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It’s our 12th day of favorite things! The deal of the day is all Christmas 🎄 is 25% off! #12daysoffavoritethings #gottagettovickies

It’s our 12th day of favorite things!! Today our daily deal is tshirts!! 25%off!!! We are open until 4 and serving wassail and cookies and wrapping gifts all day!! #12daysoffavoritethings #merrychristmas #vickiesgifts #gottagettovickies

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Sparkle and shine for day nine! Our favorite things for today include accessories for all you fashionistas! Our deal of the day is BOGO scarves, come shop with us and {spruce} up your wardrobe! 🎄✨ #day9 #12daysoffavoritethings #shopsmall #gottagettovickies

Still trying to shop for the men in your life? Vickie’s has you covered!! Come see us, we are open until 6! Our deal of the day is 1/2 price Swell and Corkcicle! #12daysoffavoritethings #day7 #shopsmall

Our cocktail party reveal is at 2! Come see the Limited Edition Brighton Surprise today, meet Mandriana and celebrate with us! We are serving hot ruby mimosas and snacks and throwing confetti! 🎉🎉🎉 we are open today from 1~5!
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On the 4th day of Favorite Things Vickie’s Gifts gave to me, a Sweet Grace auto clip when you purchase one, for FREE! Check out our Facebook page to see our favorite fragrances on our daily videos!! #SweetGrace #Day4 #12daysoffavoritethings #gottagettovickies #uniquesmells #uniquegifts #blessyourheart

Day 3 of our 12 Days of Favorite Things!
It’s that time of year to get cookin’! Our Silicone utensil sets are $2.50 today! You don’t want to miss out!! Come see us before 6!
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SAVVY MINERALS: so I have to tell you, I’m not a make up person. I call myself low maintenance largely due to the fact that I work with kids and in the morning I’d rather sleep a few extra minutes than get up early just to put on some makeup. I have my time very scheduled in the morning and adding putting on makeup is not something I can budget for. However enter Savvy Minerals makeup! The gift that keeps giving because it’s so easy to put on and literally takes under 5 mins! It goes on smooth and easy to last all day! Foundation, blush, misting spray, brushes and lipgloss are the basic essentials! There is also eye make up, eye liner, lipstick that I’ll be accumulating along the way! #12daysoffavoritethings

It’s Day ONE of our 12 Days of Favorite Things! Today we are featuring our Favorite food items! These make great gifts for teachers, men, office parties and hostess gifts!
These are a few of our FAVORITE things!
December 24 ~ open for Christmas Eve shopping
December 25 ~ CLOSED
2.Raspberry Peach Chipotle Glaze
3.Hot Cocoa mixes
4.Wassail ((serving daily until Christmas))
5.Dip mixes
6.Soup mixes
7.Cheeseball mixes
8.The Crockin Girls Cookbooks
9.Jerry Baird’s Cookbook and seasonings
10.Mug cake mix gift sets
11.Watkins Vanilla
12.Big Little Fudge
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DYNAMIC DUO: the combo of frankincense and lavender is one I don’t leave the house without. Both are great for skin support, even immune support, and also a relaxing combo. If at any point my skin feels weird and there’s some kind of irritation is use the roller to support healthy skin. When I’m a little worked up and need to chill I roll it on the back of my neck and over my heart. When I forget to do my immunity roller in the morning I’ll roll this on my spine to promote a healthy immune system! It truly is a dynamic duo and is good for anything in a pinch! #12daysoffavoritethings

No pressure....but you have less than 2 weeks left to shop for Christmas gifts 🎁 🎄 !! 😱 never fear! We’ve got you covered! Our 12 days of favorite things starts tomorrow!!! 🎉 we will be giving you our very BEST ideas for EVERYONE on your list! Great deals each day.....PLUS we serve wassail, coffee and fresh baked cookies!🍪☕️😋 AND COMPLIMENTARY gift wrapping! #manywaystoshop
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SORE NO MORE ROLLER: I don’t leave home without this roller because I never know when I’ll need some muscle support or will have any kind of head discomfort. I recently went to Disneyland and rolled this on my lower back before getting going for the day and then again once mid-day. At the end of the day I realized I felt great. This is the roller that also got me hooked on oils because I just had to roll it on instead of ingest something! #12daysoffavoritethings

NINGXIA RED: I start my day every morning with this Chinese Wolfberry infused beverage! It supports healthy digestive and immune systems as well as fortifies and energizes the whole body. I can feel a difference in my energy levels when I drink it or even drink more than usual! When I miss a day (which is very rare) I’m not only sad because I don’t have my ningxia but I also feel it takes me longer to get going in the morning. I get my two bottles every month in my essential rewards box and make it last the whole month. I should have jumped on this stuff the earlier in my Oily journey, but alas here I am here 9 month into my Ningxia journey and loving it! #12daysoffavoritethings

SUNSCREEN: this is a game changer! Why? Because it’s a truly non toxic sunscreen. There may be others that claim to be non toxic but this stuff is the real deal. Once I learned about all the horrible stuff in drugstore sunscreen I couldn’t stand the thought of putting it in my body; I decided to make my own. And then Young Living came out with this! I still love my homemade sunscreen but I also love this stuff for how portable and easy it is! It also keeps me protected from the sun as well as nourishes my skin! #12daysoffavoritethings

THIEVES HARD LOZENGES: these little things pack a big punch! While Young Living does have cough drops these lozenges are even better, I think. They are spicy but give a good burn to support throat health and healthy breathing. There are times I’m on my way to work and feel a little something off in my throat. I pop one of these in my mouth and I’m good, all day, to work with the 17 three-year-olds I have running around the classroom! And even more amazing is that they are a great immune support! #12daysoffavoritethings

VALOR: ok so this blend of oils is something amazing. You’ve probably heard about how amazing it is; people calling it the unicorn oil, a chiropractor in a bottle, the brave oil are just a few of its nicknames. I got this oil because I heard all the raving about it. BUT let me tell you, my boyfriend is even shocked and amazed and a believer in this oil. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that your partner makes breathing noises when they sleep— totally hypothetically though right, 😉 you put a drop on each of your partner’s big toes and rub it under the first 2 toes when getting in bed. You will be amazed when you wake up and realize it was quiet nights sleep! 🙌🏻 for real! #12daysoffavoritethings

THIVES MINTS: I got these one month just beacuse.... no real reason but I knew the winter season was approaching and I wanted to ensure I kept my immune system working properly. I added these on to my ER order with the thought of “I might as well freshen my breath and boost my immune system!” They are a little cinnamoney with a little sweetness! #12daysoffavoritethings

THIVES TOOTHPASTE: I’ve raved about this in the past but still find it necessary to include in my my favorite things because I love it that much. Thieves essential oil is highly cleansing making it great for oral health. I’ve noticed great improvement in my oral health since switching to Thieves Toothpaste! Toothpaste was one of the first things in the bathroom that I ditched and switched to a Young Living alternative. It was an easy switch and has been a staple in my morning and evening routines. #12daysoffavoritethings

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