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This week (right) VS. Last week (left) for #TransformationTuesday *
The diet is going perfectly, down 0.5 average over the last week and steadily declining. My strength has actually increased and energy levels are up! I actually always find that when I start running my body at a slight deficit I get more energy due to less processing and lethargy from over eating. Kind of an interesting phenomenon if you ask me! *
This week I will be keeping my regime the same, approximately 2700 cals: 240p, 300c and 65f. Of course, the way I structure my diet is primarily carbs before and after my workouts. Plus I have given myself a large enoug deficit through the week so that I can have a massive cheat :). Last week I ate 2 pizzas in a sitting 😉. *
Currently #11weeksout of the @popeyesfallclassic 😎 big things coming 🤙🏼.

This gym gives me all the feels. Blessed to be able to train wth the best💪🏻❤️ #bentsonbuilt #teamzerogravity #12weeksout #11weeksout

Well, here goes! The Current condition! 😅
Really happy with where I am this far out and the extra size and shape I've added but, there is still plenty of work to be done yet.
I'm giving this prep everything I got. Like I always do but this time it's a little different. I know I'm better than my last placing so I've got a major point to prove to myself.
When I step on stage in 11 weeks time no stone will be left unturned 👊🏽#11WeeksOut

Cardio done and dusted 💪 I'm 2kg heavier this morning than last Friday 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄 it seems my hormones hate me 😤 after 2 years of (sorry guys!) no monthly cycle, they are now making up for lost time and I have serious water retention every month. I just need to ride it out and I know within a few days I'll be back to normal. @ross.baldwin.fitness did say I looked lean this morning though so I'll take that 😉💪 happy Friday!! 🙌 #trusttheprocess #11weeksout #ifbbpro #hormonesareabitch

Screenshot from today's workout 💪🏽
Full video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel tonight!
Swipe up on my story for the link to my channel!
Stay tuned 😎
#Aesthetics #11WeeksOut #TeamGAT #MensPhysique

List some things below that you're going to work on today to better yourself and get closer to your goals. I'll start: get book published, work on not caring about what others think about me, work on flexibility and overall body control, keep blowing off things that don't inspire and keep GRINDING! @tracisa

Still getting rid of the water retention caused by the non-dieting during Irma ☹️ There's too much work to be done in the 8 weeks left before my goal show date (Nov 11th), so coach @n8fitness & I decided we're going for the Dec 2nd show in #AtlanticCity instead. Honestly, the fact I have to change my show date because of a hurricane has me feeling really down, mainly because I know not everyone I'd like to share this experience with will be there since it's out of state 😞 Oftentimes, we have to make sacrifices in order to get the result we want. So IT WHAT IT IS WE'RE STILL GONNA KILL IT 💪🏼 #11weeksout #domin8diva #wbff2017
• P.S. I've officially lost 20 lbs since beginning my prep! Diet is key, y'all!!!!

June 2017 128lbs Bulking ➡️ October 2017 120lbs Cutting 💪🏽🙌🏽❤ Still got a long way to go but I'm very excited for the process. #determined #11weeksout

Það var góð lýsing í vinnunni og ég nýtti mér það #11weeksout


I love this tiny hand SO much, sitting inside on a rainy day 🌧having cuddles with my boy ... is there anything better ?✨ 💙#mumlife #raisingronnie #babiesofinstagram#11weeksout#cuddlesaregoodforthesoul

June 2017 128lbs Bulking ➡️ October 2017 120lbs Cutting 💪🏽🙌🏽❤ Still got a long way to go but I'm very excited for the process. #determined #11weeksout

E aí, vamos juntar o útil ao agradável? Que tal um pouco de natação com esse clima quente!
A natação é um ótimo exercício para se praticar, ela traz benefícios tanto aos músculos e ao gasto de energia quanto ao sistema respiratório. Além disso é uma atividade que não oferece impacto ao praticante, sendo aconselhável para quem busca atividades sem impacto. Bora então, a gente só tem a ganhar.
Lembrando que sempre tenha a orientação de um profissional da Educação Física para realizar qualquer tipo de atividade.
Será que é o calor que tá me fazendo delirar mesmo ou estou certo que faltam 11 semanas para o fim do ano? É ... o tempo voa mesmo, e quanto mais ficamos parado esperando, mais ele vai passar e as metas vão ficar sempre para o ano que vem. Vá buscar o que é seu HOJE!
#11weeksout #stonglife#atividadefisica #natação #metas #physicalactivity #begreat #begratful #totop #shockpatrocinaeu

The past two weeks have been horrible workout wise. I've showed up but have felt that things aren't going how I want to. I needed to remind myself how strong I am so today I busted out deadlifts and did 275x2 and probably could do more :) my motivation is back 💪🏼
#girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #lifting #deadlift #strong #strongwomen #womenwholift #womenwhopowerlift #womenwhodeadlift #motivation #11weeksout #gettingthere #stronglady #strongwoman #gymtime #gym

This was a few months ago. Thanks to @bodyinspirationmn for my training. 💪

#Repost @bodyinspirationmn with @repostapp
11 WEEKS OUT!!! This guy right here continues to be our inspiration everyday. Jeremy's goal of being a bodybuilder is closer and closer to becoming a reality. He is putting in hard work every single day inside and outside of the gym. As a result, he's down 39lbs and counting! We couldn't be more proud of Jeremy and all the goals he's crushing. Thank you for letting us be a part of Team Jeremy and helping you become a bodybuilder!!!🏋🏽🏆💪🏽 #WeightsBeforeDates #Bodybuilder #CrushingGoals #11WeeksOut #ClashOfTheTitans #NorthernStatesNaturalClassic #BodyInspirationMN #LetYourBodyInspireYou

130kg x 4 Paused bench
Can’t keep my ass down
10 weeks out @thestrengthfortress

#physiqueupdate Waist is getting smaller and I'm starting to see more muscle definition 🙌🏼❤ #11weeksout

Sweat sweat sweat . That’s how you know it’s working . #SweetSweat #CoconutSweetSweat #DripDrip #11WeeksOut #personaltraining #transformationjourney #shedfat

First day back in over a week...having some sciatic problems with my hip shifting...don't get injured it just creates a whole world of other problems...but feels good to be working out again!
#roadtorecovery #crossfit #girlswholift #halloweensocks #crossfit313 #crossfitgirls #313girls #pullupsfordayssss #boxjumps #11weeksout #posttibiabreak #medialmelleolous

I would lie if i say I wasn’t happy with how my body is reacting to the deficit and cardio and i would lie if i say working out today I didn’t feel gas out. I’m #11weeksout and i got a lot of work to do especially practising my posing. Im hella looking forward to finishing this off with a bang. #roadtophysiquewar2018 : 📸 @edijane__

It was Chest, Shoulders, and Tricep Day today . Transformation Tuesday . I remember when I couldn’t even do these . Now I see muscles popping out of nowhere . Good Job baby Girl . If no one tells you they’re proud of you you know I’m proud of you ! I’m my Own Fan. #11WeeksOut #WarriorQueen #WonderWoman #personaltraining #ICoachToo #athletelife #shedyourfat #MyCoachIsMikeyDiesel #ShedFat #12WeekTransformation

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