Finally got to see my lil nephew Devin for the first time ever this Lil Man is live #family4ever #nephewanduncle #1600thpost

Today we made ♡ Blessing Bags ♡ to keep in our cars. We'll have these handy to give to the those struggling as we pass by them throughout our day. I've been meaning to do this for a while. Everytime I'd see someone as I was driving that I could have easily passed a bag to, I kicked myself for not having them completed. Today I thought to myself, what is stopping me from doing this now? I already had some stuff at home (shampoos, conditioners, & lotions I'd gathered from hotels over the years) so on the way home from work, I picked up a few items I was missing. It may not be much but hopefully it helps that person just a little bit to get to the next day. I've included a list I found of some items and a message that you can include if you're inspired to do the same as well.
#blessingbags #1600thpost


Thời điểm gió mùa se lạnh thường làm khô và sạm làn da rất nhanh nếu bạn không chuẩn bị một lớp nền thật kĩ lưỡng.
Nếu ngại trang điểm cầu kì và quá nhiều tầng lớp bí bách thì Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit là sự lựa chọn phù hợp với bạn.
Các hạt màu đỏ và xanh có trong thành phần chứa trong Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit giúp điều chỉnh sắc diện làn da sau mỗi lần dặm, mang lại sự tươi mới và sáng mịn như lớp nền vừa mới trang điểm.

Seven years ago today I went to a concert that changed my life. Remedy Drive has had the biggest impact on my life of any band I’ve ever seen. Their music is phenomenal and the friendships I’ve forged over the years are second to none. This tattoo marks the beginning of a half sleeve of band logos and I can’t think of a more fitting band to start with, especially on the anniversary of the first time seeing them. I also can’t thank Darren at Hula Moon enough for doing such a phenomenal job! #1600thpost

Hey Cap ! 😍😭
@mahi7781 🌍✨
PC : @that.slaying.captain ♥️

Goodbye summer... Hello fall! ☀️🌾🌼🍁Oh and this is my #1600thpost ! 😮😊

AMEN!!! Let's look up at what matters and keep a positive expectation! I hope you have this expectation and more for your life! If God desires for us to have an abundant Life, shouldn't we expect the same for us?

Non-Breakfast breakfast while I wait on Apple.

I clearly forgot to be a millennial before I took the first bite 😂😂🍳 #lionadventures 🦁 #fishtacos #farmersfishersbakers #1600thpost

Instagram post #1600. Sunday at the Dollar General with @kurrusca.

#dollargeneral #sundayfunday #1600thpost #bigbaby

1600th post.
Hành hạ insta hơn 5 năm rồi.
Hồi đó đăng kí vì hùa theo zai xong dần dần thành nhật kí của chị Linh or cô Linh or dì Linh or Mợ 3 or bà Linh r.
Nhân ngày mưa bão.
Nhân ngày mưa mà tâm trạng so high.
Nhân ngày mưa mà không nghe nhạc Trung Quân.
Nhân ngày mưa mà cảm thấy không nhớ nhung nhớ nhung.
Hình ảnh nói lên dáng vẻ mà Linh có thể bị cảm nắng à cảm mưa.
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The way you look when your toy is just out of reach and the human won’t help #1600thpost

Hello ate Ella @ellaaaabyuuu 👋 #happy #17thbirthday ❤️ Kingston and Marcus @marcus.catacorn wish you a #happybirthday 🌸💐🍰🎁🎂 from the #beach 🏖😎😄 Enjoy your #specialday You are #pretty daw sabi ni Kingston, so stay #pretty 😄 #morebirthdays and #moreblessings to come! Luv you! This is my #1600thpost ❤️🙏😊👏👏😎🍸🍾

At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.💯💙 #1600thpost

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