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Кролики дымят, а король бургеров лишь вздыхает и проветривает помещение по адресу Свердлова Соточка.

#Уфа #Уфасити #Ufacity #Ufa #Ufaroom #Ufa_photo #ufa_rb #ufa_bash #мертваявода #Россия #Russia #всеумрутаягрейпфрут #100happydays

Deciding to discontinue #100happydays ... but it will be continued again when I get my cameraaaaa #yay

Day 85: I think I fell in love with #Florence 😍 #fedisonehundreddaysofhappiness #100happydays #day85
Buona sera! Per le sorpresine che vi ho promesso ieri credo ci sarà da aspettare ancora un paio di giorni, mannaggia ai corrieri 😤 Chi mi conosce sa che la pazienza non è una dote che possiedo, ma va bè, rimaniamo calmi 😌👌 Spero che il vostro lunedì sia stato piacevole (per quanto possa esserlo un lunedì) e che la settimana sia iniziata al meglio 😍 Io stavo sfogliando le foto della mia gallery e ho trovato questo #tramonto su #Firenze che non potevo non condividere con voi perché trovo che abbia dei colori troppo belli 🌇 PS aspetto un vostro consiglio, rispondereste alla domanda che ho fatto nelle stories? 🙏🙏

36 semanas | 9 meses de Gustav, 0 inchaço, 0 estrias só 8kls a mais e um barrigão enorme... Nenezudo já está com o bumbum pra cima, na posição de nascer! Falta pouco, no máximo 4 semanas! 👶🏻😍😉🍼✨💙

Day 46: Watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers from a swanky ass suite. #100happydays

what a great way to end middle school football season 💛🏈📣 #100happydays #day15 {act like i posted this yesterday}

it’s been a year aaaahhh #day58 #100happydays @miastammer @adelainemorin

Finally i got my own doraemon 😝


Beautiful sunset in Surprise #100happydays

Plezier halen uit de kleine dingen in het leven. Dit mee gesmokkeld als 4uurtje voor tijdens de lange rit naar huis😋. #100happydays #Day31 #vleuzekes.

#100happydays ... promises in the Word!

This is a photo from awhile back but not too far back at #centerforthearts This is a spy animal from the show called Spy In The Wild. This is for yesterdays photo day five of #100happydays I love these spy animals they are so incredibly incredible.

خوشحالی امروز: رفاقت.
احتمالا داشتن پیش خودشون میگفتن:
#به_از_این_چه_شادمانی که تو این لحظه می‌تونم دست تو رو بگیرم؟

And so the DVD Cluedo gets put away til the next storm! #100happydays #Day31

Coffee, then off to Boston today! ☕️✈️

Happy because whenever we have a lazy day off from school we make popcorn and it just defines a good day! This morning I ate at the school's benefit breakfast and listened to a really great speech on the future of education. It was the most perfect fall day and I met Josie for coffee which was a much needed catch up date and Bible journal time! Josie makes everyone feel so loved. #100happydays

I can finally wear my Lynnae! #lulalove Day 15 #100happydays

Day 69: Climbing the stairwell in a tall office building is exhausting. So we decided to sit down and continue our bilateral right there and then. A happy moment during office hours 😉. #officemeeting #whereveryouare #trappenhuis #stairwell #100happydays

امروز انقدر خوشحالم که همین الان براتون پست میزارم^_____^ چون امروز جذابمو دیدم*_* بعد از مدت ها:/ لعنتی داشتم دق می کردم:|تازه بهش گفتم ی عکس خفن بگیر پست بزارم😂بگین که خفنه😭
Photo by: @nazi_khajavi

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