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The King 👑
#DesignsBarcelona ↩️

Com o cenário de sempre sim senhor. 😅🙋🏻 Boa tarde!!

Photographe: @akhenaton361
Modèle: Rebecca
Sur le parvis des pas perdus
Dans le Paris de notre amour éperdu
Violence des sentiments
Tendresse de nos moments
Poussière d’étoiles illuné
Perdu ta trace infortuné
Le tourbillon enragé t’efface
Il m’aveugle, me brûle la face
Labyrinthe vitré du palais de glace
Silhouette immobile sur la grand place
Même le royaume d’Arendelle
n’a pas connu l’hiver eternel
Merci à Rebecca pour son aimable autorisation. Nikon D800 14-24mm.
See steps lost
Paris of our distraught love
Violence of feelings
Tenderness of our moments
Dust of stars illunate
Lost your unfortunate trace
The enraged whirlwind erases you
He blinds me, burns my face
Glacial Labyrinth of the Ice Palace
Silhouette motionless on the big square
Even the kingdom of Arendelle
did not experience eternal winter
Thank you to Rebecca for her kind permission. Nikon D800 14-24mm.

Good morning with this beautiful #throwback posted by @adambreuchaud 🌹 — #ninadobrev

25th January 2018: THE VANS FIRST ROADTRIP! Even though we haven’t completed the conversion, we were desperate to take her on her first trip across the Channel. As well as wanting to enjoy a few days away, we also wanted to make sure she coped. For the record, she didn’t miss a beat! We had a brilliant time in #Holland for a few days and we think this photo represents exactly what this blog is all about ❤️🚐 #vanmeetseurope #potd #photooftheday #instagood #wanderlust #vw #camper #camperconversion #travelgram #igtravel #mytravelgram #vanlife #travel #vanlifediaries #150likes #vcso #travellingcouple #thenetherlands #vanlifediarieseurope #travelblog #travelblogger

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