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Fires in summer? We're not complaining...

Good Morning 😍😍
Henry ❤️


The All Star pg, Kyrie Irving wants to no longer wanna play alongside LeBron James. The New York Knicks were one of the other 4 teams he was interested joining to! Who would the Knicks have to give up? I feel like Melo might be in that deal... Comment down below your thoughts!!

🔥 Barcelona vs Juventus
⚽️ Pre Season Friendly
⏰ 0:05AM CET
✈️ New York City


looking happier than ever of course👩🏼

“La stanza si deforma 
mentre l'ansia mi divora,
è come un virus che perfora 
le mie ossa e le interiora.
Mi toglie la forza
il mio organismo deteriora,
l'ultima risorsa
prego cristo
e come sempre lui mi ignora.”


Same Leo 😛❤️

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