goldberg in a squash would be surprising, but honestly, the biggest surprise would be this match ending in a squash at all, regardless of who’s favour it’s in.

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Well....here we go again. Driver #2 with her permit...6 months until LICENSE!!! 😬

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