Big Bro,
We celebrated your life at your services yesterday. The vibes and energy were so positive, the words spoken so true, you will be missed, but trust, you will live forever. In your time you made a mark stronger than most, not only reaching, but inspiring more than you ever imagined. You’re dedication, strength and honor in family resonated throughout the day, the men talked about how much they respect and admired that about you. Your team (was in suits, you would have had mad jokes) will continue to #RaiseTheBar and build on the foundation you laid. I will #RaiseTheBar and I promise to “just start” like you used to always tell me. I hope you’re with P, you got that new Submariner you ordered, keep pushing the culture forward! Love you Reggie 🙏🏼 #combatJack #CombatJackForever
#1stballotHipHopHallofFame #1stballotpodcastHallofFame
#CombatCancer #FuckCancer

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