4 of the many blessings in my life , I wouldn’t trade y’all for anything I’m glad to call y’all my sisters and brother ❤️ #100daysofhappiness #day81

Today got some ears like my pinky the rabbit...hehe
#100daysofhappiness #day78
#Toomuchfun #Beautyplus

Esta es foto número 100 de Instagram y es cuando esta hermosa pequeña cumplió 100 días de llegar hasta mundo 💓 Hemos pasado tantas aventuras juntas y ratos no tan agradables, hemos reído y llorado más de 100 veces, hemos tomado más de 100 fotos y caminado más de 100 pasos... Es que de pronto vienen un ser tan pequeño y te saca de tu zona de confort para convertirte en su todo. Y ser mamá es lo más difícil que me ha pasado pero con el más increíble sentimiento 💗 Me tachan de infantil e inmadura pero pues antes que no tenía razón de hacerlo lo hacía, ahora pues ya tengo con quien 😂 💕#100daysofhappiness

i have nothing else to post so here’s this #100daysofhappiness day 79

在寧靜的深夜發美食照是否有罪 ———————————————
新加坡阿拉伯區 著名印度店Zam Zam ( 遲些網站會再作介紹)

thank you thank you thank you @samsmithworld #100daysofhappiness

Day 56: staying cool with blueberry lemon popcicles 🍋

God knows what i need when i need it.💞 #100daysofhappiness #day74of100

I’ve the BEST clients!
I’m grateful for my clients. They are inspiring, wise, funny, freaking awesome human beings.
They inspire me, motivate me, and help me help others.
I wish I could call out all of my clients to give them their kudos for hard work, openness, and perseverance.
Alas, I have integrity, and will keep them confidential as requested.
But my loves, you know who you are. And I so enjoy working with you. It’s a blessing.
Cheers to wholehearted, healthy, lightness, and freedom living.
Tell me, have you considered how your clients have impacted your life? .
72 /#100daysofgratitude
Focused client outcomes

Yesterday I chilled again then I went to training. But in the way my coach called me and said that the fields were flooded, fun!! So we went and picked up dan from drivers ed🚙 #100daysofhappiness #day65

On Monday I kinda just chilled then went to keeper training for 3 hours. It was raining the whole time🌧 then I went to chipotle after 🌯 #100daysofhappiness #day62

#100daysofhappiness Meeting with my new friend Sandra today. Three view out here is beautiful

“my music relies solely on the feeling. just the feeling. -sam smith 🧡🧡
what a beautiful icon with a beautiful voice with a beautiful heart with a beautiful crew with a beautiful show. 08.14.18 #100daysofhappiness

This morning I cut up a local, fresh watermelon for breakfast. And now we have 4/100 | fresh watermelon for breakfast

day 60: summer 🤩#100daysofhappiness

This gypsy mermaid be sick yo. Only thing making me happy is tea soothing the broken glass throat feeling I’ve got going on. #100daysofhappiness

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