Happy Birthday Boss!

My favorite lines @ 10days in Sun City😁😁😁😁😁 * I don't have d strength of Terry G to be jumping up and down @alibabagcfr voice. * No dey spit for my eye o, ur spit na eye drop @mercyjohnsonokojie voice * d thunder wey go fire you, still dry do press up for heaven @mercyjohnsonokojie voice * Warri no dey carry last, Dia Fada @aycomedian *All die na die! abeg do me favor send my corpse go warri @aycomedian voice
*@adesuaetomi see as Bianca fine like foreign witch. Lol *if Bianca na currency I go blow whistle to get 5%.
*God of second chance.😁
*Agbani darego means say Agbani don reign go! *bros, Bianca is not for sale.
* @adesuaetomi you too legit, me self no fit quit, you be raw gold😁😁😁😁 Happy Birthday boss!@aycomedian
#aycomedian #10dayinsuncity
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I had fun watching movies 2day #10dayinsuncity

South Africa its ur turn #10DayInSuncity #showing across South Africa cinemas from August 25th @aycomedian @mercyjohnsonokojie @adesuaetomi @falzthebahdguy

Sunday Movie night with my Mum like no other. I promise to be your husband and be there when ever you need me. #mum #nomakeup #nofilter needed #abuja #10dayinsuncity

I see myself on top
Don't talk much..

I have a very simple definition of a good movie: a good movie makes you forget you're watching a movie.

#10DayInSuncity is the best movie in the cinemas right now #Creative #Hilarious #Interesting #Fun

Try go see the movie

No Spite For My Eye Abi Your Spite Na Eyedrop Lmao @mercyjohnsonokojie I can't stop lol #10dayinsuncity

Pls go and see this movie - a must watch... #10DayInSuncity

AT THE CINEMA #10dayinsuncity

@Regrann from @aycomedian - - #regrann #10DayInSuncity now showing in cinemas nation wide

@Regrann from @aycomedian Will be live at d cinemas in Abuja tomorrow Saturday . - #regrann #10DayInSuncity @aycomedian

@Regrann from @mallam_yankee - @aycomedian Will be live at d cinemas in Abuja tomorrow Saturday . - #regrann #10DayInSuncity @aycomedian

Akpors(AY) is hell bent on making sure his orente 'BIANCA' makes it to a beauty pageantry which she goes on to win. As her manager, who manages 'everything'πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ he would be accompanying her to sincity, Southafrica for her tour. Otunba Williams(RMD), a wealthy business man and the sponsor of the pageantry has got eyes on Bianca and would do anything in his power to get her but trust a Warri boy** dey no dey carry last.
The storyline, however shallow, was nicely put together. Believable fight scenes, super impressive picture quality, great transitions like what we see in Hollywood movies, superb cinematography with a beautiful location as the icing on the cakeπŸ‘Œ. I found myself laughing effortlessly while watching this movie.

10DAYSINSINCITY is highly entertaining, funny and a beautifully shot movie. Well done @aycomedian

There were a lot of celebrity casts as themselves with main casts as: AY as Akpors, Adesua Etomi as Bianca, RMD as Otunba Williams......
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Last pic for sallah....And this is not my real color😁😁😁 @tomisin_abisola foolishly took the pic on a wrong Angle😝😝😝....
πŸ‘–πŸŽ½@tommyz_house...pls check her out she has cool and affordable stuffs
Had swell time watching #10dayinsuncity

#10DayInSuncity movie is taking over have u seen it? Dont wait go see this movie with ur family and friends now and thank me latter

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