Feliz cumpleaños perro #2. Eres el perrito salchicha más loco y ojón de México y me robas el amor de Alex.
Te amo, Hayley. (Estas subiendo de peso te voa poner a dieta.)

Halo pemuda/I Indonesia! Saya siap menjadi bagian dari Peserta Lomba Puisi Nasional #2 yang diadakan oleh Event Hunter Indonesia. Dan saya siap merebut hadiah utama: Juara 1 : Paket Europe Trip 5 Negara (Italia, Swiss, Prancis, Belgia, Belanda) Include Tiket pesawat PP Jakarta - Milan dan Amsterdam - Jakarta, Hotel, Transportasi, Makan dan City Tour) Juara 2 : Uang tunai Rp 2.000.000 Juara 3 : Uang tunai Rp 1.000.000 Juara Harapan 1-3 : Uang tunai Rp 500.000 Semua Juara : Medali + Sertifikat Finalis 30 Besar : Medali Finalis Finalis 100 Besar : 1 Buah buku �Bumi Manusia� karya : Pramoedya Ananta toer SEMUA PESERTA MENDAPATKAN 1. E-Sertifikat Nasional 2. E-Magazine Exclusive EHI 2019 3. Video Premium Materi Mawapres Academy EHI 2018 Pendaftaran: www.bit.ly/LPN2018 DEADLINE Pendaftaran 20 November 2018 #LPN2 #LombaPuisi #EventHunterIndonesia #infolomba #Lomba


BTS_twt Jimin showed up with blue hair in Berlin concert causing an explosive reaction from fans worldwide: - trended in Berlin, #2 in SK
- featured by foreign media: Elite Daily, Teen Vogue, Russian online pub POPCAKE
- Praised by Halsey

Prototype #2 is pretty and very strong, but the top doesn’t close easily. Fine tuning required tomorrow. #measuretwicecutonce #homemade #spoonflower #reusablebags #noplasticbags

Just a picture to demonstrate the power of makeup 💜✨
With vs without makeup
Pic #2
Entry for @rebeccaa.ann #rebeccaanns20th
Original look by me ;)
Eye palettes abd shadows: @smashboxcosmetics
@lacolorscosmetics :
Concealer & brow pomade & eyelashes
Pressed powder & foundation

MX of Nations! Kiss of death on Larocco’s leap! Pic#2 Travis Pastrana... Go 🇵🇷

12 days to go!
Halloween safety tip #2:

Not all pets are as docile as banthas.
If you walk your dog around the neighborhood while children are trick-or-treating, be sure to use a sturdy collar, or harness and leash, and be careful around unfamiliar children and adults. Costumes and masks may make your dog uncomfortable and frightened. .
#mckvetscommunity #mckvets #YYJpets #YYJdogs #yyjcats #dogsofinstagram #Catsofinstagram

3 great tips. Tip #2 is definitely one that would help most people. So true, right. When you keep your mind and body busy with productive and mentally challenging tasks you definitely are not preoccupied with food. - Jcoach

Baby #2 here😭🙏

Wiskura.. #2 (1) Anak-anak logistik tapi sekip jadi LogiSKIP dengan gayanya yg skip 😂 (2) Masih logiskip yang gayanya so'so'an kalem sekalee 😎 (3-5) Bersama MC cantique dan Dextrina-dextrina.. 😆

#Syukwis #Wiskura #Amisca #2018 #like4like #likeforlike #photooftheday #instagood

Despedida de Soltera #2 13/10/18 Gracias mamá por tan lindo evento. Gracias a TODAS las que nos acompañaron y gracias a los 3 hombres de mi vida por apoyarnos en todo. #bridalshower #despedidadesoltera #bridetobe

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