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40: Baking day means it's time for another mystery cookie. Any guesses? See the answer on day 42! I decided to switch up the cookie flavor with this batch. This one's chocolate. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

02: This quilt texture takes a long time (for me anyway!). #the100dayproject #100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

03: Is that an egg or a cookie? Today's post is inspired by my friend @charbeliam. Check out his #100dayproject with eggs! #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

05: Playing a little catch-up today. I intended to bake cookies yesterday but forgot I needed to let the dough rest overnight. Here's a preview of decorated cookies to come. #the100dayproject #100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

15: Today is a baking day. Have you ever meant to halve a recipe but then accidentally add a full recipe's amount of an ingredient? I did that. Now I think I've got enough cookie dough to last me a little while. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

22: Please excuse the messiness of today's post! I need more practice with lines, especially curved ones. For fear of making it worse, I stopped the pattern halfway and think it actually looks kind of nice partilly filled. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

11: Trying a marbled effect with the colors I mixed recently. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

10: Making polka dots was harder than I expected because of the need to maintain straight lines and consistent dots and spacing. Also my icing consistency wasn't quite right for the roses, so they kept sliding around as I was piping them. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

04: It's hiiigh noon. Anyone else love to @playoverwatch? I was almost done with this cookie when I accidentally stabbed it with my fingernail above the A. 😭 Lettering with icing is difficult. I definitely need more practice... anyway, more #overwatch cookies to come! #the100dayproject #100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies


99: I know quite a few new and expectant parents right now. Also, baby clothes are so darn cute! #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

96: I'm not really sure where I was going with this one. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

95: It's 107 degrees where I am today. Could use some ice cream. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

94: Continuing to play with orange since it's not a color I tend to gravitate towards. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

93: I attepted to make California poppies but they don't quite look like them. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

90: Peanut butter and jelly. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

89: These make me want cheese every time I look at them. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

88: Skunk and skunk smells. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

87: Ever wonder why cotton candy is usually only either pink or blue? #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

85: Moon crystal power! I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon when I was a kid and would love to watch it again. I think this is Sailor Moon's second transformation brooch. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

84: Mystery cookie time! I'd love to hear your guesses. Check back on Day 86 for the reveal. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

83: Beers and sodas for the last set. Can you tell what they are without looking them up? #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

82: Nemo themed tsum tsums. I think Squirt's my favorite. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

81: My first cookie set! I'm making a couple of sets to give as thank you gifts for some friends. So many eyeballs looking at me in this one. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

80: Does anyone else think that crabs look like giant spiders of the sea? 🦀 😨 Royal icing question: has anyone experienced darkening of color that starts around the edges of the cookie and moves inwards as the icing dries? It's as if butter from the cookie is creeping into the icing. We're in a crazy heat wave right now and I think the heat or humidity is messing with my cookies. Any tips on how to deal with this? It's awful. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

78: Chocolate covered strawberries. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

77: Dedicated to my sweet guinea pigs Peanut and Acorn. I made a cookie for both but Acorn's turned out looking like a creepy goldfish cracker. I'll need to try hers again another time. #the100dayproject #100daysofstephhbakescookies

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