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[PART 2] Kesempurnaan Cinta - @rizkyfbian ❤️ (fav song at the moment) // #indomusikgram #musicbookindo #15secscover #ivgsundaymusic

Kesempurnaan Cinta - @rizkyfbian ❤️ (fav song at the moment) // #indomusikgram #musicbookindo #15secscover #ivgsundaymusic

You used to..🎤 #15secscover #hotlinebling

Shameless Sunday cover. 寂寞寂寞就好 #sundaycover #cover #15secscover #chinesesong


Change the world 🌎 #15secscover #changetheworld

I remember the day we bumped each other in an unpexpected place where it all began. #Tadhana #15secscover

~Team Edward or Jacob who?~ I swear this edit looked so much better before I rendered it and it looks way more clear on my laptop😂 sorry for the really simple edit tho🙃

Is anyone on rn?

I have one more that I made which I'll be posting (sorry I keep posting, I feel bad that I haven't posted a video edit in a while, also ik that Vanessa's head kinda looks weird but I tried my best:)

Sorry for "spamming" (not really spamming tho) but these are really fun to make and I would post them on our other acc @kyliezeditor but most followers are inactive, I will also post an edit hopefully soon.. I've got a few ideas😊

Sorry I haven't posted an edit in a minute, I have editors block, but I forgot how fun picture edits are🙃
- Lucy

I think I'm finally getting the hang of video star !!
- delaney 🤙🏼

The quality gets worse every time you watch it🙃
- Lucy

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