I’m excited to try this again! My project: #100twoinchsquares. My only plan is to work with a new 2 inch square of paper every day. Two inches is small enough for me to finish in under an hour. Let’s see if controlling the scale rather than the subject ( #100daysofspeakingflower ) gets me past 49! ••• #brengarestudio #papercutflowers #100dayproject #the100dayproject #springwildflowers #springgarden #excelblades #papercutartist

"There is a silent eloquence, in every wild bluebell, that fills my softened heart with bliss, that words could never tell... O, that lone flower recalled to me, my happy childhood's hours, when bluebells seemed like fairy gifts, a prize among the flowers..." Anne Bronte, The Bluebell #100daysofspeakingflower

A few 60 degree days and I'm shopping the seed catalog with plans of an entirely new color scheme for my summer flowers. | Quaker Ladies (Houstonia caerulea) #100daysofspeakingflower

November in Atlanta means the Camellias are blooming. I usually avoid cutting “fluffy” flowers—I think it is a lack of negative space thing. I may need to spend more time with them. Their meaning alone is reason enough—“perfected loveliness” that is what the white Camellia means in the language of flowers. #camellia #100daysofspeakingflower

Quick study in between projects. #schinus #pinkpeppercorn #100daysofspeakingflower

Fields of yellow goldenrod accented with pale wood asters--Trees painted with the faintest blush of color--Cold nights and crisp mornings: Reminders of September's beauty. #goldenrod #ageratum #purpleaster #100daysofspeakingflower

I've always dreamed about growing lush curtains of blue morning glories. My past attempts could be described as lackluster at best--such is the struggle of a gardener. As I cut back tired perennials and trim annuals crispy from two weeks without rain, it is hard to appreciate the season at hand and not yearn for the hopeful promise of renewal and the chance to try all over again. #100daysofspeakingflower #morningglory

"Impatient" (impatiens) 41/100 • I still haven't given up on my #100dayproject. I think I should rename it #100in200days... I spent last week at my computer editing repeat patterns and cleaning-up artwork scans. I think this week will look much the same as I'm trying to get a few more pieces ready before placing an order for printing. #shopupdatecomingsoon #brengarestudio #100daysofspeakingflower

"Ingratitude" Buttercup (ranunculus acris) 40/100 • "I wander out and rhyme; what hour the dewy morning's infancy hangs on each blade of grass and every tree, and sprents the red thighs of the humble bee, who 'gins betimes unwearied minstrelsy; who breakfasts, dines, and most divinely sups, with every flower save golden buttercups,--on whose proud bosoms he will never go, but passes by with scarcely 'how do ye do,' since in their showy, shining, gaudy cells, happy the summer's honey never dwells." --John Clare "The Eternity of Nature" 🐝 If I was a bee, I too would be filled with ingratitude towards buttercups. #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #buttercup #ingratitude

"Adoration" Dwarf Sunflower (helianthus indicus) 39/100 • I was surprised by a delivery of these cheery blooms on Friday afternoon. They skies are dark and gloomy in Atlanta today. I'm grateful for the vase of sunshine on my studio desk and I have nothing but adoration in my heart for the sweet man who sent them. 🌻 #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #dwarfsunflower #adoration

"Ambition" Mountain Laurel (kalmia latifolia) 38/100 • I have the first group of turned wooden ornaments from my brother on my desk today--I'm hoping to get a few painted! Perhaps I should swap my afternoon LaCroix for hot chocolate to drum up some holiday spirit 😂!?! What are your ambitious goals for the afternoon? #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #mountainlaurel

"Bluntness" Borage (borago officinalis) 37/100 • I planted borage this year for the bees--supposedly it is a favorite of theirs. I didn't know this, but as the Borage flowers age, they gradually turn from blue to pink. I had to do some internet searching when I saw the pink in this bloom I picked this morning. As a curious person I love the internet's ability to provide immediate answers to my constant wondering. #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #borage #sofarbehind

"Jealousy" • French Marigold (calendula) Day 36/100 • I think I'll be painting this pattern green with envy 😉. For now, today's flower is a work in progress as I couldn't resist turning it into a pattern. This series of pictures is a pretty realistic view of my progress. I always begin with observation and sketches. My preference is to plan out my designs completely before painting (or cutting). In this case, I scanned the drawing and used the computer to begin the seamless repeat. I fill the holes by drawing them in and then I'll paint the extra bits with the original drawing. The final step is to scan and edit the finished artwork. Because of my planning, it should repeat effortlessly. It is a little backwards, but, I prefer working by hand. Is anyone else this way in today's digital age? #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #frenchmarigold #greenwithenvy #jealousy

"Sorrowful Remembrance" • Pheasant's Eye (adonis annua) 35/100 • I cut this flower a few days ago when I fell in love with the beautiful l flowers--they remind me of miniature anemone. I hate that for so many this week the meaning of this lovely flower is their harsh reality. 💔 #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #pheasantseye #sorrowfulremembrance

"Malevolence" Lobelia (lobelia erinus) • Day 34/100 • Have you ever read Rappaccini's Daughter (Hawthorne)? You should. It's one of my favorite short stories--I've always loved the dichotomy between danger and beauty. The world of botany has no shortage of examples (foxglove, hellebore, nightshade...). There seems to be some level of correlation between negative sentiments and plant toxicity in the language of flowers. I suppose that is only logical--I enjoyed exploiting the contrast in this lacy piece. #100daysofspeakingflower #lobelia #malevolence #languageofflowers #100dayproject

Day 33/100 Jacob's Ladder (polemonium) "Come Down" I've been pondering as I cut about the meaning of this flower. My best guess is the meaning is tied to the name--my research has turned up little to understand the context this flower would have been given. Does anyone have wise insight or thoughts? #100daysofspeakingflower #100dayproject #jacobsladder

Day 32/100 Hepatica (hepatica nobilis) "Confidence" Sweet woodland wildflowers will always be my favorite kind of flowers. #100daysofspeakingflower #hepatica #confidence

Day 3/100 mounted and ready to frame. I was so excited to send this piece out my door today. One of the many in-progress tasks in my studio at the moment is preparing the other pieces from my #100daysofspeakingflower project in the same way. Fingers crossed I'll have them available on my website shortly. #brengarestudio

Day 31/100 Bundles of Reed with their panicles (phragmites australis) "Music" In January, my husband surprised me with a series of tickets to the Atlanta symphony. I cut this little bundle before we went to one of the concerts on Saturday. His sweet gift reminded me how much I love classical music--my favorite pieces are written in minor keys and express a lyrical range of emotion. #100daysofspeakingflower #languageofflowers #reed #commonreed #100dayproject #the100dayproject #papercutart #papercut #papercutting #papercutartist #doitfortheprocess #allthingsbotanical #atlantasymphonyorchestra #inspirationeverywhere

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