Just checking if I had dog shit on my tyre. 📸 @alex_veness is a wizard with a camera cheers for the bangers! #125 #mtbyoga #barshagtoendallbarshags #chickenwings

En ligne Akrapović complète sans chicane :D #akrapovicexhaust #cbr125r #nochicane #125 #moto

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Version 3 des Präsentationsvideos einer YZF-R 125 der Marke Yamaha nimmt langsam Form an. Obwohl das Video noch nicht fertig ist, möchte ich euch eine kleine Voschau, allerdings in Schwarz-Weiß, nicht vorenthalten. Viel Spaß damit! Ein großer Dank geht an @davidyzf.18 der das Motorrad zur Verfügung gestellt hat :) #bikeporn #volume3 #beat #yzfr #125 #yamaha #premierepro #preview

Moto di: @lecio46
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Lambretta GP/DL Series
* Manufacturer - Lambretta
* Production - 1968-April 1971
* Dimensions - 1800mm x 680mm x 1012mm
* Engine - 125cc,150cc,200cc (all two stroke)
* Bore x Stroke - 52mm x 58mm (125), 57mm x 58mm (150), 66mm x 58mm (200)
* Power - 7.3hp @ 6200rpm (125), 8.7hp @ 6300rpm (150), 11.7hp @ 6200rpm (200)
* Transmission - 4 speed, chain drive
* Brakes - drum brake (front & rear) (125 & 150), drum brake ( front), disc brake (rear) (200)
* Dry Weight - 118kg (125), 120kg (150), 123kg (200)
* Top speed - 92km/h (125), 100km/h (150), 110km/h (200)

The Lambretta GP/DL range was the final range of classic Lambrettas to be produced before Lambretta was sold to British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1971. The range was called the DL in most countries, but was called the GP (standing for Grand Prix) in Britain and some other countries. This was in order to associate the scooters with formula one which was extremely popular and successful in the late 1960s.

The range was designed by Nuccio Bertone (who was also acclaimed for designing several vehicles for Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Fiat). Despite the revised styling, the new model still shared many interchangeable parts with the earlier series III scooters. An ink splat was used as the logo for the DL, because it was reported that Bertone once threw down his ink pen in frustration of his designs not being appreciated, the pattern being used as the logo, but in UK the GP used a checkered flag. The GP Electronic was designed between Innocenti and Ducati and came with an electronic ignition.

In April 1971, Italian production of GP/DL Lambrettas ended with the closure of the Innocenti factory. The Indian Government purchased much of the tooling from Innocenti and continued production of GP/DL clone scooters under the Scooters India Ltd (SIL) brand until 1996. As of 2017, limited spares for the GP/DL range are still manufactured by SIL. Also, there is a wide and increasing range of spares and performance upgrades available from various Italian and UK aftermarket providers.

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