As many of you already know, protecting the environment is my greatest passion. Yep, beyond my passion for health, the preservation of the planet is where my heart lies.
For this reason, all materials at Bamboo from the ice packs, to the bottles to the silver envelopes are all reusable and we encourage customers to return all things Bamboo!
More glass bottles and reusable materials are scheduled to arrive at the end of June and it’s looking like we may run out in mid June😬😳😳 SO I need YOUR help so we don’t have to use ANY plastic bottles while we wait for more glass.
RETURN your glass bottles!!! Bring them to one of our weekend farmers markets or email us and we will come snag them from your front porch! We are doing our VERY BEST to be a zero waste facility! Help us in our efforts to remain ZERO PLASTIC!
Weekend Markets: Serenbe, Peachtre City, Peachtree Road, Grant Park
Email: orders@bamboojuices.com
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We carefully handcraft each blend, in small batches to ensure optimum flavour and the greatest therapeutic benefit. We believe that this meticulous process is required to ensure the greatest possible outcome from each individual batch and the highest quality products for our customers. We apply this level of care to all that we do, from sourcing and screening individual ingredients to hand packaging each box, and packing your order. We believe this is the level of care required, to ensure the greatest outcome.

The sweetest snack 🍯❤️

Too many labels to choose from 👀

We have just renewed our 1% for the planet membership! 🌍 At the end of the year we’ll be planting more trees in Bremen and Izmir. 😊🌳🌍👌🏾 #bremen #izmir #organiccotton #biobaumwolle #onepercentfortheplanet #1percentfortheplanet #loveearth

To live in harmony with nature, is essential to great health.
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Pretty orchids brightening up the store 💖

Where will you be on May 19th? We’ll be posted up at @hopsandgrain for the Outdoor Project Block party Festival. You’ll get a healthy dose of outdoor inspiration, good beer, local brands, and live music. Plus, a portion of the event proceeds will benefit local nonprofit Explore Austin and #1PercentForThePlanet.

Visit the link in our profile to learn more and RSVP today! #OathOfAction
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@re_athlete produces recycled #sportswear made of old #fishingnets and other plastic components. They are only manufacturing in Germany, but also supply other countries in the EU. Besides they #donate one percent of the selling price. Promote #ecological and social #sustainability and make a statement against the #fastfashion industry!
Check it out: www.re-athlete.de

Renewable Energy and Beer? Two companies on a Do What’s Right mission. Full story in bio. @allearthrenew @mainebeerco #solar #mainebeer #dowhatsright #climatechange #1percentfortheplanet #fullservice #inhouse #videoproduction #graphicdesign

To our dear friends in Japan, we are excited to announce that Love Tea is now available online and through select stores in Japan (link in bio). We have partnered with Fumiko and her amazing team @loveteaofficialjp who are excited to share Love Tea with Japan. We look forward to this wonderful journey with all of you and thank you for your ongoing support.
Please feel free to tag your tea loving friends.

Beeswax food wraps are a more ecofriendly alternative to plastic wrap. Just wash and reuse! Made exclusively with NYC beeswax.

May favorite time of year is now! The weather is sweet and warm and there is an energy of excitement for the upcoming summer fun.
This is the time of year when it’s easier for me to cleanse, juice daily and infuse by body with cooling plant based nutrients.
If you have never cleansed or just haven’t gotten around to it this year, now is your time. Clear out the old, prepare for upcoming travel and set the intention to have a healthy summer. #bamboojuices #cleanse #raw #organic #coldpressed #atlantafood #madetoorder #juicecleanse #gersontherapy #foodasmedicine #fortheplanet #alltogether #1percentfortheplanet

bee different 💛

Citrus bergamia, is more commonly known as Bergamot Orange. We choose to use certified organic essential oil over any artificially made flavouring, as it not only offers greater therapeutic benefits, but it has a more natural, refreshing and authentic flavour, reminiscent of sweet citrus. View our blends featuring bergamot oil via the link in bio.

Whipped honey is thick and perfect to spread on toast and fruit 🍯💛

Our packaging is 100% biodegradable. The tea boxes are made from post consumer recycled card, the bag that holds the tea is made from biodegradable cello and the ink we print with is vegetable based. Every decision we make is made with a great deal of care for the health of the consumer and of the planet. Together we can take care of Mother Nature, we can make a difference.

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