Current condition #11weeksout👙 from @southcoastbodyfitness
My prep gym plan started this week so the doms are real!!!! and I do feel quite tired 💤
So an early night for me I think #rockingfridaynight
Quality Sleep is so important for fat loss/muscle gain and recovery
Have a great weekend gorgeous peeps 💝

Had the best shoulder workout I've ever done
Ps:excuse the resting b***h face
It Felt really good and they are looking awesome -blow my own horn toot toot 📣📣
Mayby, just mayby,I'm starting to like shoulder day after all yahhhh at last 💕
Just goes to show you
Keep pushing ahead even if you don't feel like it
Top by @gymmonkee leggings by @bejuststrong
Discount code Veganfit10 for (js) (15 for gm)

Check ins today🙃putting all my food to good use, feeling fluffy but putting on quality muscle gain! Shoulders are getting stronger as I'm moving up in weight and don't need the 2lb dumbbells anymore ;)) lol. Also my bulk is almost coming to an end as we will start my cut next month or the last week of this one!!! Very excited👍 #thatiphone5quality #myphonesucks #shoulders #quads #bikininatural #barrienaturals #11weeksout👙

Happy hump day
A perfect day to sculpt the glutes
I'm now adding on a glute isolation day
Def need it as mine are way too lazy and need waking up
My favourite exercises are
Half squats
Hip thrusts
Donkey kicks and cable kickbacks
What's yours??

#mypreplife💕 #11weeksout👙
Prep life not thug life
New gym plan started today
New macros started today
Am loving the process so far but I'm sure a few weeks down the line i won't always feel this good but that's ok,its part of the challenge
What has been your biggest fitness challenge so far???

I get asked a lot what i eat as a vegan
Just thought I'd show you a couple of meals
These are also my prep meals
No bro meals here
Breakfast - oats,frozen berries.ppb,vegan blend protein powder @bulkpowders

Lunch - barbeque tempah,broccoli,sweet potato,hummus,spinach,cherry tomatoes
All macro friendly yummy and volume foods
No grass involved 😂
Vegan food is easy

Check-in with my coach @laurajfitforlife at lunchtime went really well diet on point and training hard.
i def have an excitement and fire in my belly for the next fews weeks before I step on stage @southcoastbodyfitness
What puts a fire in your belly???
Outfit by @bejuststrong
Veganfit10 for 10% off

St.4.28.18 Saturday cheat meal at Golden Corral with my family #imstuffed 🍕🍦🍰🌮 #foodbaby #traineatgrow #npcbikini #BikiniPrep #gymtherapy #burnfat #sweatisfatcrying #fitmom #FitGirlsDiary #Fit4EverLifestyleGoals😍 #11weeksout👙 #127lbs (I’m happy cuz I saw my mom last night, it was such a great experience.)

Because Friday nights are for.....
That’s right MEAL PREPPING lol
Chickpea, spinach and tomato with onion and garlic, paired with quinoa.

The trick is to prep your food without the protein, let your husband think it’s veggie/ vegan ( in this case vegan) and he won’t touch it!
Also is you prep just before the weekend your less likely to fall off the rails 😶

#healthylifestyle #healthyfood #cleannotboring #strongwomen #bikinifitness #gijoept #fitwomen4life #fitnessmotivation #fitmums #womenthatlift #ladiesthatlift #poweredbyplants🌱💪 #veganrecipe #mealprep #macroslife #prep #11weeksout👙

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