Rosario weekend #canelovsggg #beachfun #18weekspregnant 9.15.18-9.16.18

Tammy and Dave get hitched 👰🏼🤵🏻#ilovethem #springwedding #18weekspregnant #madeupmumma

Today was a really good day ❤️ #datenight #tgif #18weekspregnant #bumpie #miami #silverspot #movies

La barriguita se empieza a notar al fin, sigue creciendo mi amor, que tus papis son los mas felices por tu existencia 💗 #18weekspregnant

🤰🏼🤭🌿🌞 #18weekspregnant#momtobe

Congratulations to this lovely couple!! Thank you @jjeslynn for having us! ❤ They definitely a joyous surprise from the Gender Reveal Balloon! #Repost @jjeslynn (@get_repost)
陈家有喜 ❤️

#elvlyn #18weekspregnant #pregnancy #baby #genderreveal

When this beautiful memory pops up on Facebook man of my dreams, yummy wedding cake and 18week baby bump.

Last day of summer? I’ve already transitioned into fall 🍁🍂 ..
Oh and who said being pregnant meant you had to wear frumpy maternity clothes? Not this girl! 💁🏻‍♀️

Up until this week this pregnancy has been very difficult for me both physically and emotionally. I’m still a little nauseous and uncomfortable, but in a very bearable and manageable way- in other words I am eating food- our food bill is almost back up to it’s normal range... which is a bummer I’m happy to accept! Emotionally I have felt very disconnected and at times had feelings of regret. This is the polar opposite of how I felt with Liz. I have been hoping everyday that it would turn around and I would be excited. After all, this is not only a wanted and planned for pregnancy, but I had a tough year wondering if I was ever going to have another baby. A few weeks ago I told myself that if I still felt disconnected by my ultrasound that I would go against my decision to wait until birth to find out the gender. I owe it to this child and to myself to do everything I possibly can to get excited. We are so very happy to share that we have another little girl on the way! I feel soooo much better emotionally. Everything feels real now. Especially the fact that I had picked out a boy’s name, but can’t think of even one girl’s name I will consider... 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 #18weekspregnant

18 weeks today, and just found out I’m having a little girl💕 Isla (a-la) I cannot wait to meet you. #firstbaby #littlegirl #ultrasound #18weekspregnant #momtobe2019 #myangelbaby #happyparents #somuchlove #newbegginings

Had some fun messing around with little ourfits😍 #ootd #babygirl #pink #pretty #18weekspregnant

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