The secret to abs? LAUGHTER! 😂
@jednorthwomen @jed_north leggings ‘fast lane’
⭐️ QUICK REVIEW OF THEM: Absolutely love! Of all the Jed North leggings I have, these have to be my favourite. Not see-through, stayed up during my plyo workout, and totally give off that track suit vibe! 👉🏻 Full YouTube video on ALL the Jed North pieces I got will be live NEXT WEEK. I’ve finally tested all pieces out and can’t wait to share my feedback with ya’ll!
Who’s excited for athletic clothing reviews to come back?! Got a brand I should try? TAG IT BELOW! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Had fun playing in the hotel gym with my husband! He never works out with me so it was a real treat to have him there 👊💪👍#latenightgymsesh #hotelgym #npcbikini #preplife #11weeksout #grind #lift #bodybuilding #workout #girlswholift

I'm actually super thrilled with the progress I've made so far with this prep and I'm only a week in. I'm supposed to do check-ins tomorrow with @kr_teamnolimits, but I decided that I wanted to do some measurements tonight to see where I'm at. And after a full day of meals, a killer ass workout, and ALLLLLLL the water 💦 my weight has maintained since last week, BUT my glute measurements are up, AND my waist and hip measurements are down 😁

I'm excited to see where I'm at tomorrow morning and where I will be 11 weeks from now! 💪
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It’s me vs me 🦄 Next stop Tanji Johnson Classic 2018

Arms day pra conta, devagarzinho tudo vai se encaixando, mesmo com muito trabalho, dormindo pouco, vamos se virando, 11 semanas ainda pro estadual temos tempo pra apresentar minha melhor condição física, dessa vez na categoria sênior até 100kg. Dieta Low carb mas ainda tranquila, na verdade muitas vezes me falta apetite pra conseguir bater os macros, e por isso acabo fazendo 2-3 refs líquidas e 4-5 sólidas quando consigo. Mudamos o protocolo essa semana, saiu anadrola e nandro, então nas proximas semanas o aspecto trakinas deve ir embora, gelo começando a fluir, e iniciei os aej essa semana, atualmente me encontro com 110-111kg, e ainda não consegui recuperar 100% meu metabolismo que zuou pós mister Balneário... agora é seguir o plano do Coach @joaovicentebodybuilder e virar do avesso nessas 11 semanas!

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Finally got my hands on that ONE PUNCH 💪🔥. Tested it out before leg day, and must say I think I found my new favourite pre workout!! Came just in time light up these next 11 weeks of prep 😜. Time to bring the heat... thanks @fusionmuscle for that extra push!! .
Get yours at fusionmuscle.com and use code TEAMJODI20 to get 20% off your order! Go... it’s worth it 💪🔥.
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Upper body day coming at ya, been dealing with headaches all week long. I think my allergies are starting to make their way back into my life. I've been trying to get a high water intake today to help with it!
Even though I definitely didn't feel like going to the gym, I got there. I even pushed myself to do cardio on the stairmaster instead of the treadmill. I'm really working on dedication versus motivation, I think this is one of the hardest aspects for me!
Also, my first time wearing the gray skullz and barbells leggings! I made sure to grab some with their discount last weekend and before they ran out of my size! They are sooo comfortable and with the pockets, extremely convenient. Hop on over to their instagram page to get to their website!
#upperbodyday #triceps #skullzandbarbells #buffbunnycollection #loudonlifetime #11weeksout

Great workout.. Repost @jeanitra
by @media.repost:
But did you gym today? 🔥🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏾

At #planetfitness thinking about carbs tomorrow.....⏳⏳⏳ #11weeksout #teamU

Thank you so much to @lizmontalbano of @sassyandclassyposing for helping me with my first posing class. I can’t wait to see how you transform me in the next 11 weeks with my poses! Between you and @guydelcorsonpc I’ll be unstoppable 💪🏼💃🏼🏋🏼‍♂️ side note: I am truly inspired by the amazing people I have already met on my journey in sport!!! #npcwomensphysique #fitfam #power #positivevibes #npc #teamdelcorso #motovation #11weeksout #ehplabs

Finally, a really solid bench session today 😍😍
1x5x43.5kg (shown)
Followed by less fun double paused deads and a bunch of other accessories 🤗


I don’t know about you but I feel so far from the vision I had of my adult self.

My adult self was supposed to have answers, to be put together and organized.


The house, the husband, the kids... I have none of that, I am still not ready to be a grown up yet

I finally have money💰 and time⏳ to enjoy my life🏝

I can’t be bothered by what is supposed to be in it🏡👶🏽💍

I keep following what feels good, what makes me happy and what lights me up.

Ideas, adventures, challenges, all of it. This is the first year I feel like I have broken free of the struggle

The struggle of not living up to my self imposed expectations. The idea that I had to fix something about myself.

There was nothing to fix. We are all meant to evolve. It’s not that you aren’t enough today, you know in your gut what needs to evolve to succeed.

Approaching it from the mentality you aren’t good creates the struggle

Instead, own your power, your greatness , your strength and start the journey.

It’s all about learning who you are, what makes you tick

all of a sudden the struggle becomes an adventure, •
something you look forward to, the best damn project you will EVER work on

Your view point makes all the difference.

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My goal is at least a blue plate on my first meet and I have 11 more weeks to get it..let’s see!
#hypertrophy #11weeksout #powerlifting #powerlifter #benchday

Currently 11 weeks out..... my midsection is lagging a little in comparison to previous preps, but that’s ok. It’ll happen.
Even though abs are visible they still look softer than I’d like. Remember this is in terms of “competing” this is not me trying to look “good”, “sexy” or appealing to anyone.
Anyhoo, 11 weeks to bring it.... I’ve never felt so confident is someone, I know with the help of @shelbystarnes100 this will be my best package EVER. .
#compprep #abs #11weeksout #ifbbproleagueoz #ifbb #bodybuilding #focused #shredded #igotthis

The morning shreds are starting to take shape already. 11 weeks out today and I think it finally feels like I'm on prep. So far it's just been a more regimented version of my life, but now I'm officially feeling the dread of the (edit: upcoming) lower carb days. (Meaning when I get to be like 4 weeks out).
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