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Day 35: Today I saw a tree glowing with sunlight, its individually fluttering leaves a bright green halo around the dark branches reaching up their solemn limbs to the heavens. Silhouetted and illuminated, all at once. It was as if the sunlight revealed the life work going on within: the business of turning sunlight into sustenance. It is the first step for life on this Earth. If God said, "Let there be light," the trees responded, "Let there be air." And when God said, "Let there be life," the trees, not yet done, had their reply, "And here is its food." #The100DayProject #onestoryoneday #100daysofstories #doingitwrite #catskillsmountains

DAY THIRTY-NINE: Randistic and I sat down to talk about my work, #100daysofstories and why writing is the coolest.
Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/randistic/videos/709188772575239/

DAY ONE: The most beautiful thing about New York City is how it's absolutely true when people tell you anything can happen. When @esmemontgomery and I left our place this morning, I had an entirely different story planned for today, but between our strawberry 🍓 granola breakfast and our quest to find edible cookie dough, we found ourselves entering the #kyliejenner pop up shop in #Soho with almost no line wait time, and spending some time posing on this lovely bed. As if bed posing in the middle of the day isn't on every hijabi's bucket list, we ALSO casually ran in to #kendalljenner walking past Mercer Street. Now, with new lipstick on (thanks Kylessss) and @Starbucks lattes keeping us from freezing, we're off to continue Barbie doll day. #lifeinplasticitsfantastic #100daysofstories

Wearing My Vulnerability. When I'm excited or nervous or passionate or deep in discussion or shy or performing or auditioning or ecstatic or sad. Showing my scars, so to speak. It terrifies me and I'm also embracing it more than I ever have. #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Crept up on this hottie in Central Park 🔥🔥🔥 #holycannoli #imeannnnn #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Here's a gratuitous selfie - giant hands cupping jar of tea - glasses akimbo - beauty marks - chipped polish - snarl. #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Six Story: really do I need words for this story!?! But because we are headed out to a family picnic and the whole house slept in this is all I've got! Norah really does love her Jolly Jumper!! #norahfrancisgiesbrecht #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Throwin it back in honor of @youdontnoam 's new adventure ✨🔮✈️ #aura #100dayproject #100daysofstories


Day 💯Story: I cannot believe I was able to stick with this project and that it's now time to say goodbye! Wrapping things up with two clean babies who end up spending the night on the couch with me because Jaxon wouldn't go to sleep and Norah kept fussing in her bassinet! One very tired mama but I wouldn't trade this life for anything! #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Nine Story: Wait you mean we are almost done!?! Yep just one more day left! Though I might sneak in a couple extra to round out until my birthday! Norah is currently loving all this extra mommy time without big brother around! We are currently tell stories and trying on all her cute outfits to see what fits still! #100daysofstories #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #norahfrancisgiesbrecht

Day Ninety-Eight Story: Yesterday was let's all be grumpy and not nap day! We did manage to get out to the park which was the highlight of the day! But it's okay because today is the start of SUMMER CAMP!! Bring it on Monday!! #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Seven Story: We had a really fun family day at the splash park yesterday! Both of Sean's brothers and their families (minus a sleeping Matt) where there along with His dad, Anna and Grandpa! Jaxon was so excited he literally ran for four hours in the water with his big cousin! Of course he crashed hard after we got home so it was no surprise we found him crashing our Saturday movie night! Maybe he'll sleep in!! #giesbrechtscjn2017 #100daysofstories #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #jaxonjamesgiesbrecht

Day Ninety-Six Story: really do I need words for this story!?! But because we are headed out to a family picnic and the whole house slept in this is all I've got! Norah really does love her Jolly Jumper!! #norahfrancisgiesbrecht #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Five Story: I've got that Friday feeling!! My back is still hurting from throwing it out yesterday but I had a great sleep and am enjoying my coffee in peace while my babies are still sleeping! Starting tomorrow everything will be my last, last as a woman in my twenties! P.S. I feel like I really look like my sister (@val_arie_fletch )in this photo and I LOVE it!! #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #100dayproject

Day Ninety-Four Story: You know I had to get one last Snapchat photo in before these 💯 days of stories comes to an end...Yesterday while catching up on AGT auditions I shed a few tears (because how do you not) and Jaxon saw me crying. He came up to me and said "it's okay mommy" then kissed my forehead! Omg seriously this kid has the softest heart!! #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Three Story: first off I didn't know what angle to choose so I'm including both!! Second lately Jaxon has been a great big brother by find Norah's stuffie and giving it to her! She loves playing with it because of how soft it feels! My favourite part though is he calls it a "rhino" even though we explain to him it's actually a unicorn!! "Nope it's a rhino" he tells us! 🦄🦏💕 #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Day Ninety-Two Story: Little miss Norah refused to nap yesterday unless it was on mommy! But let's be honest I wasn't really complaining! We very much had a mommy/daughter day while Sean and Jaxon had a daddy/son day which included walking to 4 different parks apparently! It was a lovely long weekend and today we are getting back to reality! #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #100daysofstories #norahandmommytime

Give me a direction, show me the path, and I'll make my little lists, like piles of stones along the way, I'll ruggedly walk that path always behind the horizon, approaching the goal. Whether or not I get there is up to the path and what lessons and adventure it brings.

Day Ninety-One Story: oh Mondays!! Daddy is home with us today thanks to Canada Day Long Weekend but that didn't stop our morning pile-up!! So far Jaxon's mini vacation has been good with only minor tantrums but... it is only Monday! I may be singing a different tune come Friday! Or is Jaxon's words "that's just terrible"!! #giesbrechtscjn2017 #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Day Ninety Story: We are all taking it easy this morning after all the Canada Day fun we had yesterday! I am reviewing all the photos I took and love this blurry one of Sean and myself! Every year we take our selfie on the beach and it's always blurry because we are busy watching our babies having fun! Real life right there! #giesbrechtscjn2017 #100daysofstories #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #proudlycanadian #canada150 #canadaday

Home. Toronto. A city so delicious in diversity and tolerance. My family immigrated to Canada in 1987 and became citizens in 1990. Even though I was very aware of my family's cultural background, I never once not felt Canadian. Even now, after living in Germany for nearly 10 years, I have to explain where I am "really" from because of they way I look. It's funny. In Canada people will ask you what your background is, but never where you are really from. I mean, everyone came from somewhere, everyone in Canada has a story, and that is celebrated. So I am proud to call Canada home and even years of being abroad does not shake my Canadian identity even though I wasn't born there.
150 years young, Canada is not perfect, but it's open and transforming with the people that call it home. 🇨🇦

Day Eight-Nine Story: Happy 150th Canada! I'm so proud to have true Canadian blood running through my veins and that my children get to grow up in this beautiful and amazing country! I might not have grown up here but my heart will never leave here! #proudlycanadian #canada150 #canada #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

Day eighty-eight Story: This morning is the start to Jaxon's mini summer vacation before he goes to his summer day camp in July! We are starting things off right with cuddles for sissy and watching spongebob! I'm sure there will be a few car rides in our future as well! I also think Norah has already learned she will have Jaxon wrapped around her finger! #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #100daysofstories #jaxonandnorahtime

Day Eighty-Seven Story: when I first saw Jaxon after daycare yesterday I thought he had face paint on! Then I got closer and nope that's full on dirt all over his face! Apparently they got new toy trucks at daycare and he was playing with them in the dirt. I can guarantee he was re-enacting a Trucktown episode! Boys...Just Add Dirt! #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

I'm a slow walker. I'd always taken myself for a fast one, but during my 250 km pilgrimage, I learned I'm not.
I was always the last to arrive at the pilgrim hostels. The people who'd set out around the same time as I had teased me about being the youngest and slowest. There was this competitive chatter about how quickly they'd walked, how light their packs were, how early they'd set off the next day. I was walking alone. I was walking to think. And I was walking to slow the fuck down.
So, I'd sleep a bit longer, enjoy my coffee in silence and set off once they were all out of sight. I'd stop at a creek and wash my feet. Or I'd sit in the shade and listen. I had no desire in the world to be quicker than anyone. And, I realized the more time I took, the less of their chatter I'd have to engage in. So I set out alone and walked slowly, savoured the sounds, and felt alive.

Take me back take me back take me back Camino!

Day Eighty-Six Story: Yesterday was very productive! My favourite part however is how Jaxon wanted his picture taken next to a very happy Norah! When he is wanting his photo taken he tells me "smile and say cheese mommy"! Can't get enough of these two and Snapchat! #100daysofscjn #100dayproject #100daysofstories #jaxonandnorahtime #jaxonjamesgiesbrecht #norahfrancisgiesbrecht

Day Eighty-Five Story: Yesterday went so well! Jaxon was such a great boy, even without a nap! We went for a fun car ride, watched a lot of Blaze and he even played with Norah while she was in her jolly jumper! After dinner we went on our walk and then to bed! It was seriously perfect! #100dayproject #100daysofscjn #100daysofstories

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