En sevdiğim renk mi ? 💙
#genderparty #14weeks #mucizelereinanın 💕

Oğlum 💙
Sağlıklı gel inşallah 🙏🏻 Seni heyecanla bekliyoruz 😍
#genderparty #14weeks #mucizelereinanın 💕

Can’t believe this little man is 14 weeks already how time flys. Such a little character and happy 99% of the time ❤️ #14weeks #14weeksold #babyboy #mummysboy #family

#vscocam #vsco #vscocamrussia #photography #photo #maternity #14weeks мы еще совсем малыши 🤗 но уже не спрятаться 😁 #pregnant

Three days since starting to play with Bob-A-Lot, and she understands how treats are being dispensed 🐶
#puppygram #toyamericaneskimo #americaneskimo #playtolearn #dogtoy #braindevelopment #bobalot #smartpuppy #14weeks #vancouverpuppy #vancouverdogs

Assalamualaikum my little watermelon 😘😉
Bagi few friends yang tertanya2,siap dm dm bagai since awal dulu sb nampak ig stories up gambar asam,haaaa ni la dia.. dah terjawab persoalan dan pertanyaan korang..hahaha..bukan nak rahsia cuma belum masa sesuai lagi..alhamdulillah dah passed 1st trimester tapi masih ada mabuk lagi.doakan little watermelon ni sihat sampai dilahirkan ye..aminnn.. EDD si kecik ni insyallah sama birthday dgn abang dia. Senang keje,sambut sekali jalan.jimat belanja kek 😂😂

Our little fishy. @petemortensen how did we get so lucky? 🐠😍🙏🏼 #toddlerlifestyle

🎉🎉 ITS A GIRL!!! 🎉🎉

We found out today that we are going to have a baby girl, and I can’t stop crying happy tears. #january2019

Just over 14 weeks pregnant and had my first swim with baby on board 👶
Sunshine has made me feel wonderful today and I must say, I have never loved my body as much as I do right now!!! #beachbaby #14weeks #pregnant #goldcoast #winter #pregnacyinabikini

Often when my body just isn’t feeling things (like lifting heavy and hard - this makes me sad, but I’m old, so gotta listen to the ol’ sack of bones now more than I used to), I’ll pick two body parts - today is glutes and abs, my nemesis areas - and I’ll super set with a compound move, then an isolation move, or variation of them.
. 🏋🏼‍♀️Squats 12 reps/set. 3 sets/weight increase.
Example: 3x12 @ 65# 3x12 @ 85# 3x12 @ 105# 3x12 @ 125# Keep going ’til you can’t… I got up to like 165#, dropped me on my keister.
. ✅ Superset each of those squat sets with an ab or glute specific lift: I did:
Hip Thrusts, band around the knees
Hip Trusts, feet on bench, weighted
Weighted Russian Twists
GHD, chin tuck, glute specific
Ab Mat crunches, leg lifts, weighted crunch
RDL’s w/ KB, RDL’s w/ BB
Reverse GHD, band around ankles.
V-Ups with KB on chest.
. ✨Get creative and go high rep. I did all accessory work w/ 3-4x20. Didn’t go super heavy, just focused on a little burn, nothing too aggressive.
. ✔️Don’t be so stuck that you can’t move. Have some fun and listen to your body. Sometimes doing something different is good. I know I won’t want to do this for very long. I’m itching to lift fucking heavy. But right now, this is what my body can do, so I’ll make the most of it.

Kandungan miscarriage. Subhanallah, comelnye ciptaan Allah. Sempurna betul ciptaanNya, jari jemari halus terbentuk.


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