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unexpected road rage. #1111

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"I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone." ☺️🙏🏽🦋💗🌸🌼|| 📷Original Photography: JP Imagery (edited to fit Instagram)

#fuckzoos and stop exploiting animals for your own fucking well being..
(btw, this includes the animals you eat and wear, that you steal eggs and milk from, that are artificially insaminated, that are held in small cages, that are killed at the age of 7 because after these 7 years they don't give you enough milk anymore, that are skinned alive just so you can have a 'beautiful' coat... I could go on. Basically DON'T EXPLOIT OTHER LIVING BEINGS. #govegan)
Personal: @mxmks
Veganism: @worldwide.veganism -
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"As you imagine, visualize, and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. A belief is only a thought you continue to think and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality."~ Abraham Hicks 👑👤🙏🏾🔮🌈🐍💗🌌 💎GAIA WE LOVE YOU💗🌎🌍🌏💗VIBRATE HIGHER 💎#Gaia #1111 #5d #Universe #Creator #Source #JAHGuide #Oneness #Meditation #Love #Light #Yoga #Vegan #Consciousness #Vortex #528hz #LoveFrequency #PinealGland #KnowledgeofSelf #Lightworker #HigherSELF #SelfLove #TwinFlames #Crystals #LawOfAttraction #Kundalini #Energy #Chakras #CosmicConnection #LionHeart

"❤️Relationships do not cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness that's already in you❤️" - Eckhart Tolle

We all carry baggage with us through life in the form of energy and patterns we've picked up along the way, especially through traumatic events (often at such an early age we don't remember it consciously). When we connect with our Twin Flame and experience a love that is so profound it would be utterly devastating to lose that love... All the old fear and shame and guilt and feelings of not being good enough are stirred up - the "tempest" is unleashed... Remember that this doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or your Twin Flame relationship - it's simply the baggage, all the negative energy you've been carrying, that's being stirred up. 
Cassady x

Dokumentasi kak @dodik_kreator - Lomba Tingkat Regu Pramuka Penggalang Lima atau yang disingkat LT V 2017 diikuti oleh gudep terbaik di masing-masing Kwartir Daerah se- Indonesia. .
23 Oktober 2017 adalah hari pertama dimulainya kegiatan LT V ditandai dengan pengibaran bendera kegiatan.
Adapun kegiatan hari ini diantaranya: Permainan persaudaraan, Lomba yel regu dan PBB Ceria, Pionering, Semboyan dan Isyarat, Menaksir tinggi dan lebar, Kreasi Seni, serta Cerita Unggun.
📷 Dodik Indra Kusuma ISJ #1111
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Stream Keyshia Cole’s New Album – 11:11 Reset - http://lekkiesmedia.com/stream-keyshia-coles-new-album-1111-reset/

#stream #album #keyshiacole #1111 #1111reset #lekkiesmedia_com

#1111 is a reminder from our guiding angels that we create our own reality. What do you want for yourself, fellow man and beautiful animals sharing this experience with us? You are a spiritual being. You have the power to change things. Through your thoughts and feelings. Set your intentions focusing on that which is only positive. Whenever you feel yourself heading in the wrong direction, redirect your feelings through your thoughts by changing them to positive healthy ones. #bestill #gratitude #meditation #innerpeace #innerwisdom #positivevibesonly #higherthoughts #higherexperiences #cleanyourthoughts #clenseyourenergy #namaste🙏 🕉 #divineguidance blessed peaceful week ahead to all

I’ve been really enjoying a book that I’m reading for my apprenticeship I’m taking called Plant Spirit Medicine. After I finished my reading for the night, I went to the bathroom and found a slug crawling around my shower. No idea how it got there. I opened the window to let it out and decided to look up the spiritual meaning of Slugs because I felt like I found it for a reason. Slugs have ties with the moon as they are nocturnal creatures. They are considered to be very connected to the spiritual world as they represent the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Slug's wisdom includes that of healing body, mind, and spirit, and represents the
connections that must be healthy between these for overall well-being (which is what I was reading about). A slugs slime is used to rid itself of junk, this is another part of Slug's wisdom -- letting go, or leaving behind the "junk" and garbage of life...bad feelings, stories, material ties, attachment and
so on. LETTING GO. That’s when I became emotional and thanked my Ancestors. Messages come in threes. This is the third time I’ve received this message. I write this to say, pay attention. Your guides can be speaking to you, guiding you, trying to reach out to you, everything is connected. Open your EYE and listen. Afterwards I saw this number #1111 #activation I usually wouldn’t post things like this, but we’re not hiding anymore. Magic is given to be shared. ✌🏾+💚

#1111 tuktuk1111!

Many of YOU Looking for a messenger who says what your EGO wants to hear - the ascended masters can help you see what your ego does not want you to see - mature students seek out teachings that challenge them - the direct and the indirect way of teaching - many spiritual people are gentle and prefer a GENTLE guru - you learn more from a guru who is not like you - some students trapped in gray thinking and do not want a direct guru - splitting hairs over the use of wording - a TRUE message demonstrates that there is something beyond the dualistic consciousness - higher truth, versus “relative truth” - a true teacher must challenge you so you cannot remain indifferent - the ego can use even a true teaching to imprison you, so sometimes even this must be challenged - a limited view of love as always being soft - if you think you know better than the teacher, then you are not teachable - imparting the teacher’s consciousness to the student... Only by challenging people’s illusions so they gradually purify their minds of the illusions and begin to see the truth of Christ. My point being that the role of the Living Christ and the true purpose of genuine messages from above is to CHALLENGE PEOPLE’S BELIEFS. All outer teachings given by the ascended masters are given for the purpose of providing a bridge. If the students make the best possible use of the teaching, they can walk across the bridge and attain the Christ consciousness. In other words, the true purpose of a spiritual teacher is NOT to impart outer knowledge but to impart the teacher’s consciousness to the student.
Yet if students refuse to use the teaching or if they allow their egos to misuse the teaching, they will not reestablish the direct, inner connection to the ascended teachers. Thus, their egos can even use an otherwise genuine teaching to keep the students separated from the teachers while being convinced that they are so advanced that they are guaranteed to be saved. This is self-righteousness, and I denounced it forcefully in the scribes and Pharisees... make TIME for spiritual growth. ✨🙏🐉

🤔 This hit a spot. I grew up around ideals of respecting and following the elders at all costs, even if it costs one's life, soul and deepest hopes. But age is nothing but a number. Being older or a parent doesn't give you the right to criticize everything, compare people, make them feel worthless, or point out every flaw and shortcoming. Being older or a parent doesn't give you the right to disrespect people or hurt them physically, mentally or spiritually.
Sometimes family can be toxic. They can make you feel small for finding your own path and living your life according to your happiness, especially if it doesn't fit what they planned for you. Sometimes family can cause the deepest gashes and trauma by putting you down every time you tried to spread your wings or express yourself. You must choose yourself. If anyone makes you feel bad, uncomfortable, incapable or worthless, they are not for you. You must be good to yourself and remove yourself from that situation, no matter who it is. You deserve people who value you, listen to you, respect you and believe in you.
Video by @garyvee via @the_eye_is_on_us
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I don't know why this number keeps recurring​ in my life
First i thought it was coincidence then i realised it's not, there is more to it
Some say that's how angels communicate but some said it's all about the signs universe gives you. Whatever this is i believe in miracles moreover i was born on 11.11 💙 #1111 #eleven

Make a wish! ✨ #1111 #1111wish #makeawish✨

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