On our most recent #117Trip, some of our team members took part in organizing the leather scrap room at the Carry 117 compound. This was such a huge help to us. Now the leather scraps are organized by color and all in containers so it's easier for us to go through them to find what we need. It's saving us time so we can focus on making the products rather than looking for the materials. Swipe through the photos to see the before and after.

WHO WANTS TO COME TO ETHIOPIA WITH US IN 2019? We are looking at dates now and we would love to hear what works for you!
Fill out the interest survey! link in bio! 🎉✈️🎉 #117Trip

“Maybe that’s what life is about.

Not to be remembered. But to remember.

The moments we remember have the potential to shape the way we see ourselves, others, and the world. But it’s not only what we remember that’s important. It’s what we do with what we remember that is.” You can read more about this sweet girl and what I’ll remember about her from the #117trip over on the @carry117 blog ❤️ Link in bio.

Have you read the latest blog on Carry117.com? It’s about this sweet little peanut ❤️ #117Trip #117TripChronicles

Nardi. ❤️ She is the daughter of Aynalem, one of the women who works at Carry 117. On our last full day in Ethiopia, @katielawyer, @hawigebrysus, and I had so much fun doing a little photo shoot with some of the Carry 117 products. In this picture, she is holding the bag named after her. Isn’t she the most adorable little model?!? 😍❤️ #carry117 #117trip
📷: @kgracephotography

Meet Bonarie.

He is a five year old, special needs child. He lives at Kidane Mihret orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His body is tight and as stiff as a board. His little legs are locked together. He has a full set of teeth, just like my Brody, but instead of using them for words, he whimpers and cries. Bonarie can see very little, if at all.
I spent several hours holding him over two days in the orphanage. I can still feel the weight of his body.
He is so beautiful. I prayed then and have continued daily for his life, that he would be seen and held by visitors, that he would feel love. And also that here, I would have eyes that see the “Bonaries” in my life. His life has forever left a mark on mine.

Meet Alem.
I have the Carry 117 clutch named after her. It’s my favorite.

Meeting Alem, spending time with her, watching Adam make her laugh (especially as she was teaching him to cook😂❤️) had me laughing too...but it also showed me how quickly you can love someone you just met.
Alem is precious. Beautiful. Talented. Hysterical. Full of life. Her story, her life, has impacted many. She is making a mark on this world. Alem’s life is a beautiful example of what it looks like to love God and love people. I’m so grateful to have met her.
And that smile. It lights up the room. #carry117 #117trip

We are now growing our own vegetables at the Carry 117 compound!!!! Carrots 🥕 tomato 🍅 cabbage and peppers🌶
Alem is the cook for our feeding program... meaning 6 days out of the week she cooks breakfast and lunch for all the employees and their children.... now instead of purchasing someone else’s vegetables, Alem & her daughter Selam will care for our garden so we can grow them ourselves!!! Thankful to the #117Trip for teaching us how to build a garden box, fertilize soil, plant & water!!!!

I am terrible at learning a new language. My Spanish is pretty pathetic, even after several years. Learning a bit of Amharic for our trip was comical- my brain just struggles to remember it.
I’ve learned that sometimes you need a translator to communicate with people. But sometimes you just need a few simple words, a smile, eyes to see, ears to listen, and maybe a cool pair of sunglasses. And a heart to fall in love.
Because you will.
#carry117 #117trip

And related to yesterday’s post, this is what “the stirring” looks like. Every person pictured here with Nicole and I, in some way, has not only marked our hearts, but has impacted their city, country, and our world for the better. I miss this group and am thankful for their lives every day. #carry117 #117trip

A lot of things are lost in translation, but I think a lot of things are gained too. This moment was a highlight of our trip for me. Medihanet let me pour the coffee she made us in her home. My arm wasn’t straight enough during the pour, but she said I was “gobez” apart from that. Extremely grateful for her life and her hospitality 🇪🇹 #117trip #carry117

Today’s my first day back to real life & work after the holidays, being in Ethiopia, and a week of being sick... And right about now, I am wishing I was back in this place drinking this macchiato again... ❤️🇪🇹☕️ #allthebestcoffee #tomoca #117trip

One of the best parts about the week was hanging with these friends. I miss them so much. ❤️🇪🇹 #heymickey #teamyili #carry117 #117trip

Thank you @carry117 for an AMAZING experience! I LOVED seeing our #117trip team members fall in love w all of you during our trip! Looking back and thinking of the many relationships, stories, laughs, smiles, hugs, tears, and memories we experienced together....I can’t help but think those were bridges being built through it all from one continent to another. We knew about the gorgeous bags these beautiful (konjo) women make and it now has transformed into actually “knowing” the hands, faces, smiles and love that go into making these amazing bags!!! I couldn’t help but look around our new compound and see God!! It was a bright light shining within a community still grieving but within the walls of #carry117.......I felt #HOPE.....and what a beautiful sight it was!!! ❤️

One of my favorite things I got to do while at @Carry117 was spending time with Medi and learning how to sew from her. ❤️
Medi started by teaching me how to use the sewing machine, and I worked on sewing on white paper until I got the hang of it. I spent a good amount of time on paper before moving on to actual fabric... And Medi was very entertained by that. 😂
After that, I got to “make” a burlap coin purse with her. She gave me way more credit on this project than I deserved, because I really only sewed the sides. 😂
But this coin purse is something I will treasure forever, because this experience was so special. Her face was priceless the entire time... She was so proud to teach me what she knew. And she was the best teacher. I will never forget it...and I can’t wait until the next time I can sew with Medi again. ❤️🇪🇹 #carry117 #117trip

If you know @adamhunsicker you know he loves coffee. More than almost anything. I’ve had the privilege of being the recipient of this love and ohmygosh am I grateful. #onthedaily
On our last day in Ethiopia, we took a tour of Robera Coffee. We learned the history of coffee in its birthplace from Robera himself, saw their work in action, and enjoyed a macchiato {make that two}. Adam was in his element.
What a fun and meaningful {and delicious} experience. Another glimpse of a beautiful country. #jesusbunanicole #117trip

From our ❤️ at Carry 117- we want to send a special shout out to the #117trip team leaders @meganbohinc @annraekeel @ashleymariebohinc @ckumpf & @henok_berhanu!!
We can’t wait for the next #117trip!!! (And for those of you who have flooded our inbox with when- we will be announcing in a few weeks!)

Just a few of our most favorite people on the planet. ❤️🇪🇹❤️#ethiopia #117trip #hunsickerhappiness

We’ve got shelves!!!! And organization!!!! We are ready for the next year! Best year yet! #117trip #carry117

Some more pictures of our store at our new compound! Come visit us!! ❤️ #carry117 #117trip

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