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August. 🎶Facetiming in the Chapel, cause your...friends are getting maaaaarried.🎶 #BnB4Eva #16in12

Last day of the year. Time for the 2nd annual year in images. January. One of my favorite things I ever did at @nbcsnl #16in12

October. Filming #Mating for @Showtime. Censored so you can show the kids. #16in12

November. With one of my favorite fellas @dw34 visiting Hamilton's grave. This is my year: friends, @rams, comedy, @hamiltonmusical #16in12

June. The people who made #WhyWereKillingGunther possible. (Plus 100s not pictured) #16in12

May. My last episode. This sketch got cut. Miss the boys. Not the fruitless efforts. #16in12

February. Time away @winvianfarm and epic pizza @bohemianpizza #16in12

December. In 2017 I wish you only kindness and love.
And twiiiiiiiiiiiins! #16in12

July. Directed my first movie. Apparently this is called a "camera." #16in12


December: holiday celebrations are awesome, but new year's takes the cake. Enjoyed ringing it in with the best people around. #2016 #16in12

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