15/100 of #STEAMwomen for #the100dayproject #100daysoffaces
Mary G. Ross (1908-2008) was a mathematician and engineer. In fact, she was the first female Native American engineer.

Day 17/100. 100 Day Project. Felt pen, pen and watercolor. #100dayproject #100daysoffaces

Day 17: my mum. Mum has always been the rock of our family. She was a creative force, a fashionista, a social butterfly and a voracious reader and fantastic wordsmith. Always supportive, always there to listen and give advice and take action when required. Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year and her decline in just a year is heartbreaking. She’s still my mum but she is a shell of the woman she was. Instead there is anxiety and confusion, a loss of independence and the frequent inability to express herself. I used to think there was nothing worse than cancer but this disease is the cruelest. Hug your nearest and dearest and be thankful for them.

Cream container top. Plastic IKEA cup.
#100daysofFaces #the100dayproject

golden hair and stripes for 12/100
and another one to add to my ever expanding collection of pieces to finish later 🙊

14/100 of #STEAMwomen for #the100dayproject #100daysoffaces
Marta de Menezes is an artist who explores biology as an art media. From her website: “In 1999 de Menezes created her first biological artwork (Nature?) by modifying the wing patterns of live butterflies. Since then, she has used diverse biological techniques including functional MRI of the brain to create portraits where the mind can be visualised (Functional Portraits, 2002); fluorescent DNA probes to create micro-sculptures in human cell nuclei (nucleArt, 2002); sculptures made of proteins (Proteic Portrait, 2002-2007), DNA (Innercloud, 2003; The Family, 2004) or incorporating live neurons (Tree of Knowledge, 2005) or bacteria (Decon, 2007). Her work has been presented internationally in exhibitions, articles and lectures.”

Scissors. Cardboard.
#100daysofFaces #the100dayproject

16/100 - #100FacesByPuffs - A TO girl? She probably wears an oversized Levi’s jacket, black Adidas culottes, white socks and black low-top Vans....I should’ve sketched the whole outfit, but then it wouldn’t have been a face. Maybe next time. #100daysoffaces#artist#portrait#illustration#face#fashionillustration#fashionportrait#torontofashion#fashionista

#fanart #wcw
#Repost @snordlundstudio
13/100 of #STEAMwomen for #the100dayproject #100daysoffaces
Mayim Bialik is an actress and neuroscientist.

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