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[PART 2] Kesempurnaan Cinta - @rizkyfbian ❤️ (fav song at the moment) // #indomusikgram #musicbookindo #15secscover #ivgsundaymusic

Kesempurnaan Cinta - @rizkyfbian ❤️ (fav song at the moment) // #indomusikgram #musicbookindo #15secscover #ivgsundaymusic

Seesakada 🎤 #15secscover

Can't take my eyes of you @tefal69 😌
Paling ga pede nyanyi sendirian didepan umum. Dari SD-Sekarang. Pede kalo ada temennya like paduan suara / di greja pokoknya ga sendirian aja. Sekarang kalo lagi kerja tetiba dapet job nyanyi pasti dingin semua se badan. Beda sama nge dance, cheers, gambar didepan umum urat malu udah ilang semua makin pede malah. Gatau kenapa 😂😂😂 cuma @naramudra yang bikin aku pede nyanyi didepan umum & cuma dia yg bisa ngiringin aku nyanyi and I feel so fit 😂 #cover #coversong #15secscover #30secscover Music by : AcoustiClub


~Team Edward or Jacob who?~ I swear this edit looked so much better before I rendered it and it looks way more clear on my laptop😂 sorry for the really simple edit tho🙃

Is anyone on rn?

I have one more that I made which I'll be posting (sorry I keep posting, I feel bad that I haven't posted a video edit in a while, also ik that Vanessa's head kinda looks weird but I tried my best:)

Sorry for "spamming" (not really spamming tho) but these are really fun to make and I would post them on our other acc @kyliezeditor but most followers are inactive, I will also post an edit hopefully soon.. I've got a few ideas😊

Sorry I haven't posted an edit in a minute, I have editors block, but I forgot how fun picture edits are🙃
- Lucy

I think I'm finally getting the hang of video star !!
- delaney 🤙🏼

The quality gets worse every time you watch it🙃
- Lucy

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