«Le gioie violente hanno violenta fine, e muoiono nel loro trionfo, come il fuoco e la polvere da sparo, che si consumano al primo bacio. Il più squisito miele diviene stucchevole per la sua stessa dolcezza, e basta assaggiarlo per levarsene la voglia. Perciò ama moderatamente: l’amore che dura fa così.»
~Romeo e Giulietta.
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Bareng arek lirboyo
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Hye Bro 😂😂 Sorry 😅 Hey Pa👨 Wassup ✋.. Appa it's April 13 and it's your birthday... As usual I have forgotten to wish youh😅... Sorry Pa..😁 DAD – A son’s 👦first HERO and daughter’s👧 first LOVE. Pa👨, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown.👨👦..Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. Pa youh are a special person to me 😍
Thank youh for being there in my hardness and happiness... I am sorry that I can't spend this time with youh.... I still remember the reaction that youh gave when I came home with blood covering my body... (Accident) that moment when I was suffering in pain at the Hospital... Your face was so showed how sad and nervous mixed together.... I miss ue alot Pa😣😢👨 Everything that I asked you have not tell the word "No" ... As the only child I will sure make youh proud Pa 👨. But as youh wish n as your only dream I will sure score in my SPM📑 Pa👨

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Ich war heute in Köln maaaan gab so gehofft ihn zu sehen😿❤ naja #13042k17 😍❤ #vorfreude @mike_singer

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