TBT to this quilt I made in the fall of 2011...my first charity quilt completed at/after my first DCMQG meeting with Katie Blakesley (@swimbikequilt). I remember being so lost trying to get to that meeting and finishing this quilt extra fast to show I was trustworthy about taking and using donated fabric! The picture is dated 10-18-11. That was near the start of my charity quilt obsession, and one of the things I remember Katie emphasizing was that our charity quilts should be pretty and well-constructed...something we would want to receive. I think that is why it is so hard and yet wonderful to give away quilts to kids in need...I make them the best I can at the time. (Happily I’ve improved in 7 years!) This one went to My Very Own Blanket in Ohio to go to kids in foster care. I received such a nice note back that I ended up sending them quite a few. Now, I make for Comfort Cases because less money spent shipping is more money for charity quilt supplies, plus I’m just so impressed by CC’s organization and mission! This quilt also seems especially neat because the first book I received for my son was from my dear friend @annee.lynch and was, in fact, the Very Hungry 🐛. #dcmqg #100quilts4kids #makersgonnamake #veryhungrycaterpillar

My friend Frederick @woodcut55 took this picture of my quilt at our guild meeting. I’ll hopefully finish hand-sewing the binding soon...I only work on it during Miles’ ballet class so it may take awhile, but I just love it so much. I want to make another, although this time I will quilt 4 at a time to make putting the blocks together easier! Thank you @afewscraps for a really great Craftsy class and pattern!

Today’s practice block...a mash-up! Very fun! #100quilts4kids #dcmqg #fmq #makersgonnamake

Top complete! This quilt is part of #dcmqg #100quilts4kids and Space of Her Own project. Had hoped to piece the back today too but the weather is just too lovely to spend inside all the time. Will complete soon and hand off of @jenniferoquilts to perform her quilting magic. @ellerby77 please note progress!

Trying to get my #fmq back into the groove after a month-plus hiatus! Spent some quality time with my favorite Craftsy class by Christina Cameli @afewscraps just practicing the exercises, and by the end of last night I was feeling like I’m almost back, and more importantly, that it is fun again! And 9 blocks of this quilt are now done, though I’m not sure how big I’m going to make it. I had planned for it to be 16 squares, but I might go with 20, just because it is fun! I’ll be joining these with her quilt-as-you-go technique, which will also give me some practice for some other plans I have! And I’ll have a really fun quilt for #100quilts4kids when I’m done! Win, win, win!

A bit too windy for quilt photography today, but you get the gist. This #100quilts4kids baby quilt has been done for weeks and waiting for a moment alone with my oh-so-willing quilt photographer/husband. All scraps, #2by4quilt pattern by #fitf, will go to the Pine Ridge Reservation to be cozy for a newborn.

Here’s a dark picture of a finished #glamclam top for #100quilts4kids through #dcmqg! About 48”x54”. Now entering the long queue for basting and quilting. Of course, I immediately wanted to start piecing another that I cut and laid out the same day in November, before I forget how to put it together! I really want to have a second machine set up just for quilting, since switching my set-up back and forth takes time. That’s a good reason to buy a Juki, right?!? Right!?!

After taking a very long time to hand-sew this binding, my #Diabolicaljane quilt for #100quilts4kids through the @dcmqg is done (except it needs a label). It will be donated through Comfort Cases to a kid entering foster care later this year. There are some really special fabrics in here, including some I dyed myself. I’m grateful to @quirkygranolagirl for helping me organize my stash into bundles to make into charity quilts and to designing this one with me! I really love how it turned out!

A few minutes of #freemotionquilting using @afewscraps awesome Craftsy class Free Motion Quilting Essentials and playing off of @angelafmq ‘s #fmqchallenge. I ran into some tension issues because my spool was catching my thread in my usual horizontal position, so my thread went vertical and it seems happier. A year ago, I would not have had a clue how to fix the problem! Practice makes better! This will be part of a really cute charity quilt for #100quilts4kids when it is finished!

Here’s some not great pictures of my first charity quilt finish of 2018. The top was finished probably 6 years ago, and the quilting has been done for maybe 6 months, but it took me a long time to get the binding hand-sewn on and the label on. We’ll see if I have a chance to get an outdoor picture before I give it to a guildmate who is going to store charity quilts for us until we have enough for a run out to Comfort Cases. I used a combination of walking foot, ruler work, and free motion on this one. #100quilts4kids #dcmqg #rulerwork #fmq #charityquilt

Finished up these three charity quilts which are headed to Elle @ellerby77 for delivery! Thanks to 2017 #dcmqgbee mini Hive 1 for blocks in the blue one @tinkingalong @exactlycassandra @laurie3.14 #dcmqg #100quilts4kids

Beautiful blues variation of my Big Charming pattern by @gollygwhiz. 💙💙💙#bigcharmingquilt
Repost from @gollygwhiz using @RepostRegramApp - Finished and photographed! #bigcharmingquilt by @dsquilts #batik #essexlinen #michaelmillerfabrics (backing fabric- have y’all ever used the Michael Miller wide backing fabrics? Sooo smooth.) #dcmqg #charityquilt #100quilts4kids #machinequilting #serpentinestitch #charmsquares #finishalong #finishalong2018 #fal #useyourstash

Finished number 5, a charity quilt at @threelittlebirds.sewingco #fridaynightsewcial! Ready to go into full production mode on the verge of a govt shutdown. #2018fal #dcmqg #100quilts4kids

Finished and photographed! #bigcharmingquilt by @dsquilts #batik #essexlinen #michaelmillerfabrics (backing fabric- have y’all ever used the Michael Miller wide backing fabrics? Sooo smooth.) #dcmqg #charityquilt #100quilts4kids #machinequilting #serpentinestitch #charmsquares #finishalong #finishalong2018 #fal #useyourstash

Finally back at my machine! Why are colds so exhausting?!? Big Charmimg Batik is in the wash!!! #frankenbatting #piecedquiltback #useyourscraps #finishalong2018 #finishalong #dcmqg #charitysewing #100quilts4kids #useyourstash

A large stack of quilts donated by the awesome folks of the @dcmqg for this year's #100quilts4kids drive, waiting to be photographed and washed. If you have a prize you'd like to donate for when this effort really gets into full-swing, please let me know! Also, we need 1 yard pieces of fabric to make pillowcases to store these quilts as they get attached to book bags or suitcases to be delivered to foster kids who need emergency supplies as they are removed from their homes.

I’ve been so sick all week. I’m finally getting productive. #pinbasting #diningroomtablequiltbasting #bigcharmingquilt #charityquilt #100quilts4kids #dcmqg

Last post today, I promise. I finally pulled up my big girl panties and trimmed up this #fiveimpossiblethingsquilt by @pappersaxsten . It will be donated to #100quilts4kids . I just need to make a backing for it. It’s the second top that I need to sand which and quilt for the cause. Big Charming Batik is the second. Just peeking out from behind is the backing for my Brimfield Block quilt. The center panel for that is Mostly Manor Elise bordered by Manor Stripe which will also bind it. #longpost #thumbache #curvedpiecing #drunkardspath #dpvariation #modernquilt #charityquilt #konanavy #badlightingsorry

I can’t be sure, but I think I’ll have enough binding for this quilt. #quiltersofinstagram #100quilts4kids

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