This face I imagine sums up the entire photo shoot. #putemupputemup #fisttocuffs #cooperleestansbury #1920smugshot

Friday afternoon drinks at a pub with @rjwshirts when I noticed a photograph on the wall of a person from the book City of Shadows. The caption says "Eugenie Falleni, 1920, Central Cells. When hotel cleaner was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife three years earlier, he was revealed to be in fact Eugenie Falleni - a woman and mother who had be passing as a male since 1899". The caption continues and is quite fascinating but i'll make some quick observations about the attire. It appears the shirt collar is worn opened with a metal clip holding it together. The waistcoat has a vertical buttonhole for a watch chain to pass through. #1920smugshot #cityofshadows

Am I sorry I killed him? I'm only sorry that I got caught!! #1920smugshot #rockabillyflavor photo by @stevephotome accompanied with my gal pals @bettieblasfemmie and @miss_amberrae #pinup #michiganpinup #stockings #vintage #rockabilly #model #badassery

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