Notre-Dame at first light 🌅
"City of light? City of love? City of…breakfast?" says Anthony Bourdain on Paris, No Reservations S6E24. It's easy to fall in love with Paris, and it's even easier to revisit this beautiful city over and over again. There are some destinations you can't fully cross off your list…ever. And when you head to a city as beautiful as Paris, you have to change your schedule. You have to be willing to get out of bed (at least once) before the sun comes up just to see the rest of the city wake up. In a city like Paris, one doesn't say no to much, not even to climb to the top of the Notre Dame's bell towers at daybreak.
L'Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris translates to The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris in English. This superb example of medeival Gothic architecture has adorned the Place du Parvis since it's (first) completion in 1345 and has been witness to centuries of France's most momentous, and even tragic, events. At the end of the 12th century, Archbishop Herclius (of Caesarea) called for the commencement of the Third Crusade and 55 years later, the Crown of Thorns was brought back to Paris to be housed in the Notre Dame, where it currently resides today. And through the centuries that passed after that, this cathedral is where kings were crowned, where royalty exchanged marriage vows (notably, Mary, Queen of Scots to the Dauphin, Francis & Napoleon and Josephine), and where romantic novelist and poet, Victor Hugo, found inspiration for the valiant efforts of Quasimodo, the fabled hero from the most beloved novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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12th century Romanesque church in Bernières-sur-Mer Church in Normandy, France. Built from 1130 to 1140, it survived heavy allied bombardment during Operation Overlord on 6 June, 1944. Built originally in Romanesque style, later additions, such as these windows, were added in gothic style.
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Guanyin, Jin Dynasty (CE 1115-1234), China, Wood, collection Penn Museum

હર હર મહાદેવ ... Jasmalnathji Vaijnath Mahadev Mandir @ Vijapur / Asoda village #panchayatan #12thcentury #shivatemple #ruins

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