100: I can't believe it's Day 100! We made it! Thank you so so much for your support and kind words. It means a lot to me. I've learned tons about cookie decorating and have more still to learn. I'll continue to bake and post, though maybe not quite as often. 😉 Cheers with beers! (Can you tell which one it is?) #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

99: I know quite a few new and expectant parents right now. Also, baby clothes are so darn cute! #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

96: I'm not really sure where I was going with this one. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

95: It's 107 degrees where I am today. Could use some ice cream. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

94: Continuing to play with orange since it's not a color I tend to gravitate towards. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

93: I attepted to make California poppies but they don't quite look like them. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

91: This reminds me how I miss Cactus Cooler—orange pineapple soda. Why don't they sell it in NorCal? #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

90: Peanut butter and jelly. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

89: These make me want cheese every time I look at them. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

88: Skunk and skunk smells. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

87: Ever wonder why cotton candy is usually only either pink or blue? #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

86: Mystery cookie revealed... My husband and I sometimes play this game he came up with where one person draws a blob and the other person turns it into something. He actually drew the shape for this cookie and I made @emilybenzing and @amarisrw's guesses... a hippo! Thanks everyone for playing. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

85: Moon crystal power! I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon when I was a kid and would love to watch it again. I think this is Sailor Moon's second transformation brooch. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

84: Mystery cookie time! I'd love to hear your guesses. Check back on Day 86 for the reveal. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

83: Beers and sodas for the last set. Can you tell what they are without looking them up? #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

82: Nemo themed tsum tsums. I think Squirt's my favorite. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

81: My first cookie set! I'm making a couple of sets to give as thank you gifts for some friends. So many eyeballs looking at me in this one. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

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