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​🇩🇪@kevin100prozenthakke from Germany at Tubinenhalle Oberhausen 💛 #200bpmstyle #100prozenthardcore #Terror #Hardcore

It all started in 2013 with sweet 16. My Dad took me to my first Festival and from this day on I got more and more into this Music. Though it is not just music. It is Love, Family, a holding hand when I fall, a light when it's dark, the good mood that keeps me up in long nights. I've met so many great people throughout these years and I also got to know myself better due to this. All these nights we all swet together, no one can take these memories from us and i would never exchange them for anything on earth!
Some people just dont get what all this means to us. They smile when you try to explain it to them and just say that you will grow out of it one day. I feel bad for them because obviously they havent found something worth to live for yet, so they dont know this feeling. They dont know this excitement when you talk about something that makes your whole body shaking. They dont get goose bumps when they listen to it. They dont know this feeling of home and togetherness when they are with certain People. We dont have to know each others names or be Friends for many years because when we all stand together in front of the stage going harder then the rest, or just meet on the streets in sweat pants and Trainingsjacked while everyone else gives us this bad look we are already family and know we can count on the other one!! We are one, united in music, we are gabbers !! When you are one of us you will Never stand alone no matter who you are. I Love you all ♥️👊
#gabber #gabberina #hakke #rawstyle #hardcore #terror #frenchcore #early #earlyhardcore #thunderdome #thunderdomewizord #thunderdometattoo #tattoo #tattooedgirls #ink #inked #hardcoregirl #100prozenthardcore #family #love

altes bild :D #100prozenthardcore


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