happy birthday Jenna!!!!! it took me FOREVER to find a picture to post, but i found one!! i hope you had an amazing day and i love you so so so much!!💖

happy birthday jenna!! i hope you have the most amazing day, even if you are travelling this morning. i love you a lot, thanks for being amazing ❤️
@dance10jenna #12daysofjenna

day 11 of #12daysofjenna and Jenna inspires me to go for what I want and to never give up💕 thank you jenna. #jennajohnson #inspiration 👑JENNA LIKED👑

Sorry I missed day 10 of #12daysofjenna but this is my favorite dance she choreographed it was AMAZING😍 #jennajohnson 💖JENNA LIKED💖

💗💘💖 — jenna inspires me to stay true to myself and to keep believing in myself when times are tough. also she inspires me to keep dancing, its my way of happiness #12daysofjenna 💜

#12DaysOfJenna • jenna inspires me to be courageous. she inspires me to follow my heart & to never give up on myself. i have been on a self-love journey for a while now and it’s really hard. i have so many people to thank for helping me get where i am right now and jenna plays a huge role in that 💗 • #12DaysOfArtur • favorite picture of him with a troupe member. i love this picture so much there was really no competition 😭💛

••• #12DaysOfJenna ••• favorite dances she’s choreographed. she is an absolute genius and deserves a lot more recognition 😍 ••• #12DaysOfArtur ••• favorite dwts outfits. i loved these two dances and i loved the costumes even more 😂💖

yesterday’s 💛 ••• #12DaysOfJenna ••• i’ve learned so many things from jenna. but one thing she has taught me that is dear to my heart is to love the body i am in & to never stop at something i want. she is living proof that if you want something so bad and you make it happen, your happiness radiates. i have learned to love myself and to never give up on myself. i love you jen ❤️ ••• #12DaysOfArtur ••• favorite modeling picture 💛

almost posted this on my personal, oops! but one thing jen has taught me is to avoid la bc of all of the traffic! just kidding!! but in all honesty, jenna has taught me a lot, but most importantly to be myself. i love jenna so so much and am so grateful to be able to look up to her.💞

Day nine of #12daysofjenna and since I first tread this I've never forgotten it and I live by this everyday of my life. Thank you @dance10jenna for being an inspiration❤️ #jennajohnson #thankyou

♡❀⌘ — something i have learnt from jenna is that i need to love me for me. she taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes and you get up and improve on yourself to become your own best. she also taught me to never give up, to keep my mind at something. thank you jenna 💜 @dance10jenna 💗 #12daysofjenna

day 8: my parents are the cutest😍😍 ok bye #12daysofjenna

imagine thinking i could easily pick just one picture of Val and Jenna together as my favorite...🤷🏼‍♀️💞 #12daysofjenna

#12DaysOfJenna favorite picture with val. there’s too many 😍 they’re so stinking cute i’m so in love with them ••••
#12DaysOfArtur why we love him. I love you artur because you are such an amazing person. You are incredibly talented, you love and appreciate your fans so much, and we are all so lucky to have you in this family! i can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. i love you & will always support you ❤️

💋🍓🌹 — everyone loves valenna. #12daysofjenna

Day 8 of #12daysofjenna and of course I couldn't just pick one photo of her and Val so I picked 10!❤️ you can just see the love between them and its beautiful😍❤️ #valenna #valchmerkovskiy #jennajohnson #love

Day 7 of #12daysofjenna and how is this not your favorite friendship?!?😍❤️ #jennajohnson #witneycarson #lindsayarnold #friendship

#12DaysOfJenna Favorite friendships. So many! Can you imagine being Jenna’s best friend 😭💗 ••••
#12DaysOfArtur Favorite Inspiring Picture of Artur ❤️

⚡️📸🏹 — did you expect anything less from me? #12daysofjenna 💗

Day six!!! I've been loving doing the #12daysofjenna because I really hope Jenna knows how much we love her❤️ This is my favorite picture with DWTS pros because FAMILY❤️ #jennajohnson #valchmerkovskiy #petamurgatroyd #maksimchmerkovskiy #anastasia #family #dwts

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