17 more days 🔥🔥 Currently dying from leg day but pushing through. ☠️☠️ -
Every time it gets tough and I want to quit, I think to myself “do you want to win or lose?” I know that these sets that take everything in me to push past the lactic threshold are the ones that I’m going to remember when I walk across that stage. Mindset is 💯 focused, and determined to bring my best. #cantstopwontstop #17daysout #teamkaboam

Weirdo’s together forever 😘 @antonygeer #17daysout

No caption needed. 5 days difference. 17 days out from show day.

Top: last Friday
Botton: this morning

@sheenajayne_fitness knows her shit.

Paddling my way through summer 2018🌞 #colorado #17daysout

This isn’t even my final form🤫Still have time to get better.
It’s been a long prep but it’s time to push it to the fucking limit now and exceed my potential #17daysout

@bossmississauga_ @strandstrong

New gym ✅, new friends ✅ and even new hair (sort of) ✅💁🏻‍♀️ on this fine ass Tuesday 🍑🔥. But SRS tho, here’s some #Tuesdaythoughts coming at ya: I have so much love for this sport that I can’t even put it into words 😭🙏🏻...just ahh the environment, the mindset, and the people you meet ❤️ are all such incredible aspects. Today I was able to meet up with @gabigiumarello_fitness ...we connected on IG but having this sport in common made it like we’ve know each other for years 💕. Today I also locked myself out of my car...I didn’t panic, just went in and crushed my workout 💪🏻and got some posing practice 💃🏻 in while I waited to be rescued 🤣. So I guess overall, this post today is about my mindset transformation and how much I’ve changed and grown as a person bc I notice how I react differently to things that would’ve stressed me tf out in the past. ❤️ Ive learned that at the end of the day, all we can do is let it go and pray 🙏🏻.
PS- had something completely different planned for today as a transformation post but just felt compelled to share this 🙃😇💕 And after today, I feel so refreshed & ready to really kick ass again for these next 2 weeks of prep 😈🔥💃🏻
#npcusachampionships #compprep #17daysout #godsgotyou

Beach day (aka Tanning time) with @jen_landers 🔥💯👍🏻 I’m planning on actually getting tan BEFORE my tan for @musclecontest USA’s in 17 more days. I want to be as dark as possible , and dry as possible too 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #17daysout #RoadToUSAs2018 #tanning #beachday #zumabeach #pch #malibu #CaliLife

Long walks and puppy kisses are the best medicine. 🐶💋Peyton may have been a little too excited for the kisses 😅🙈.

#DogsOfInstagram #GoldenRetriever #Kisses #Happiness #BikiniCompetitor #17DaysOut

"Spartans, what is your profession?"

Processo para encaixar a expansão de dorsal. A prática leva à perfeição, segue o foco... #17daysout #rietherathletics #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding

Bench: 90x2x2, 97.5x1

97 moved a bit slower than i thought :( #17DAYSOUT @taskinamin

🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲💪💪💪Celebrating my freedom today with some heavy squats hitting 10x1 at 90%. Goal was 243# but there were no fractional plates so I did 4 at 240# and 6 at 245# to average out to exactly 243#. ;-) Always things to do better but I got them done.#july4th #freedom #murica🇺🇸 #ppt #puttinginthework #17daysout #sanjosefitexpo2018 #uspa teampangea #origins @perfpowertrain @pangeabiomed

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