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아쿠아리움 갔다가 벚꽃구경하는 물고기s
#럽스타그램 #170408 #innerpeace #💕

예쁘게(혹은 나쁘게도) 포장해야 하는 것이
가지고 있는 천성이자 모두의 #업
여유라고는 1도 없이
한 글자 한 글자에
더욱이 조심스러웠던 #170408
저 끝, 보지 못한 곳들까지
하나님은 사람을 통해 일하셨다
곳곳에 생명이 살아 숨 쉬던 그날의 천국을
잊기 전에 마음에 새긴다

exactly one year apart.

I was so glad when I heard that he was coming to Surabaya and is able to take part again in the Multicultural Celebration.
The most creative, dedicated, and cooperative guest lecturer we've ever had.
It is always nice to work with you, @domingoego 😊 Muchas Gracias ! Hope you have a great time working with us.

#MulticulturalCelebration #edsawmcus #englishdepartment #160408 #170408

▪️"feel like a freestyler, i like doing my own thing." with @purr.incess_moves 💕 #170408 #freestyle #battle

#170408 наш день, 9 лет #вместе 💑👫 🌹❤️ #вперединасждутвеликиедела 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Мот feat. Ани Лорак-Сопрано

SEOHYUN - After [The Agit] 'Love, Still – Seohyun’ Encore Day 1 #170408 (the last pic make me cry omg)
1. VCR
2. Magic
3. Bad Love
4. Talk
5. Moonlight
6. VCR
7. Baby Baby (SNSD)
8. Kissing You (SNSD)
9. Hello
10. VCR
11. All That Jazz (Musical Chicago)
12. My Strongest Suit (Musical Aida)
13. VCR
14. I'll Wait For You (Fashion King OST)
15. It's OK To Be Hurt (Kim Soo Ro OST)
16. Love Sick (TTS)
17. Lonely Love
18. Talk 
1) Request Seohyun to sing your lifetime song
2) Do you have any question for Seohyun?
19. Beautiful (Carly Rae Jepsen) 
20. Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)
21. Speak Now (Taylor Swift)
22. What The Spring? (10cm)
23. Goodbye (SNSD)
24. Hoot (SNSD)
25. Party (SNSD)
26. VCR
27. Don't Say No & Band Introduction
28. Talk
29. Love & Affection

29. Into The New World (SNSD)
30. Twinkle (TTS)
31. Shake It (Sistar)
32. Bang Bang (Jessie J)
33. I Like The Way (TTS) & Dancers Introduction

kpopstarzJP twitter update
block out the haterz like what jongup's doing
#170408 #BAP


كيف أصير فيفي ؟؟😭💔


أحسني تذكرت إعلان سيهون لما كان بين الكرات ☺💔

أطلق عيون 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

مين سمح لك


"بينما جميع الجروح التي أحملها تصبح هي ميدالياتي"

"جميع النجوم تتألق بإشراق بسببي"🌟

"إنه أول حلم لي منذ أن بدأت القصة "◀▶
."شياو لو"❇

"أحتاج إلى هدوء العالم وضجيج الموج"🌊🔇

"عندما تصبح أحلامي هي سلاحي"🌌
"شياو لو"♥

"أفكارك هي أنت"💫

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