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Too much Saree obsession isn’t good for ones health as I’ve learnt today. But nothing like coming back home, trying on the silks and jumping around in excitement. Also best saree for today’s festival no?

Today is PALM SUNDAY! We were given palms shaped into a CROSS to be taken back home to mark the beginning of HOLY WEEK 🙏🏽 It’s a day to commemorate the triumphant entry of JESUS into The Holy City Jerusalem when palm branches were placed in his path, before HIS betrayal on Holy Thursday, crucifixion on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday.
Palm branches are widely recognized symbol of peace and victory! With that status, you don't simply throw the Palm Cross away. They are held till next year, where they are burned to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday.

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51/ 2018.

Only "un". No "kempt". Yesterday was the last day of the fest, after all.
It had been hotting up over the previous two days, both metaphorically and literally. To add to it all, was the venue for the day - an open-on-the-sides space with an asbestos covering - a space designed to test one's ability to handle the heat.
What helped me keep somewhat cool was my favourite summer fruit. Which is - *blasphemy alert* - watermelon and not mango. Four glasses of watermelon juice that matched perfectly my watermelon-red printed silk kota from @fabindianews, along with a swipe of L'Oréal's Watermelon Crush lipstick (seriously) made for a cool enough me. The blouse was a (again!) watermelon-rind green beauty made from fabric from @yarn_india. The usual jangly suspects on my wrists and silver-and-green onyx danglers from @silverlinejewellery, Delhi, and I was done.
All this mention of watermelons has me craving some. Right now. Off I go to rummage in the fridge.

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*Lehnga : paper Silk *
*Work : Embroidery *
*Inner : American crepe*
*Type : Semistich*
*Flair. : 2.75 MTR* *Blouse :Benglory Silk *
*Type. : Material *
*Size. : Free* *Duppta : Georgette *
*Work : Embroidery*
*Size. : 2.20 MTR* *Price : 1050/-*
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👳‍♂ *launch new cataloug kesariya*
🎼 *saree details: cotton silk saree with amezing batik prizam print*
🦋 *Saree Fabric* - *cotton silk* ✨ *Blouse Fabric* – *cotton silk* 🎗 *Saree Length* - *5.50 Mtr* 👚 *Blouse Length* - *0.80 Mtr* 🎨 *Colour Availability* – *4* 🎖 *Price* - *850/-*
#saree #100sareepact #instagood #piclove #silk #woman #classywoman

Silk Noel half & half Jamdani ...
Airy & light grey Saree.....
DM for price & booking... #sarees #handloom #sareeswag #sareenotsorry #iwearweave #jamdani #100sareepact #sotd#ilovesarees

Saree fab - chanderi COTTON
Blouse - kalamkari print
Rate - 599/-
#saree #100sareepact #instagood #piclove #silk #woman #classywoman #kalamkari

🦋 *Emboss Art silk*
🦋 *Semi-contrast pallu with grand zari work and contrast blouse*
🦋 *Full body 3D embossed*
🦋 *Light weight and washable*
🦋 *Rs.1250/-*
(Market price: 2000+)
#saree #100sareepact #instagood #piclove #silk #woman #classywoman #style #wedding

Mirror applique
Silk cotton
#handloom #trendy #saree #sareelove #100sareepact

When was in college I had very few sarees, hardly 5 to 6 Sarees. Soft, supple,very thin Chiffons. My mom who had a great sense of fashion was my closet designer. Most of my college wears were Skirts, midis, trousers and tees. For name sake one pavadai dhaavani. She used to procure materials from various places and get them stitched for me and my second sister. My first akka had a beautiful collection of traditional attires, pavadai ND dhaavani (half saress ) and sarees. I was told by mom that cotton and thick materials are not for college students. We used to listen to her😁.She had a huge collection of cottons and silks sarees. Till 2007 she was my personal groomer. Over the years I stopped draping thin and transperant materials and switched to handlooms and silks. Few days ago while shopping for Miss A, I fell for this lace fabric and got 5.5 metres cut from the roll. Though I am not very much comfortable in feather light, see through material but I could pull it off with ease. I am full of gratitude to my late mom who made me realize that our personality progresses with time and fashion is what designers offer but Style is what we choose.. Right?
Accessories @ozanoo
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#Handembroideries like #Phulkari have a special place in history and tradition. These are the heritage of Punjab. These days cheaper and more commercial machine embroideries are also available but they just do not look or feel the same. Phulkaris generally are made in very bright colours. So when my mom asked me to choose a gift for myself, I chose this muted and subtle colour, I found it very different from the rest. It is done on softest #chiffon. It was a gift from mom. Phulkari literally means flower work. That is why I paired it with a floral top that I have paired with a floral top.
Traditionally Phulakri was done on odhni (scarf), dupatta and shawls and it was used for ceremonial occasions like weddings. Traditionally it was done on coarse hand woven cotton fabric with floss silk threads. Traditionally the family members embroidered these for their own personal use and they were not for sale. In 2011, Phulkari was awarded GI status in India. #saree #100sareepact
#100pactsaree #sareelove

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