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First look at our season 3 poster for HBO's #1 half-hour show two years and counting... #Ballers.
Thank you fans for your incredible support. This season will be our BEST.
Tune in to @hbo on JULY 23rd 10PM.

@thexfactorisrael here we go!!!! Day #1

next week, you can read these two #emison stories Pretty Little Love (#1) and Pretty Little Lost (#2). I hope you like them as much as I liked writing them. I will post links--unfortunately right now they are just in ebook form. I wish I could bind them but i'm not a printing press! thanks a ton to @maaya_kitsune and @squilly12!!! #prettylittleliars #pllforever

Apparently #SiriSalido is hurt and can't fight @lomachenkovasiliy . I want you all to know that I am ready to fight at 126 tomorrow morning.
If @trboxing and @rocnation want to make history have #Loma and I fight each other and let's see who is #1.
#TeamRigo is ready. #NotFighting4Peanuts anymore. I want only the best! Bring it on! #RigoLoma #lomarigo

#1 or #2❓
Follow (me) @footballbattles for more👏🏼

Markelle Fultz goes #1 to Philadelphia!🔥Rate the pick 1-10👇🏾
📽via @pac12conference

The @sixers select Markelle Fultz with the #1 pick in the 2017 #NBADraft!

I think I need to be moved to #1 I need help with life

Participante #1 voten!


When we were only here for the beer. But now we're actually here to win 🙌🏼 #1 in the bar and undefeated after a double header-- who are we? 🏆

Hasanah acoustic

Next Wednesday 28 @nikkibenz live at Red Tie. This is your chance to get up close and personal with adult super star! This exclusive event is co-hosted by #1 Latina pornstar @nickyferrari

Italian Wave my ultimate favorite curly hair. Before a wash and just combed my fingers through it after wash and conditioner.
#regaldealoftheweek 18.20.22 any texture 220

SDS available on #1 seller body wave 16-24inch if ordered by 3pm Monday - Friday (weekend orders will ship Monday)
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Confession #1
In 8th Grade my class played the game "Telephone".It's where the whole class gets in a line and the teacher tells the first student in the line a long and hard *Thats what she said* sentence and the first student whispers the sentence in the next students ear and it keeps going so when it gets to the last student they say it out loud. I was the first person in the line and I had no idea what the teacher said to me so I made up something completely bizarre and told it to the next student. But 99% of the time the last person gets the sentence wrong anyway so I'll be fine.. just had to get that off of my chest. Thanks

tfw The Book Of Henry isn't #1 at the weekend box office

Space Battle #1
Our first space battle!
Luke Skywalker vs. Anakin Skywalker

Who is the better pilot, father or son?

Yesterday's matchup saw Jango beat Cad Bane!

#starwars #starwarsvs #jedi #jedimaster #lukeskywalker #anakinskywalker #dogfight

#1 Paying Upfront: You will hear lots of different opines on this one ladies. But, after a couple bad seeds, I learned my lesson well. All is no worries until no work ever comes in or so slow a snail would beat them in a race. Sooooo, my new policy with contractors, especially new hires, is a % upfront and the remainder upon full delivery of acceptable work. Now I do have an exception and that is a contractor I have worked with for a bit of time and know they are trustworthy. Then and only then, am I willing to do a retainer upfront.
If paying an hourly rate, they must keep time sheets or better, use a tool that they can click on & off when they are working on your tasks just like they would in any consulting or law firm. They are paid to be efficient and accountable. Do "not" accept anything less.
#2 Trial Tasks: Give a test/trial task to test their skills, work style, quality & ability to meet standards & deadlines. Start them off with something super simple. In fact, you may give the same task to a couple different peeps & see who does the best overall & fits best with your rockstar team.
Remember, even after you choose a team member, it can take a good 30 days to really get in the groove with them & have them up to speed. However, I suggest that first 30 is a trial run. If there are too many hiccups, then moveon dot com baby. Time is precious & there's not enough to waste.
#3 Contracts: Never, ever, ever, ever do work without a contract to cover everything agreed upon including deliverables, time, price, etc. An agreement will protect both you and your contractor and will usually solve most issues if a disagreement arises.
. ***Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. This is just from my personal experience, it is NOT legal advice, should not be relied upon as such and is solely for informational purposes only. Seek out a good attorney for exact parts needed to cover your a%$ and eliminate the headaches before they happen.

Stop running in circles, diy'ing your a@$ off & settling for just over crazy town. Start taking charge, moving things forward & making serious profit happen in your business today!

Teaser #1
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