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31st July .. what's so spl abt it??..
Here it is.. On this date, A baby boy stepped into this earth with the little tootsies,teensy tiny hands, bright eyes n dat adorable smile (yeah after squalling for so many hours).. :D
On this date, I felt that I am actually an elder sissy ,the one who's gonna b ur guide, ur buddy, ur lead.. And today all those memories when I reminisce , I feel like I am reliving dem when they jus flashed like a reel.. Those days when we punctured the tyres of our neighbours n running away ,while playing cricket with our very own in trend washing bat (yeah old times during our childhood) ;) and evry victory led to broken lights, messing around with people by firecrackers aid,teasing each other,squabbling all the time and competing with each other for all those asinine things,et cetera..
You have always cared and treated me as your little sister albeit you are the younger one .. Hehhehe. .whenevr I flipped out you were always there to make me smile,When I fall down you always chuckle but stil u got my back . To handle when mom yells, all the hassles and not letting anything nigh me despite being equal in shenanigans :D We get along, though we bicker, we rumble and this nevr gonna stop..I am blessed to have you and love ya to the moon and back my chotta laddu brother.. happy birth date bud cum bro ;)..

Thank you @aliaabhatt for wishing Colors Infinity on our #1derful anniversary!
We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up through this week! So stay tuned!

#aliaabhatt #anniversary #birthday

Going out with a bang boom bap. 21 drum salute for the one and only legend Tim Beaty. #mr #1derful

A big thank you to all my friends and family who came to support me yesterday!!! 💘💘 I really appreciate y'all for coming despite your busy schedules to watch the production and I hope y'all enjoyed it ☺️☺️
Thanks my fam, #D-100 (im treating this as the name. 😹) and #1DERFUL ❗️❗️ Once again, happy belated birthday to Kanglin and Ginyee!! may all your wishes come true yay 🎉🎊🎈

We turned #1derful today!
This beautiful journey wouldn't have been possible without you guys. Thank you for being a part of it!
#1derful #staranise #chefanees #tomanymorebirthdays #happybirthday

Any Man can b a father, but it takes a real man to b a DAD!!! Happy Father's Day Mr.#1derful !!!

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest baby in the world!🎉🎊🎂👶🏽 I hope that you are having the best day!!! I can't wait to celebrate with you when I come home☺️ Uncle Phil loves you so much! ❤ #cutestbabyever #happy1stbirthday #1derful #adorable


This Sunday .... I'm live in the building with some other great talent. Come out and support ur local DJ. #djlife #BMK #1derful #streetjocks #blendmachine ... Shouts to B eazy

#1derful meal.....

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