This year our word here at the Farm is “Investment.” We are investing in our plant numbers - growing by the thousands. Investing in my education which very well might take me across the country to learn from Masters in their respective growing fields. However, the most exciting is how much we are investing in our infrastructure. This year alone we will be adding an equipment storage unit, which is already underway. A beautiful new garage for the power equipment, a massive high tunnel for our early spring blooms, and today’s project... refinishing the walls of my floral grow/design room. Not to mention the three buildings the boys will be tearing down that have needed to go for quite sometime or the decorative fencing being placed around the farm. Did I mention the show garden that is about to be underway next week?! We are busy to say the least, but by fall we will have a stunning flower farm that is up and running efficiently the way that I have always dreamed. A place where visitors are always welcome, and the conversations are never dull. (Just a quick side bar. This picture of the boy was taken during clean up of equipment tonight, this power tool had its safety guard on and nothing was plugged in - we would never let him operate this type of power tool at this age. He LOVES helping his Daddy around the farm and was distraught for not being able to help during the project today due to all the power tools- so we let him help pick-up.) #MacKBlooms #FlowerFarm #workingmylittleheartout #passionproject #investinyourfuture #investinwomen #100hourworkweeks #itsgonnabeworthitthough

I will not be sweeping metal sand six days a week, or painting pump and compressor parts, or sand blasting, what I do at least 56 hours a week not including my second job, is not what I will do forever. It's called a grind for a reason and I fully support the grind 100% but I also realize it is not forever and the future holds much more for me. #thedailygrind #hustle #hardworkworks #nonstop #processoverproduct #100hourworkweeks #myjourney

When you find out your about to get a $1,000 bonus 😍😍 all that hard work finally paying off thank you Lord for this huge blessing!!!!!! #workflow💰 #workhardplayhard #twojobs #bonuscheck #100hourworkweeks #snapchat #bbwgirls #prettyeyes #smile

Inshalllah See yall at 7!
#100hourworkweeks ...! #Billi

Just another day as a lead slinging savage
#100hourworkweeks #airborne #3yearsleft

Who Else Believes We Are or Are Going to Be an Interplanetary Species ?
I'm creating a vision board for the first time and this guy inspires me. I learned about him before he was famous and was proud someone privately owned their space company. He made it feel more tangible. We all have dreams!
I work to get ahead not be where I'm at!
#visionbaord #comingsoon #2018 #10x #everything #realestate #is #everywhere #elonmusk #100hourworkweeks #grind #time #spacex #tesla #blockchain #future 🖖

Got some blue put on last night #restoration #painter #65jaguar #jaguar420g #100hourworkweeks

Everyday I wake up, my only goal is to make it through the day without ending up in a mental facility from the stress! Heres one our jobs from yesterday, we also did an apartment complex entrance that day. #wehangchristmaslights #100hourworkweeks #christmaslights #stepuporstepdown

Hot date 🖤 Pay no attention to the bags under our eyes #100hourworkweeks

Most of the time I don't feel like I deserve to sleep. Worried that someone will need me and I'll sleep through their calls. Last few weeks however, I think I've earned my dreams. #waterandfire #bluemind #california #summer #rest #thalassophile #sunset #sunrise #100hourworkweeks #okay

I remember years ago when I was in high school, I had this wild idea of opening up a Bubble Tea spot in Connecticut since there weren’t any there and even bought all the equipment with no plan or remotely any idea how to run a business and saw the potential it could have. A venture I was persistent on, especially only getting the chance to drink bubble tea whenever I visited Philadelphia as a child. I even remember selling my first bubble tea cup to my aunt and when she tasted it you can guess… didn’t like it at all. 😂

This once small scale dream of owning just a bubble tea spot grew into something much larger and grander. Entering college, I always tinkered with the idea of owning a Vietnamese restaurant and selling authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the locals of Philadelphia. With the idea being shelved over and over, year after year and with seemingly endless obstacles getting in the way, I decided to stop everything and focus all my energy into chasing what seemed an impossible dream.


I am happy to announce Main Street Pho! Manayunk’s first and only Vietnamese restaurant!

After years of dreaming and having life interrupt this once unreachable idea, I am truly blessed and proud of the restaurant my partner and I have created. I could not have done this alone and want to thank everyone who has been a building block as I step into the next stage of my life.

We as humans cannot be afraid, shy away or fear change. Rather we must be bold, courageous and brave to take the next steps in life no matter how difficult they may be and however much we want to revert back to our comfort zone. Not only has this restaurant taught me to chase down my dreams and to look beyond the dollar signs, but to be truly happy. Happy with the life I live, happy with my family/friends I have surrounded myself around and happy to just live in the moment. The material items and the people I once thought I could not live without were just lessons for me to grow and become a better person.

Take risks my friends. Follow your heart and always be on the pursuit to happiness.

The harder I work, the luckier I get @stockstotrade #100hourworkweeks #financialfreedom

Cali it was fun. Wish I can stay a little longer but this work schedule requires us to go back home.

Tons of new inventory to get labeled and a lot more filming to get in this week.

After a long hot week in the shop I'm all packed up for Green River Fest. 🌞✌️ #glassartist #glassofig #hustle #710 #420 #glasslife #guncases #100hourworkweeks #dowhatyoulove #monteglass

Today, I straightened my hair instead of rocking the pony and everyone is complimenting my haircut. Can't decide if this is a good or bad thing... (Note: I didn't get my hair cut) #notimeforhaircuts #ponytailssavetime #timeisprecious #100hourworkweeks #basecamp #assistantdirectorlife #makingtvshows

While others be out partying all around me on this Friday night at 10:30 (my shop is in a party district), I be in bare feet (like always) selling bikes into the night. This is what it takes to truly advance and excel.... #100HOURWORKWEEKS #SOBERENERGY #TOPSHOP #NOTEVENTIRED

Perfection! It has been an insanely busy week of making protein bars, but they are all finally ready to wrap up!! When people say owning a small business is a LOT of work- believe me it's not an understatement. 😋💪🏻 #HardWork #LateNights #100HourWorkWeeks #LifeOfASmallBusinessOwner #SheBakesLV #Organic #GlutenFree #ProteinBars #SmallBatch #Handmade #Local #lasVegas #NoSugarAdded #NoArtificialSweeteners 🙌🏻

My former "Office" with a view. This is where all the big decisions were made and the best Mango Margaritas were created.
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Down 90 pounds from my all time high. I weigh less now than I did when I got married:) #Advocare #awsomewife #highstress #100hourworkweeks

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