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one of the best support is from the ones that watch you grow up man... love it when the hood show support #CourtesyofCOMPTON!
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Jesus veio para sarar e curar todas as feridas... Esse foi o exemplo que ele deixou !
A cada escola meu coração aperta Ainda mais dizendo para não parar... não desistir !
na 5ª palavra do dia o Espírito Santo nos abraçou de uma forma incrível !
Foram muitos abraços de jovens que já haviam desistido da vida mas que tiveram forças para continuar !
Deus é bom e mais 143 alunos se entregaram a Cristo !
Isso não tem preço !
ALMENARA e do senhor Jesus !
#TransfornadosSchool 🚸 #142

Gallery #142

"Society you crazy breed,
I hope you're not lonely without me." I listened to Eddie Vedder a lot when I started traveling about five years ago.
And his words had a huge impact on me, probably more than the story of "Into the wild". Back then, Richard, Marvin (another german fella) and I went into the jungle of cambodia on our motorbikes and got horribly lost. A cyclone further north caused dams to break and several provinces were flooded, all the paths disappeared and massive bridges were just wiped out. There was mud so deep the bikes would just get stuck and stand upright without the use of a side stand. We went days without food, some without water and eventually even left the bikes behind because two wouldn't start anymore and digging them out was slowing us down.
We marched for miles on end in the dark on a path barely 2feet wide through the area with the most undetected land mines in the world to this date. We only survived because we were found in the middle of the night by a khmer guy with an AK47 pointing at us. The only guy living inbetween us and the next village 20miles away.
He took us in for days, shared water and food and helped us getting back on our feet.
When Chris McCandless came to Alaska the people here told him that he couldn't survive out in the wilderness and they were right, he didn't. But he tried. He was an idiot for still doing it, but from my experience I can tell you I've never felt more alive than I did when I was the closest to death. After living up here in Alaska for a couple months now people ask me how I feel like about going back to the real world.
I usually reply the real world is out here, I'm just headed back to the zoo again.
Society, you crazy breed. ✌

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. @britneyspears .
🔹Artist: Britney Spears
🔸Title: Crazy
🔺Year: 2000

ویدئو کامل به همراه فایل صوتی با هشتگ #142 در کانال تلگرام ،لینک کانال در صفحه اصلی پیج(بیو)
#پست های دیگر رو ببینید و فالو کنین👌🌹👇👇👇👇

Maka dalam pendidikan pesantren jarang ada pertanyaan kamu mau jadi apa, tapi muncul pertanyaan sudah dapat ilmu apa saja, sudah diamalkan apa belum, karena ilmu sejatinya untuk mendapatkan rido Allah SWT.
#mutiaratebuireng #quotes #142

This is me. I’m 17 years old. I’m a student-athlete graduating high school with an A.A. I’m short. I’m 5’0. I’m different but I’m real. I’m 124 lbs of dedication, motivation, and determination. I think school and running bring out the best in me, but all my life I’ve been bullied for how I looked, how tall I was, how I was a nerd. I remember coming home from school crying because I hated the kids bullying me. But then it clicked. I don’t care about what you think of me because I love me. It took me a while to figure it out, but I’m working on it. My aspirations continue to grow. I’m continuing to grow both as a student and as a runner, as a brother and a son. This is me 🖤 #LoveYourselfBeforeAnythingElse #Survivor #142

Fresno Fair with the love. Its been awhile. C:
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gal pal ❤️ @madisonlewis32 #142.2 #chiefs

2 OREMs, 2 INTERMEDs, 1 TURMA ❤️ #142 #SM2019

El @Clcpyoficial se complace en presentarles a su nuevo miembro #142 El hermano @santiagocabrerafranco y su poderosa 70 series!!!

¿Alguien especial cumple años y no sabes que regalarle?
#RegalaBonito con una delicioso bouquet de chocolates ¡Le encantarán!🍫🍫
- ¡Visítanos!
-Nueva sucursal:
📍  Av. 1H #142 - 1 x 18 y 12 Colonia México Norte -Matriz: .
📍Calle 20 #190D x 19 y 21 Colonia México Oriente

Started my 21 Day challenge today with a lunch break workout!! #day1 #142.5

one of the best support is from the ones that watch you grow up man... love it when the hood show support #CourtesyofCOMPTON!
#142 #westside

142 & Answer office 💙💜💚❤💖💛 #theidolmastercinderellagirls #starlightstage #deresute #142 #kawaiiboku

Week #142 is now behind us, and this past week, we were treated to the awe-inspiring photographs of Ralph Clevenger. All week long, we imagined what it would be like to peer over Ralph’s shoulder, to stow away on a trip with him … because he always seems to visit the most amazing places, and get the most incredible photographs. Thank you, Ralph for a fantastic takeover week! Follow him here @ralphwildshot and visit his website at ralphclevenger.com.
We now head into week #143, and we’re happy to introduce all of you to Chris Kane. Chris is an Ohio native who moved to Santa Barbara and fell in love with this area. He told us that he wakes up every day and is grateful to call this town his home! While he makes his living as a real estate agent, he is inspired by nature, design, architecture and the simple pleasures of life. He’s got a great feed @sincerelysantabarbara where he’s captured some beautiful and iconic images of the beauty that does indeed surround us. We’re looking forward to seeing what Chris shares with us this week!
📷: @sincerelysantabarbara #ChrisKane #photographyourlove #instagramtakeover #igtakeover #takeover #santabarbara #california

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#october_coverartchallenge Day 16: may the force be with you. I don't have any Star Wars, so may the Phoenix Force be with you! Here's What If #33 the Phoenix rose again? Love the homage to Uncanny X-Men #142, and the Sentinel! #thebeardedsentinel #sentinels #sentinel #sentinelprogram #surrendermutants #bolivartrask #traskindustries #uncannyxmen #xmen #jeangrey #phoenix #marvel #comics #beard #beards #igcomicfamily #igcomiccommunity also for @diecastcook who tagged me for #mutantmonday hope you enjoy this!

Post marathon recovery @piccolinobirmingham style!
Thanks to everyone that came along x
#birminghamgreatrun #simplyhealth #birminghamhalfmarathon #2017 #piccolinos #142

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