"Si alguna vez te sientes perdido, sonríe, el Sol en su sonrisa te guiará en el camino."
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My son is fucking cute my heart hurts 🥰😭

Part 22: Light
He was going so deep in to me, he felt so much bigger in this position. He was already quite big, it was intense. "Fuck Harry" I ran my hands back into his wet hair, pulling at it. I whimpered, annoyed when he pulled out of me. "Getting close hm?" He set me down, hands on my hips and turning me around. He gently pushed my chest forward, bending me over until I was pressed against the glass. I pressed my hands against it, taking deep breaths as anticipation swam in me. He rubbed his hands gently on my ass, it was sticking out perfectly for him. He slapped it very gently, the sound echoing a little in the shower. He grabbed my hips more firmly, mixed moans sounding when he pushed back into me. I had nothing to grip onto anymore, I balled my hands into fists and pushed my hips back against him. He lifted one of my legs up, setting it onto the little shelf. "Don't worry darling, I wont let you slip" He reassured. He continued with his slow pace, pushing as deep as he could get himself. "Shit" He moaned, thrusting a little harder. I closed my eyes, taking in the feeling of him pushing me up against the glass every time he pushed into me. I could feel my walls squeezing harshly against him but he just pushed passed them, the position allowing him to go even deeper than before. "H-Harry" My body began to tighten up even more, butterflies fluttering in my stomach as I got closer to another orgasm. I cried out again, whimpering his name as I felt my climax hitting me like a truck. He held me in the same position, hips slowly riding me through the high. I took deep, shaky breaths. He pushed so slow, drawing it out. I could feel the tip of cock brushing a sensitive part of my flesh as he was buried so far into me. I shook a little, wishing I had something to hold onto.

“Do Your Dance 💃 “

It’s nearly summer here wooooooo

He looks so soft😌💘
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Part 21: Light
I bit my lip watching him. "But, not right now. I need you princess" He lifted me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. We were so close together. I breathed deeply, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I need you too" I whispered. He guided his tip against me, brushing gently against my sensitive clit. I tightened my grip around his neck, moaning softly. I sighed when he pushed his cock into me. I pulled him closer to me, kissing his lips to muffle our quiet little moans. Of course it felt incredible, like it always had. The feeling of the warm water washing over us just making it even better. He slid his hands down to my ass, pulling my hips slowly against his. "Oh fuck" I groaned, pulling my lips away from his and laying my head on his shoulder. This position felt amazing, the closeness making me melt completely. There was nothing more that I loved than being close to him, to feel him up against me. I gripped the little hairs on his neck tight between my fingers. Every slow thrust making my head spin. "Why haven't we done this before?" He lifted my head off his shoulder, making me whine softly. "I wanna see that pretty face baby" He whispered, he thrusted a little harder a soft cry leaving my lips. "I love the way your little nose scrunches up" He left gentle kisses all over my face and it was so fucking sweet. I pulled him to my lips, muffling my moans. He hiked me up a little higher, bending my legs a little more. He changed the position a little, my toes curling at feeling of him going deeper. He slid his arms under my knees, legs lifting higher. I groaned louder, my hands coming to his chest.

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