Day Forty-Nine Story: it’s the unofficial kick off to summer! Our local splash park is open and the kids took full advantage! This was Norah’s first time and she loved it! Water baby just like her big brother! #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

Day Forty-Eight Story: Jaxon had his fox Norah has her princess blanket! She drags it around the house and always wants it when it’s bedtime! I love how different they are and yet still the same in a lot of ways! #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

Day Forty-Seven Story: Yep I was one of those people who was up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding! Now I get to go to work! #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

Day Forty-Six Story: I had all their clothes ready to be put away. Walked away for a moment and came back to this! Jaxon wanted to build Norah a fort! 🤷‍♀️🤣🤦🏼‍♀️! #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

Three collages today. Geez. Almost half way there and gotta keep going!
What is it you choose to see?
There are messages all around. And animals to guide us.
We are all different. With different perspectives, visions, stories, and needs. Own it. Love it. You do you.
#100daysofstorieswithkali #the100dayproject

Day Forty-Five Story: Every year when summer starts to appear my neighbourhood just seems to come alive with beauty! I know it may be too close for comfort for some but I love it here and hope when we move it’ll only be blocks away not out of this wonderful community! #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

I love making cards & posting out orders ❤️ I wish I could do it all day everyday.... #maybesomeday #dreambigworkharder #smallbusinesslove #heytheremaker #etsyseller #warwickshireetsyteam #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Day Forty-Four Story: How adorable is Norah’s new sun hat!! She is definitely fun to shop for. She even matches the kids new swimming pool! 😂 #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

SEE IT THROUGH. Can you feel the chaos? I was working on it this morning, thinking about all the things and trying to stay present, so when that card showed up I wanted to give in. But I get it. Keep moving ahead. Keep taking the steps. ‘Faith it till you make it’ and you’ll be there before you know it. 💚⚡️💚

Day Forty-Three Story: Yesterday I started the #7dayslimdown challenge! The goal is to drink a gallon of water a day for seven days! Thankfully I enjoy water and I thought I drank a ton but after yesterday I’m realizing I needed this challenge to remind me to drink up! #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #100daysofstories

Two collages today since I decided to take Mother’s Day off. 😉
HEART HEADED. It may be hard to see but she explained it to me. The sun feeds the trees. The trees give off oxygen. And the people breathe the air. This is heart headed, living and seeing things from an interconnected perspective. That we are dependent on each other and our world.
SEE DIFFERENT. This card came up earlier today so been thinking about it. It’s also a Taurus new moon tomorrow. The collage is about choosing to see the beauty and magic. The #kaliscatsofinstagram staring at you with those sweet beady eyes. Oh, and Krystal Kave, that’s her other name. She’s going to have a crystal shop some day. 😻 #100daysofstorieswithkali #the100dayproject

Day Forty-Two Story: This is the scene I walked into this morning. Half adorableness half them both being stubborn and stealing the preferred spot on our couch! #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #100daysofstories #jaxonandnorahtime

Day 42 of the #100dayproject Are you proud of me?! I’m nearly half way through? Thank you to everyone who has been following my stories over the last month & a bit, and listening to my ramblings xxx 🙌🏻 #100daysofstories #smallandmightystories #followmystories #thisisme #whatido

Day Forty-One Story: My guys made me brunch! French Toast with bacon and fresh fruit! Delicious!!! #mothersday2018 #the100dayproject #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject2018

GET IN LINE. OVERTHINKING. Two in one. Keeping up day by day. 60 more to go. And in that time we will be off and traveling. On our ‘knew’ adventure. Trying not to do the latter while working on the first. #100daysofstorieswithkali #the100dayproject

Day Forty Story: Yesterday Jaxon made a comment how he never gets to play with just me and so that had to be rectified right away. After work today we walked to the park just the two of us! Pure perfection and something we need to do more often! #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #100daysofstories

Day Thirty-Nine Story: Jaxon has just recently started requesting bubbles during bath time. He use to hate having them in the water so much that he’d get out of the tub all together. Now it’s all fun and games with bubble beards! I love this boy so much!!! #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #100daysofstories #hehasmyheart #autismawareness

BALANCE. Because the ‘bad’ needed some love. #100daysofstorieswithkali #the100dayproject

Day Thirty Eight Story: I was called awkward yesterday and for some reason it really stuck with me. I don’t mind being different from others but I never realized how “different” I may appear to others! Oh well I’m still just gonna do my thing. #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #youdoyou #illdome

Day Thirty-Seven Story: It was so lovely waking up and walking into my kitchen to see this little display! I need one more piece but it’s giving off the perfect summer vibe! And yes they are fake because in reality the light in our house isn’t strong enough for real plants! #100daysofscjn #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #100daysofstories

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