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Kiumeni movie soundtrack challenge. Bwana eeee ukimpenda mtu hata chooni utaimba tu 😅sasa hapa sijui najiimbia au vipi .. Wote wanaotaka kujion the challenge haya jiachieni mi nshajidhalilisha 😂😂 #KiumeniChallenge #KiumeniMovie #17thMarch #MlimaniCity ...
Imba vyovyote vile ila spidi iwe ya Halotel shaaaa bila kusahau Halotel inakupa 30% nyongeza ya mda wa maongezi unaonunua kupitia halopesa *150*88# .. cc: @halotel_tanzania

Let's Have A Party; #FlirtWithColours with Kenya's Finest Miss Curvious @ladyrisper And The best Rap King @khaligraph_jones 🗓Happening This March on 17th, Friday.
Venue; Club411Eldoret.

From 7pm till Dawn.

Charges at a fair price; Tickets going for 250bob. Gate charges- 350bob. For tickets, make your order through 0725523084. Tickets are available.

Dress code; couples-black. Singles-white

Celebrating all the March babies on this day. Free cakes to all March babies, book through 0708345430.

Be the party.
Love the party.
18+ party.

Happy birthday dear mama 🎂
Thank you for all your sacrifice, supports and all your love you give to us.. Hugs and kisses,
Papa, Bintang, Cinta 😘
Sorry late post...
#17thmarch #mom #happybirthdaytoyou

Lunch in Naples 🍕☀️🏞 #17thmarch

This 17th . .
This Friday . .
Pichiga nachav in theatres !!!!!!!!! 😎😍😍😍😍
#releasedate #Pichiganachav #waiting #17thmarch

When you cry — I cry 😢
When you smile — I smile 😀
You correct me when i go wrong without criticism.
You are a sister, friend and roommate (for now 😂)
Annoying😡 in a way coz, you can send me on errands for Africa😃 but i still love you❤
How else will i appreciate your sisterly love if i don't celebrate with you ?
Happy birthday big sis @ginamanyo
#march #queening #marchbaby #hbd #17thmarch

Happy Birthday to Yang Teramat Mulia Pengiran Muda 'Abdul Muntaqim ibni Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Paduka Seri Pengiran Muda Mahkota Pengiran Muda Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah. may Yang Teramat Mulia always be under the care and protection of Allah SWT. Aamiin Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin💟💟💟
#bruneiroyals #birthdayprince #17thMarch

#17thmarch #17th

Wenn ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge und neue Sprüche für meine Seite habt, oder mal ein offenes Ohr für Probleme braucht, bin ich für euch da. Schreibt mir einfach per Privatchat.

Schaut unbedingt mal bei meinen Partnerseiten vorbei ❣


No better feeling than celebrating victory in style ! Even more special on the biggest day of the year for the Irish #17thmarch 🇮🇪 St Patricks Day☘️ on a packed out @cdlboxing show in Perth ! This will be a fight that will always stand out !! No better experience , seeing old friends was a trip of a lifetime! Perth is magical place !! Next fight will be in Ireland October 6th something I'm really looking forward too☘️🌍🇮🇪... Its a experience and a half to fight around the world memories of a lifetime and loads more to be made !!! #globetrotter #boxing #austrailia #ireland🍀 #donegal #buncrana #buncranabanger #stpaddysday #irishinperth #irish #perth #boxing #boxinglife #fightnight #lifeadventures 🌍🥊☘️

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