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#100happydays #day61 😍❤😍

Prepping up health and hygiene with @vlccin 💝
Had the best interactive session at #VLCCStyleStatements by @vlccin 😍👍🏻
Thank you so much team for the lovely goodie bag! 🙆🏻
#vlcc #thecelfieprincess #kolkatablogger #bloggerstyle #flatlayoftheday #goodiesbag #awesomesauce #100happydays #all_shots #yummness #lovingit #healthyfood #yayy #bestoftheday #picoftheday #instagood #inloveeee #healthydiet

day 89: a boyfriend that loves my brother enough to buy him subway is DEFINITELY a keeper ❤️❤️ #100happydays

I fell off the Project 365 wagon hard, you guys. I am thinking of trying to shoot everyday in May...baby steps. I wrote a post on the blog today about what I learned from quitting. No one talks about quitting and honestly, at least I tried and failed than didn't try...right? #ciuan365

If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are doing it wrong #100happydays #day36

Сегодня мне написали с предложением выступить на вебинаре, как специалисту по продвижению в Инстаграм😎 целый час буду разглагольствовать🙈
Весь день лепила презентацию и продумывала речь.
Сбылось😍 буквально пару недель назад думала о том, что пора уже на люди выходить)) и вот.
P.S. а на фото реальная ситуация в горах. В городе +25, а в горах вот-снег лежит.
#100happydaysofMulka #100happydays #day21

Day 31: Well, this beauty ✨ Do I really need to add anything else? @celine.world 😍🙌 #fedisonehundreddaysofhappiness #100happydays #day31
Chiamatemi materialista ma io la guardo e mi vengono gli occhi a cuoricino. Ciao bimba, benvenuta in famiglia 💕 #celine


I skipped out on a book club meeting tonight and instead stayed in and made a green pizza with hubs. Not regretting my decision one bit #nom #100happydays 21/100

Day 28 // lunch was fun today, destiny dropped a cup of fruit everywhere and we all chopped to a different today then when the teachers noticed the boys were all callling us out 🙄 then Alexis and destiny cleaned it up. 6th period we are presenting colleges and this guy told us that 50 people were attending but it's not as worse as a girl that said 4 people were attending 😂😂 ( uno, dos, tres, cuatro ) 7th period jaelen was pissing me off like always calling me a joke but it's all good after that class I got her against the wall and chocked her then she told the teacher I was being racist and calling her a black nigger 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ but the teacher wasn't listening. After school I wasn't able to take A1 pictures because of everyone getting in it 😤 I'm still waiting for my paycheck. Then I almost got my round with jaelen but she started stepping back and put another girl on me 🤕. When I got home, I watched naruto for a little bit on my tv since it doesn't work on my phone but then I had to stop because my mom was taking us to ITZ to celebrate her friend's sons birthday party. I played the arcade games and bumper cars but my mom ended up taking my card and giving him the points 🤷🏼‍♀️. On our way home I fell asleep and I just finished taking a shower so I'm probably just gonna go to sleep. 🙂 #100happydays

Day 92: When the giver receives. 😭😭😭😭😭 #Thankful #SoSweet

94-. Pasa el tiempo y los recuerdos se van alejando ya.
Ángeles fuimos y desde el cielo semillas dimos de amor.
La tristeza de éste mundo se borró y viendo el cielo azul, la amistad y el amor siempre brillaron y hoy también lo harán.
Mis alas no tengo, desaparecieron ya pero conmigo tengo aún el poder.
En tu pupila, el arcoíris se reflejó y el amor florece en tu corazón.
Sigue teniendo fe y esperanza en que el mañana va a cambiar.
Éste desierto se transformará paraíso es lo que pronto será.
Abre tu corazón, la magia y el amor son verdad.


I have some really amazing friends. Two of them gave me the best t-shirt ever as a gift today, to celebrate my grad school acceptance. Rock on, Mouse Rat. 🤘#100happydays #DAY16 #mouserat #byebyelilsebastian

i got burger king for my "bday lunch" even though it's tmrw but my dad left today :(((. #100happydays day 18

9.-And like the moon, she had a side of her so dark💖
#day9 #100happydays #itsokay #ilikeit #lfl #iloveit #goodvibes #moon #love #cute

{010/100} Drinks, desserts, singing duets, fireworks, and lots of laughs. What better way to celebrate @t_lucas3 birthday! 🍰🥂🎉 #100happydays #birthday #friends #grandfloridian #thelightbythepool

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