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Really loving my setup♥️ Camera: @canonusa 7D Mk1 Lense: Canon 18-135mm 3.5 - 5.6 IS Mic: @rodemic Videomic GO #mysetup #canon7d #18to135mm #rodevideomicgo

Hi guys! So I'm getting getting into photography. Photography has not only been something that I've enjoyed, but also a getaway from all of life's stress. This photo was taken on the first day (10.11.16) of my adventure. This will be the first of many beautiful photos to come and I hope these photos inspire you, like they do with me! 📷🌹😊
#canon #t5i #18to135mm

Raining like nobody's business today. Nothing sounds better than curling up with a cup of #coffee ☕ ️ #18to135mm #canon #photography

"One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go" we are all energy: humans, plants, and non living things. Energy is meant to be used but when you stop using things; energy gets blocked. One of the things I'm really applying in my life, is letting go of stuck energy in my life. And what a better way to let go as giving things as gifts to those who really need them! I'm so proud of me, so far, I was able to let go of my guitar, an iPod I stopped using 5 years ago and now I'm letting go my Canon 50D. This was my starter camera. I have so many great memories capturing awesome moments with this awesome heavy camera! ❤️ lots of job opportunities opened up, lots of creativity came to me and I am still super grateful to @kitncub for selling me her used camera.
I have decided to give away my camera to my cousin. She is a high school student who is passionate about photography too!!! She will become her high school's photo album editor and photography team leader and I'm super proud of her. I know she will put good use to this camera and the lenses I'm giving her as well will become great tools so she can capture amazing images. 🙌🏼 Giving without expecting anything in return is definitely priceless! #canon50D #70to200mm #18to135mm #photographysouls #creativesouls


Old stuff out, new stuff in. It's gonna be aweeeesome!

Cracked my number plate, going over a cattle grid getting here... 🙄 #murloughbay #ballycastle #northcoast #causewaycoast #fujifilm #xt20 #18to135mm

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