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1️⃣ London's underground is also known as the Tube;⠀
2️⃣ Dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than humans;⠀
3️⃣ New iPhone model is called XL;⠀
4️⃣ Bruges is known for its beautiful lace products;⠀
5️⃣ Many frogs can jump 40 times their own height;⠀
6️⃣ Lake Baikal is the oldest and the deepest freshwater lake in the world;⠀
7️⃣ Titanic routed from Southampton to New Jersey.⠀

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Since my bro @the_paramurse called me out to drop 10 random facts, so here we go.

1. I am from Atlanta Ga. I am proud to be Atl born and raised. Even though I am disappointed in our sports teams lol.

2. I was the ONLY grandson on both sides of my family for a very long time. That is not the case anymore.

3. I started my career as a firefighter/emt/paramedic at the very young age of 20. I am very thankful for my start.

4. I have been in the healthcare for over 15 years! Never thought I would say that about anything.
5. I am currently a Nurse. I have been a nurse 2 1/2 years. I have emergency room, vascular access and middle level management experience.
6. I had a period in my life were I wanted to be physician. I am a few classes away from a bachelor in chemistry. For several reasons, I decide to become a RN.

7. I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I have own two motorcycle in my life. The first one was a gsxr 1000 and now I have a Harley Davidson street glide. Great stress reliever.
8. I think that I am the funniest person that I know lol. I am always laughing at myself. 😂😂 9. House M.D is my favorite TV series. I have literally watch all the season 10 times.
10. I am pretty straight forward down to earth dude. That loves having a good time with good people. Life is too short to stress over things I can't control!
If I tagged you, then tell the gram 10 facts about you! ✌🏾
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In my #10facts post last week I mentioned that I've only had my beard for about 3 years now. @jackman_works said he wanted to see a pre-beard photo. So for #throwbackthursday here are a couple photos from my wedding day, when the only hair I had above the shoulders was my bushy brows!
What do you think, keep the beard or shave it? .
And now that I have these in the open, I want to challenge some of my other #beardbrothers to post their #beforethebeard mugs too! Let's see them pretty faces @worleyfab
@mbwoodworking @geoffreyleatherman.woodworks
#beardedwoodworker #dapper #tbt #cleanedup #imnotshavingit #notgoingback #beardedmaker #beardbros
📸 by @katytrefry

So apparently @scrubs.and.weights has called me out to drop 10 random facts. Considering he has used his bodybuilding photo I figured I would do the same......

1. I am one of the few born and bred Atlanta aka Alana natives. When I say Atlanta I mean ATLANTA. SE Atlanta #jonesborord #brownsmillrd

2. The first home I purchased was in SW Atlanta.

3. My first career was firefighting. I worked 9 yrs for the city of Atlanta Fire. My first station assignment was at station 2 on Jonesboro Rd SE.

4. I became a Paramedic in 2006. As a Paramedic I’ve work in 911, non-emergency Transport, critical care transport, and flight. I also teach as an EMS Instructor.

5. I’ve competed as a SNBF competitor twice. Both times winning first in my division. On the last show I won my division and overall. 2012 Overall winner and new SNBF Pro. Pictured above: yours truly and mrs. yours truly.

6. If you know me you know my family is VERY important to me and you don’t want no problems. My father taught me that a man has two main objectives, PROVIDE AND PROTECT.

7. I lost my father May 24, 1999. The most devastating blow to my entire world. With every passing year I realize even more how much that man meant to me. My greatest aspiration is to be half the man he was...

8. I’ve only been a RN for 3 yrs. My prior experience as a Paramedic has served me well and has helped me navigate well. I also enjoy Emergency and critical care medicine so I teach from time to time as well.

9. Most would consider me an over achiever yet I consider myself to be a minimalist but the little I do, I do it very well lol.

10. I said I’m from the A right. So you already know I’m a Falcons, Braves, United, Hawks, and any and everythang else ATLANTA!

Apparently if I tag you then spill it...
#10facts #10factsaboutmechallenge #snbf #atlanta #bodybuilder #registerednurse #paramedic #criticalcare #emergencymedicine

A little #TBT Can’t wait to unveil the package I’ve been working on and get back up on that stage! And I’ve been tagged a couple times now. Y’all want 10 Facts. Here you go. Anyone I tag give up them facts!
1. I’ve been a nurse since 2014. Working in the hospital since 2013. Float Unit Coordinator/Aide -> Float BSN, RN -> T1 ICU Stepdown RN - > T1 ER RN - > Travel ER RN👨🏽‍⚕️
2. For the majority of my childhood I was the fat kid. I’ve been “working out” since I was a sophomore in HS and I’ve been “training” for bodybuilding since 2013. I did my first 2 competitions my senior year of nursing school my 2nd just a few weeks before graduation. 💪🏽
3. I am a brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and was E-Phi chapter president for 2 years. Fall 10’ “Them damn BG Sigmas” 🤘🏽
4. I held 2 jobs at all times through college while being in 3 different organizations and wrestling. My roommate and I also held COD comps for money. I still game but not for cash. My last double gig before full time nursing was an aide and one I miss most, tending bar. 🍹
5. I trained BJJ for a year and plan on getting back into it next year. Anyone trying to roll holla at me! 🤼‍♂️
6. I am engaged to the gorgeous mother of my beautiful but wild 2 yr. old daughter with number 2 on the way. My house is estrogen central. 🙄
7. I’ve never been on a true vacation, to the west coast or even been on a plane for that matter. 🤯
8. I am the WORST student, I rarely went to class unless it was mandatory, even then I had people sign me in. I always waited until the night before to write my papers & the morning of to study for exams. But I grasp concepts easy, retain information & graduated with honors. I studied for the NCLEX by doing ATI practice tests & watching House. 🤷🏽‍♂️
9. First drink of alcohol ever was sophomore year of college. I’ve never smoked, ANYTHING nor have I done any drugs. Although I did fail ‘D.A.R.E.’ in 6th grade for fighting. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Then went on to be a chess club champion, the math counts team & academic challenge team. #NerdAlert. 🤓
10. Favorite professional sport team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. College THE OSU. NCCA Wrestling > March Madness.

Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? Even if you aren't too familiar with the show, the theme song alone most people know instantly when they hear it. Here are ten little-known facts about this LGBTQ fan fave! https://bit.ly/2QMbuqw

i was tagged by @jenessaelaine to share 10 things about me so here we go; 🌻🌻🌻
1. i’m the most confident insecure person ever. in other words, there are a million different things i wish i could change about myself and my body but at the same time i love who i am. 🌞
2. i struggle with food and i’m constantly trying to gain control of my eating habits. 🥑
3. my mom died in january and since then i am a completely different person, good and bad. 🕊
4. i’m actually a mermaid 🐠
5. i can bet that I’m taller than you... (6’2)🦒
6. my life and mindset changed when i started my spiritual path in 2014, my practice doesn’t have a definite label but you could call me a witch 🔮
7. i had to have surgery on my hip when i was in middle school, my bone was growing too fast and if i didn’t get the surgery i could have been paralyzed. also fun fact; I had to get the surgery on halloween, my favorite day of the year 😢
8. nothing makes me happier than being in nature (as long as the mosquitos aren’t eating me up)🌳
9. i’ve been vegan for 2 years and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made! 🐷
10. i going to Salem with my sister next month and i can’t freakin wait! 😻🌈🌸

Does yoga define my life? ... HELL NO. Should I say that as a yoga teacher? Maybe not, but I wouldn’t truthful if I said different💯.

Yoga is a HUGE part of my life. I practice on my mat as much as I possibly can and I practice off my mat even more. But what else fills up my life? Well, lemme tell ya!

10 (somewhat) Non-Yoga Facts about ME:
1. I’m married to my high school sweetheart☺️. But we were together almost 12 years before getting married😳... School, careers, & shiz💁🏽‍♀️.
2. Yoga is not my full time job. I’m a mental health therapist. I LOVE what I do and never forget how fortunate I am to be able to say that🙏🏽.
3. We have a yellow lab named Celly who we are disgustingly obsessed with🐶.
4. I am also disgustingly obsessed with my 3 best friends: KC, Lindsey, & Kerstin. Ain’t gonna tear up typing this, but I am so damn lucky for them💜.
5. No children yet! We are loving this phase of life where we can be selfish with whatever we want and are okay admitting it😬.
6. I will never understand people who don’t like coffee. It truly is mind boggling to me because my morning/afternoon/whenever coffee is a major part of my LIFE☕️.
7. I am a therapist, but working out or anything active is MY therapy🙌🏽🏋🏽‍♀️.
8. Cleaning/organizing is also extremely therapeutic for me...HEYY OCD👋🏽.
9. I will retire in Colorado🏔.
10. I love being around my friends and meeting new people, but if I’m around too many people for too long/big events, I get EXHAUSTED. That is the only child/introvert in me🤗.
BONUS: Also, I LOVE a good glass of wine. Hence - winery picture with the hubs🍷.

SO YEAH - again, Yoga is HUGE for me, but it’s not all of me. What else makes you, YOU?!

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10 facts about...

1️⃣ €200,- sparen mit dem #Gutscheincode: Wintersonne200 ☀️ (Link in Bio für mehr Infos)
2️⃣ sie ist die 3. größte der #KanarischenInseln🏝
3️⃣ sie liegt nur 200 km 🔛von der Afrikanischen Küste entfernt
4️⃣ der Zeitunterschied ⌚️zu Deutschland beträgt -1 Stunde
5️⃣ der Hafenort🛶 Puerto de Mogan wird wegen seiner zahlreichen Wasserkanäle auch „Venedig des Südens“ genannt.
6️⃣ die Dünen von #Maspalomas 🏖sind 7 km lang und 2 km breit und stehen seit 1987 unter Naturschutz.
7️⃣ in den Höhlenwohnungen⛰bei Artenara leben auch heute noch Menschen
8️⃣ die Durchschnittstemperatur liegt das ganze Jahr bei 23 Grad 🌡
9️⃣ die Insel hat 8 verschiedene #Golfplätze 🏌️‍♂️⛳️ 🔟 die ersten #Touristen🎒 kamen bereits vor 150 Jahren 🔙auf die Insel.
#10facts #dünenvonmaspalomas #kleinvenedig #höhlenhäuser #kanaren #kanarischeinsel #playadelingles #maspalomas #tc_bramfeld #ilovereisebüro #reiselust #staysalty #atlantik #travelblogger #reisefieber #meinreisebüromitherz #spanien #afrika #LPA #wintersonne200 #puertomogan #laspalmas #sonneimwinter

10 FACTS ABOUT PANDAS!☝️🍃🐼 1. Giant pandas are black and white bears. In the wild, they are found in thick bamboo forests, high up in the mountains of central China.🏞️
2. These magnificent mammals are omnivores. But whilst pandas will occasionally eat small animals and fish, bamboo counts for 99 percent of their diet.🍃
3. Pandas are BIG eaters – every day they fill their tummies for up to 12 hours, shifting up to 12 kilograms of bamboo!🍽️
4. The giant panda’s scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca, which means “black and white cat-foot”.☝️
5. Giant pandas grow to between 1.2m and 1.5m, and weigh between 75kg and 135kg. Scientists aren’t sure how long pandas live in the wild, but in captivity they live to be around 30 years old.💪
6. Baby pandas are born pink and measure about 15cm – that’s about the size of a pencil! They are also born blind and only open their eyes six to eight weeks after birth.👼
7. It’s thought that these magnificent mammals are solitary animals, with males and females only coming together briefly to mate. Recent research, however, suggests that giant pandas occasionally meet outside of breeding season, and communicate with each other through scent marks and calls.❤️
8. Family time! Female pandas give birth to one or two cubs every two years. Cubs stay with their mothers for 18 months before venturing off on their own!🍼
9. Unlike most other bears, pandas do not hibernate. When winter approaches, they head lower down their mountain homes to warmer temperatures, where they continue to chomp away on bamboo!🏝️
10. Sadly, these beautiful bears are endangered, and it’s estimated that only around 1,000 remain in the wild. That’s why we need to do all we can to protect them!🌎 #10facts #pandastyle #yoga #facts #bamboo #panda #instapanda #healthylifestyle #exercise #relax #enjoy #harmony #eco #colorful #nature #naturelove #healthylifestyle #outdoor #americanstyle #bamboosocks #usa
#dozensocks #freedom #famylitime

So durch die Markierung des lieben @markus_fit_statt_fett 😉. Gibt es heute 10 Fakten zu mir 😊💪🙋🏼‍♀️
Vielleicht wusstet ihr das ein oder andere schon oder ihr erkennt euch vielleicht wieder🤷🏼‍♀️😅😉
🙆🏼‍♀️ Die Basics: Mein Name ist Sarah und ich bin 22 Jahre alt und seit 6 Jahren glücklich vergeben 😉
🙆🏼‍♀️ Ich hab mit 18 maturiert und dann erstmal mit einem Jus/Jurastudium begonnen. Leider war das nicht der richtige Weg für mich. Nach meiner Abnahme habe ich begonnen in einem EMS-Studio zu arbeiten und mit dem Studium Fitnessökonomie und - wissenschaften zu beginnen 🤓
🙆🏼‍♀️Ich bin Asthmatikerin und habe aktuell mehrere Bänderrisse am rechten Knöchel und brauche hier auch eine Bänderplastikoperation
🙆🏼‍♀️Ich bin der wohl ungeduldigste, nervöseste, verrückteste und lauteste Mensch den ihr euch vorstellen könnt 😂
🙆🏼‍♀️ Achja und ich bin Proteinriegel und Energydrink süchtig 🙈
🙆🏼‍♀️Mein Traumreiseziel ist definitiv die USA 🇺🇸 vorallem Miami steht definitiv auf meiner Liste 😍
🙆🏼‍♀️Mein Ziel ist es irgendwann einmal als selbstständige Personaltrainerin arbeiten zu können 😅
🙆🏼‍♀️Ich hab in letzter Zeit wieder zugenommen also mein Abnehmweg geht leider nicht nur in eine Richtung 🤷🏼‍♀️😅
🙆🏼‍♀️Ich liebe Hunde 😅😍
🙆🏼‍♀️Und zu guter Letzt bin ich der selbstkritischste Mensch auf Erden🙄 achja und oft stehe ich Dinge auch leider negativ gegenüber 🤦🏼‍♀️ aber ich arbeite dran🤷🏼‍♀️
So und jetzt seid ihr gefragt😉💪. Erkennt ihr in einem Sachen wieder? War das Ganze interessant für euch?
Achja und einige Profile habe ich makiert und die dürfen sich hiermit nominiert sehen 😉❤️
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Fakt 6➡️Eine „Wahrsagerin“ (oder so ähnlich😂) hat mal ausgependelt, dass ich zwei Mädchen bekommen werde😀Und was ist es geworden? Ein Junge und ein Mädchen 😍 Obwohl der Junge lt. Arzt eigentlich erst ein Mädchen sein sollte😂 Nun hab ich das große Glück Junge und Mädchen zu haben und bin darüber auch richtig happy 🙌🏻😀 Und wer weiß, vielleicht klappt es mit dem zweiten Mädchen ja doch noch 🤷🏼‍♀️😛☺️😉 NEIN, ich bin nicht schwanger 😂 #10faktenübermich #10factsaboutme #10facts #faktenübermich #boyandgirl #mädchenundjunge #mädchenundjungsmama #boyandgirl #2kids #dritteskind #momof2 #rosaundblau

Проверим, кто хорошо меня знает 🖖🏽😅ну и параллельно расскажу кое-что о себе🙌🏻
Напишу 10 фактов , 8 из них✔️тру, и 2 ❌(напишите в комментария какие из них ложные )
1. Люблю запах зеленой ветки (Харьков);
2. Люблю фотографировать на Zenit и плёночные фотографии;
3. Был выбрит висок как у Мэрилина Мэнсона(его фанатка);
4. Вегетарианец уже почти 2 года;
5. Пишу стихи;
6. Была блондинкой с длинной чёлкой;
7. Не ем мясо, только потому, что это вредно для здоровья;
8. Начала работать хореографом в 17 лет;
9. Люблю все, что связано с астрономией;
10. Люблю когда везде порядок, во всем. Все должно быть записано, и переписано на чистовик (несколько раз) все должно быть сложено. Красиво ☝🏿


Не забудьте поставить ❤, иначе потеряете меня в своей ленте. Сегодня вас ждут самые интересные факты о Шри-Ланке😉

1. У нас две столицы: фактическая - Коломбо и официальная - Шри-Джаяварденепуру-Котте. Почему две? А вы попробуйте официальное название вслух произнести? У меня, например, до сих пор не получается. Круче любой скороговорки. Это, конечно, шутка. Но в каждой шутке...😂

2. Здесь самый миролюбивый, если так можно сказать, флаг в мире. Большинство национальных флагов олицетворяют примерно одно и то же: смелость, отвагу, военные победы. А ланкийский объединяет воедино все религиозные сообщестава острова, а также символизирует любовь, сострадание, взамопонимание и самообладание. Вот такой мимимишный на Ланке флаг🤗

3. Среднегодовая температура на побережье Цейлона остается практически неизменной круглый год. Градусник почти всегда показывает 30 градусов. Плюс-минус парочку🌞

4. Шри-Ланка является родиной корицы и знаменитого цейлонского чая🌱

5. На острове много животных-эндемиков, впрочем как и растений🐆

6. Главный аэропорт страны Бандаранаике назван в честь первой в мире женщины премьер-министра👵

7. По официальной информации национальным видом спорта является волейбол. А по факту все играют в крикет. Если честно, то не встречала там ни одного волейболиста🏏

8. 92% населения Шри-Ланки имеют образование. Это один из самых высоких показателей в Азии🎓

9. "Остров драгоценных камней" - именно так раньше называлась эта удивительная страна. И не просто так. Плотность месторождений по отношению к территории одна из самых высоких на планете💎

10. Шри-Ланку считают кусочком библейского рая. Буддисты совершают восхождение на Пик Адама с целью прикоснуться к священному отпечатку ступни Будды. Индуисты уверены, что это след Шивы. А христиане и мусульмане верят, что именно сюда ступил изгнанный из рая Адам👣

Читайте факты о других странах под тегом #10factsabout_ :

🇫🇷 Франция @cordialement_alina

🇬🇭 Гана @just.elvira

🇲🇽 Мексика @tania.mexika

🇭🇷Хорватия @tasha_travel

🇮🇱 Израиль @aleksandra__silver

Больше интересного о жизни за границей 👉🏻 #intеrnаtiоnаl_gir1

❓Какой из фактов удивил больше всех❓

Der Liebe @markus_fit_statt_fett hat mich nominiert 10 Fakten über mich preiszugeben, also: 🖕🏼 der Mittelfinger ist mein Lieblingsfinger
🖕🏼 Katzenmensch
🖕🏼 Krankenschwester 🖕🏼 Cosplayer 🖕🏼meine Schwester ist mein Lieblingsmensch
🖕🏼momentan zieren mich 11 Tattoos
🖕🏼 und 5 Piercings
🖕🏼junge über mich gibts gar nicht so viel zu sagen lol
🖕🏼ich hasse lange Auto/Zug/Bus fahrten
🖕🏼ich bin mega bi 🌈
🖕🏼 ich bin ein Serienjunkie

Ich markiere einfach 5 andere lol bitte lasst mich sowas nie wieder tun das war hart schwer

I've been tagged by @root_and_ore to do a #10facts post (Yes, Spencer, it was quite a few days ago...but better late than never, right?) Also, this is a good time for me to introduce myself to some new followers who might not know much about me...here it goes:

1. I was born in Tucson, Arizona, but have lived just outside of Jackson, Mississippi for the past 32 years.
2. I backpacked through Europe for 2 weeks with some college friends back in 2005. We went to Luxemburg, France, Germany Belgium and many places in England.
3. [SHAMELESS PLUG] I have a podcast with Drew from @FishersShop and Mark from @Gunflint_Designs called We Built A Thing (@webuiltathing). It's a fun time, talking with those guys about making things, projects, kids and family, video production and more. Give it a listen!

4.My wife and I have 3 lovely kids, Alan, Anne Marie and Alexander...ages 8, 6 and 2. They keep our lives pretty full...full of busy, crazy times, but also full of love and fun.
5. I used to have a 1999 Nissan Maxima SE-Limited in the Crimson Blaze color. It was 1 of about 250 that they ever made like that. It was a manual shift, and I loved that car. I even raced it on a 1/4 mile strip a few times...and did pretty well, for a stock-ish car.

6. When I was about 10, my 5 year old brother and I helped pull a lady out of our lake. She had fallen asleep on the bank, and rolled into the water. She was barely alive when we spotted her.

7. I've been woodworking for quite a few years now, but pretty intensely for the last 5 years or so with many projects. My shop is a large, 2-car garage that now has climate control

8. I started my YouTube channel in January of 2017, and it has been a fun, frustrating, rewarding, journey to grow that. I still enjoy it, and hope to be able to put out even more content in the future.
9. I'm 6'3"+ and I'm the shortest of my brothers.

10. I was a paralegal for almost 2 years. I thought I wanted to go to law school, but that’s not for me

So, that's it! Ask me questions that come to mind or let me know if you can relate to any of these things! Now, I want to know 10 facts about @acnailedit @jb_woodcraft and @jonpeters_

I've never ever introduced myself here properly, so...
1. My name is Palina and I am 26 y.o
2. I was born in Belarus and lived here for 18 years.
3. Then I moved to Poland and now for 8 years I live in Cracow. I hardly spoke Polish when I moved, but I was lucky enough because my first language is Belarusian, which is rather similar :) 4. I started to make corsets because I fell in love, and I knew he loved corsets. So I decided to make one for myself (and it worked :D)
5. I was really horrible seamstress! When I hear "ohh you are so talented" I want to say "hell no, my dear, it is not about the talent, it is all about hard work!" It took me really long time to make it to the level I am now. And I truly believe, that you can learn absolutely everything. But be prepared that it can take thousands of hours (which is not really a problem if you love the thing you do ;) )
6. When I was 22 I made my biggest dream came true - I've bought a horse. It took a while to make a choise. And she definitely was the ugliest one, but I love her with all my heart :) 7. I am a hard worker and for me 12-hours of work per day even if it is weekend is absolutely normal. But only because my work is my passion and I can't really imagine my life without it.
8. I love to be at home. That's why I work here :) I am not a big fan or parties and I love the fact, that I work alone.
9. I hardly ever buy something for myself. I don't need ten purses, lipsticks or other fancy things. One or two is more than enough :D I would rather buy a new fabric for interesting project.
10. I love sweet things (for me something sweet is the best gift ever), and I love to bake, but I am the worst baker ever! Everything I make is absolutely non-eatable and my cakes are the ugliest cakes on planet Earth :D fortunately my sense of humor allows me just to laught at that and not to take it too seriously - I accept the fact that I need much more time to learn this thing than an average person. And it's ok :) And what about you? Who are you? If you create something please don't by shy and promote yourself here :) #10facts #information #interesting #life #sewing

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